Naruto Shippuden Episode 130 Recap: “The Man Who Became God”

Original Airdate: 10/8/2009

Toonami Airdate: 10/8/2016

Last week was a complete dud of an episode to start off this arc. Now, will episode 350 of the Naruto series be any different? Also, happy 350th episode. Does anybody care? Anybody? …. Fuck it, let’s move on with the recap.

As Jiraiya still tries to get the one guy to tell everything, he says he won’t snitch on his friends. Because he didn’t do it the last episode? Anyway, he starts to leave to ask this “God” himself. He uses the Summoning Jutsu to call the scroll toad. He hates being summoned, as this summon is about Naruto’s key. You know the seal on Naruto? This toad kinda controls it. Jiraiya’s about to face Pain, so as a precaution, he will release the toad. And if Jiraiya doesn’t come back, the toad will go to Naruto. The seal that the 4th Hokage put on Naruto keeps weakening, and if it goes, they’re doom. Just look at how it affected Jiraiya when he only released it for a short time in the original. They also wonder why Minato sealed the Nine-Tails in his newborn son. Cause the plot demanded it Minato had a good reason, I guess? Also, they argue about the Nine-Tails attacking the Leaf Village in the past. Whether it was a natural disaster as all thought it was, or as Jiraiya suspects, it was a man-made disaster. Even though the toad says no one can summon the Nine-Tails, Jiraiya knows of one person who can: Madara Uchiha, who the toad argues he couldn’t have since he lived during the early years of the Leaf, and the First Hokage beat him. Even so, Jiraiya can’t shake that uneasy feeling.

Moving on, Jiraiya comes out from another toad’s mouth to be back in the Hidden Rain. He tells this toad to meet with Ibiki in the Leaf. He uses the husband to disguise himself, but Konan can see this, and tells Pain (in another Pain body) that the intruder is their old sensei. Since Jiraiya isn’t on their side, they can kill him. Konan uses her paper jutsu to get to Jiraiya quickly. She attacks, and Jiriaya has to protect the husband he was using. He uses Fire Style: Flame Bomb on her and “Toad Subjugation” too (his hair grows long), but she’s ready. Jiraiya can see that Konan not only grew into a beauty, but also honed her jutsu well. He thought she and the others all died, but she’s right here in front of him. The husband points out she is Lady Angel, and she tells him to run, which he does as quickly as possible. As she grows some paper wings (cause she’s an angel, get it?) Jiraiya ask who Pain is, but it’s none of his business. She attacks again, but Jiraiya hits her with a Toad Oil Bomb and catches her with his hair.

Is this supposed to look kinky? Or is it just me?

Jiraiya knows how kind she was, and now wants to know since she’s alive: What happened to Yahiko and Nagato, and which one of them is Pain? Konan skirts this questioning by saying Jiraiya should have killed all 3 of them, which Orochimaru wanted to do (show shows a flashback to it.) There’s more talk about being his students, why they are with the Akatsuki, and following Pain’s ideology. But then finally, the big guy himself shows up.



His appearance changed, but Jiraiya can tell from his Rinnegan eyes alone. Pain is Nagato. He can see he really changed for the worse. Pain uses Summoning Jutsu to call out a giant crab, which sprays foam all out, causing the oil to get off of Konan. It’s also Jiraiya’s weakness. Pain tells Konan to stay back, as Jiraiya attacks with his hair again. It gets the crab, and clears out the foam.

As more flashbacks of the old group is shown, Jiraiya asked what happened to Yahiko? Pain said he died long ago, and the change in them happened cause of the wars. Pain grew from it, and so did those foolish children their sensei raised. Plus, Jiraiya is only a man. Pain is more. Pain is God, so his words are absolute. In fact, he’s evolved beyond a god, and will end all wars on this world. Knowing this now, Jiraiya ask what he is doing with all the Tailed Beast. Simple. Pain is gathering them to make Forbidden Jutsu. He will use them as weapons to start more wars. Plus, all the nations will get a Tailed Beast for said wars to use as said weapons. Sure, tens of thousands will die, but they will experience pain from the wars and grow from it. This is his mission, for Pain is a “pacifist God”. This mission is too important for Pain to fail, so he will crush Jiraiya. Jiraiya uses a Summoning Jutsu to release one of the toads. Jiraiya says he has evolved as well, from Sannin to Sage. But he clumsily falls on his ass, making Pain see he has not really matured. Jiraiya has summoned Gamaken, a big, but ungraceful, toad.


Hitting a (kinda) milestone for the series in episode 350, you would think this would go all-out and give us something great. Or at least be pretty good. Nope. This one was all talk and more talk, and more talk, and WHY WON’T YOU DO SOMETHING?!!! It barely had anything happened, other than Pain’s plans for wars and the kid’s being alive except one. Yeah, this was a bad episode. Again. You would think Shippuden have figured this out that we all want some action with little less talking that gets nowhere. But nope, it never does. At least this one didn’t have Jiraiya tickling a person so he can get info from the poor smuck. 1 I AM GOD, FEAR ME!!/5. Here’s to the next episode being better, and here’s to the 35oth episode of the Naruto series. As with last week’s end to the recap, and as I said wouldn’t be shown on Toonami, enjoy some more bunny Hinata.


It’s way better than what these last two episodes could ever deliver.


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami 


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