The Eric Andre Show 4 x 8 Recap: “Chris Jericho; Roy Hibbert; Flavor Flav”

Time for another Eric Andre Show recap. Get naked for this one. Cause Eric does throughout this. (This recap is also sponsored by Sprite.)

The opening has Eric destroying the set, set to wacky sound effects. He has a guy place an apple on head, and is about to shoot an arrow at it. But gets rid of said bow-and-arrow, and shoots the guy with a gun. Repeatedly. And Hannibal 9000 malfunctions. For his monologue, Eric tells Hannibal to take off his shirt, cause he ain’t a tough guy. But Hannibal believes in himself. His momma raised him right, while his brothers gave him confidence. Eric himself is just a bitch ass nigga.

Focus Group: A group is giving their thoughts on the new iPhone. Until Eric comes crashing from above into the meeting. He tried skydiving into the Sprite building for a Sprite sponsorship, but instead just gets beat up while looking under a person’s shirt.

Chris Jericho Interview: Famous wrestler Chris Jericho joins the show. But instead of getting one word in, he watches with confusion as Hannibal eats a sandwich while screaming/crying and carrying a blended drink mixture around, Eric spazzes out and punches the desk, which then has smoke come from it. And Snakey appears again, saying he’ll kill himself. This is LITERALLY the whole interview.

Bedbugs: Eric tries to get rid of a bed full of bedbugs, but no one wants to take it/be near him. (Remember that bedbugs kill, a message from The Metamorphosis by Kafka.)

Roy Hibbert Interview:  NBA star Roy Hibbert joins, and Eric welcomes him with his pants down. He ask him what is basketball, and then drinks from a cup that has nothing in it. He ask Hibbert if he ever kissed a girl when she’s been asleep or passed out. Hannibal scream playing with his virtual reality shit. Hibbert wonders what is this show (as maybe newbies have.) Hannibal has his robot take over again, as Eric screams, and bugs come out of the robot. Eric has had enough of Hannibal 9000, and takes a baseball bat to his head, destroying it.


But another head forms on Hannibal 9000, so it’s all good. The big, half-naked dude, Felipe Esparza, comes out again, and Eric gets naked. Hibbert has had enough and tries to fend off Eric with the baseball bat (even making Eric laugh at this.)


Judge Andre: Judge Eric Andre orders a sandwich from a sandwich shop, and uses his gavel to destroy the place. A officer comes to maybe arrest him, but instead pulls out his dick.

Flavor Flav Interview: Rap (and civil rights?) icon Flavor Flav joins, and he’s at first happy to be on the show, saying he’s making an album. As stuff about Farrakhan being an anti-semite who murdered Malcolm X is talked, a problem with Flav’s mic happens (as Hannibal gets a selfie with Flav), so a PA comes on, and grabs Flav’s dick. This upsets Flav, as he doesn’t want this. But he had no problem with random sluts doing this a decade ago on VH1, huh? He says he’ll fight anyone if this happens, and Eric is ready. He destroys the set, takes his jacket off, and then gets naked yet again and into a tub that was under the set. Hannibal says the show sucks. Then kicks Flavor Flav in the face.


Yoga In The Park: A relaxing Sunday doing yoga gets interrupted as Eric enters with a leaf blower. The people are pissed, even saying he hurt a woman doing this. Eric doesn’t understand English though, and they kick him out.

To close, Flavor Flav dances with a green screen suit dude, as Eric and Hannbal rap random stuff.

This episode was one of my favorites this season. The confusion on Chris Jericho, and Roy Hibbert and Flavor Flav both being uncomfortable around Eric undressing made this episode. And so did all the stunts. I really do hope he gets his Sprite sponsorship for this randomness Eric pulls. But this show is more likely to get one from Hidden Valley Ranch. Next week, Dennis Rodman is on, and oh god, that should be fun as well.


The Eric Andre Show  can be seen at Midnight Friday on Adult Swim


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