One Punch Man Double Recap Ep 10 and 11

Hey everyone this is PersonaSoda and welcome back to another round of One Punch Man recaps. Looks it will be another double recap again with Ep 10 and 11 due to stuff happening with me like school and stuff. 
Let’s start with the 10th episode. This episode is “Unparalleled Peril”

The episode begins with a giant Godzilla like creature named Ancient King of the Terror Lizard Clan appears to terrorize the world. The military tries to attack him but the weapons have no damage on him. The Hero Association sends Tatsumaki to fight the creature. The fight didn’t last that long though as Tatsumaki was able to send a meteor to crash on Ancient King to kill him.

Meanwhile at Bang’s dojo, Bang is teaching Saitama and Genos some of his moves. Bang tells them that one of his former best students named Garou. He went on a rampage and defeated all of Bang’s other best students. A hero association member suddenly shows up out of nowhere to inform that a emergency meeting for all Class S heroes will be happening at the Hero Association Headquarters.

Saitama, Genos, and Bang arrived at the headquarters. The meeting has started with almost all of the Class S heroes including Saitama have showed up, which he also requests tea.

Sitch, a member of the Hero Association, starts the meeting by saying that the great seer Madam Shibabawa is dead after choking on a cough drop. Some of her predictions have been accurate before. Before she died, she left a note which Sitch has in his hands. The note says “The Earth is in Trouble”.

Suddenly the HQ building and the city is being attacked by bird like creatures called the Skyfolk, but they are quickly killed by a multiple head flying alien named Melzalgald. A giant ship is also covering the city. 

Melzalgald attempts to kill a father and his son, but they are saved a hero named Iaian and fights Melzalgald. Meanwhile Saitama goes outside to see the invading ship and avoids all the missiles from the ship firing at him. Back with Iaian and Melzalgald, Iaian is having trouble to defeat Melzalgald. Atomic Samurai comes to slice him in half, but he regenerates. Luckily Bang, Pur Puri, and Metal Bat have arrived and Puri fights Melzalgald with his Dark Angel attack. 

Meanwhile, some of the Class S heroes are outside trying to find a way to take down the ship while Saitama has entered inside the ship. An alien tries to stop him but is killed after just one punch. Somewhere on the ship we see a one eyed spike hair alien sitting on his throne. 

So now that we are done with Ep 10 it’s time to recap the 11th episode. This episode is “The Dominator of The Universe”

The episode starts with an octopus alien named Geryuganshoop is shocked to know that nearly all the guards in the ship have been defeated. The leader of the ship Boros walks by and tells Geryuganshoop to not worry as long as the power sphere in the ship is safe. 

Meanwhile back outside of the ship, despite his efforts Puri’s attack had no damage to Melzalgald thanks to his regenerate power. Melzalgald tells one of his head to contact the ship for bombardment but the head is stopped by Metal Bat. Puri, Bang, and Atomic Samurai try attack Melzalgald but still none of the attack have no damage to him. Iaian tells the heroes to run away, but they keep fighting Melzalgald. 

While attacking, Metal Bat finds a marble which is what gives Melzalgald the ability to regenerate. He then destroys the marble and kills one of the heads. Realizing now it’s their chance to destroy him, the heroes keep fighting Melzalgald until they find the marble inside him. 

Back inside the ship, Geryuganshoop tries fooling Saitama to leave in the ship but he then realizes it’s trick so he breaks in to the control room. Geryuganshoop unleashes his psychic powers to Saitama, but to him it’s nothing as Geryuganshoop is just throwing pebbles to him. Saitama throws a pebble at Geryuganshoop to destroy him. 

The spaceship is about to launch bombs to the city, but Tatsumaki appears to stop the bombs and fires them back to the ship. Bang is able to find a marble to destroy one of the heads with now just one marble left. In anger, Melzalgard attacks Bang. Bang is now weakened and unconscious.

Saitama finds Boros in his throne room. Boros introduces himself to him and tells him that he was once a traveler who fought everyone he saw until there was no one left. A prophecy from a seer said that there’s a being, (Saitama), in the universe that is able to fight him. Now getting bored, Saitama punches Boros but he is safe from getting killed thanks to a powerful armor. Now angry, Boros unleashes his full power to fight Saitama and the episode ends.

I give both episodes 8.5 punches/10. Boros seems like a cool villain and Saitama’s “OK” face reaction was amazing. It made me laugh so much. 

One Punch Man can be seen on Toonami Saturdays at 12:30 AM


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