One Piece Episode 363 Recap: “Chopper is Furious!! Hogback’s Evil Medical Practices”

Original Airdate: 7/20/2008

Toonami Airdate: 10/1/2016

There was an awesome fight between two warriors last week on One Piece, as Zoro beat Ryuma to gain not only a new sword, but Brook getting his shadow back finally. Now, we get to Chopper and Hogback, as the two doctors face off. Well okay. Only of them fights.

In the Dance Hall, Hogback is still laughing as Chopper and Robin are both caught by Zoro and Sanji’s zombies. Chopper still can’t believe Sanji kicked Robin, but Dog-Pen still doesn’t know who this Sanji is. Hogback explains that the shadows might have had some memories of them while they get accustom to their new bodies, but in time, they won’t remember who they were and become Hogback’s slaves. Chopper is now convinced at how evil Hogback is. He liked him first as a doctor/researcher and didn’t mind Hogback’s study on zombies. He thought this would help people who lost their loved ones get at least one more chance to see them again. Chopper thought that’s why Hogback came to Thriller Bark. But nope. Hogback is an asshole. Read this as “a genius” in his words. He did it for only money, and got very annoyed when others wanted his help to save their families when other doctors couldn’t do it.

Chopper now doesn’t accept Hogback as a doctor anymore, and doesn’t recognize the zombies as anything, which confuses Hogback. He thinks he gave the zombies life after they already died, and can’t see why Chopper doesn’t see this. To prove his point, he decides to have Cindry come over and kicks her in the face, shocking Chopper and Robin. Then he makes Cindry lick the floor. She obeys, and just starts licking. Can you tell how Chopper is after this? He’s not a very happy reindeer seeing this cruelty.

“OH SHIT!! He’s not gonna make her lick the floor, is he?
“He did. That bastard!”

Hogback says that Chopper saw “The Room”. No, not the infamous cult movie that plays on April Fool’s on Adult Swim. The room that he, Usopp and Nami entered awhile back that had a bunch of photos and info on Cindry. That is actually Hogback’s room. Hogback tells his story of how he fell for Cindry back when she was still alive, as we see a flashback start of him happily getting a button sewed back on by her. He, along with many other men, were captivated by her looks. He did help her get back to health to work on stage again, as she was very popular, kind, and generous to everyone. However, Hogback found out she was engaged to someone else, breaking Hogback’s heart. (Sure he proposed to her, but it went nowhere.) It was not long after this that she died in a fatal accident, and this left Hogback lost. A bit later on, Moria appeared before him and wanted Hogback’s talents. Hogback would accept Moria’s offer to go to Thriller Bark, but on one condition: He bring Cindry back to life. So he went to her grave, dug her up, and brought her back to Thriller Bark.

I don’t know how long she been dead for, but she’s still in very good condition.

He made her body as it is now, and with Moria by his side, Hogback resurrected her successfully. Although, her personality changed, with the “all plates should disappear” thing. But she was still beautiful, and that’s all that mattered for Hogback. Hogback says Cindry’s a “happy, living human being” as she still licks the floor. But Chopper can see through this BS. He tells him that humans are people whose heart and body are not separated. Cindry is not, and more or less a monster. Angry, Hogback orders Cindry to kill them all, and she takes out her plates to do so. She uses her Square Plate Blades on Chopper, who runs through them and grabs her. She lands a kick on him, and breaks the remaining plates on him too, having Hogback tell him she was also modified to be a killer. But Chopper won’t give up.


Chopper tries his best to get her to snap out of this, trying to say how her family would be mortified if they saw her like this, even as Hogback still rattles on about this being a good thing. It’s finally what Chopper says that gets to her, and even Zoro and Sanji’s zombies: “To be alive, you have to be free!” They’re basically less than human as zombies anyway. Robin gets the salt ready for her, but Hogback orders the Dog-Pen and Jigoro to “save Cindry, kill the others.” Dog-Pen kicks Chopper before he can get the salt into Cindry, as Jigoro attacks Robin. Robin does get a hold of him, but like before, he escapes her hands. Dog-Pen attacks once more, but Jigoro nearly hits Dog-Pen with his attack again, and this pisses Dog-Pen off. They are both mad at each other, and start to fight one another. Hogback tries to order the two to stop fighting each other, but Robin closes his mouth up so he can’t. His orders, again, were “Save Cindry, kill the others.” As in, the zombie duo had to save her, but they could kill the other off as pleased. The shadows might not have any memories any more of their old selfs, but still they don’t get along as usual.

Robin, being the smart and beautiful one, mentions the tower, and if she and Chopper were under his power, he could order them to jump. Hogback, not noticing this is a trap, follows through and tells the order to jump from the tower, which Jigoro and Dog-Pen hear and accept. To the tune of “Ode to Joy”, the two dimwitted zombies run as fast they can, burst through the wall, and fall to the ground below.  I got the perfect thing for Hogback for this moment.

So now that those two are done, all that’s left is Cindry, who Hogback orders to attack the two. But, she isn’t moving. In fact, she is crying.


What Chopper said got to her good, and Hogback is stunned at this. To end, Oars finally arrives to Moria, and as he climbs the mansion, Luffy finally sees the monster that his shadow was put into.

This episode had a ton of things, packed with some action. From Chopper being angry, to Hogback being a downright creep, to Robin using her intelligence to fool the idiotic zombies, and lastly, Cindry and her human side. Hell, this episode was basically tells us what is human life, and how we should live it/not abuse it. Chopper did convince Cindry on this, even if she isn’t any more human now than Chopper is. It shows that everyone has a human side to them. Well, most. And yes, this does get a very high pass for me, even though there wasn’t alot of action. Why? Cause it actually has writing that captivates you, and makes you think about life, and not think about “Why am I watching this pointless conversation this is going nowhere?” Yeah, it’s a dig at a certain show that’s on before it” but hey, I’ll stay for this emotional character development over “Pervy Sages tickle random people for info.” 4.5 Crying Zombies/5. 


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami


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