One Piece Episode 364 Recap: “Oars Roars! Come Out, Straw Hat Crew”

Original Airdate: 8/3/2008

Toonami Airdate: 10/8/2016

Oars has finally arrive to the others, as Cindry fights with her zombie half, Zoro and Sanji’s zombie fell off a tower cause of a stupid fight/misunderstanding, and other stuff too. Let’s get this recap on.

Oars has now gotten to Moria, and Luffy himself can see how big his shadow’s zombie is. Back in the Dance Hall, Cindry is still crying as Hogback has no idea what is happening with her. This isn’t funny to him as Cindry still can’t move, and her tears won’t stop flowing. Robin believes the owner of the original body, the actual Cindry, is still fighting off her zombie part from the speech Chopper gave. The two don’t know if she still has a soul, and believe they won’t find an answer. However, zombie Cindry recovers, and is about to attack again. With a Doce Fleur, she gets a hold of Cindry. Hogback runs like the coward he is, as he does hear Oars coming. Chopper though grabs him. Hogback questions why Chopper is doing this, since he isn’t human himself. Why? Because Chopper’s goofy captain doesn’t care who or what you are himself. A Pierna Fleurs from Robin lifts the two doctors way up high. Hogback begs to be spared, for his “genius” will be gone from the world, but Chopper couldn’t give a shit. Cause it’s time for the Robin-Chopper Suplex!


Luffy is still looking at Oars, and sees he’s bigger than a Giant. He wonders if this is really his shadow, as Moria is all gleeful. Moria asks Oars who his master is, and Oars replies that Moria is. Luffy doesn’t like that his shadow said this, but Oars doesn’t know who the guy “with the dumb hat” is. Moria put most of the Straw Hat’s bounty photos on Oars’ left arm, so now the big red guy can look and see who to crush. Which Moria orders to do.



Oars looks at his arm, sees Luffy’s poster and as Moria runs away, Oars uses one of Luffy’s moves: Gum-Gum Bell. He smashes into the building. This breaks the floor where Chopper, Robin and the others are. The others see Oars, as Hogbacks cries for help.


The floor collapses, sending Cindry falling below. Chopper throws Hogback to the ground below too to escape as Robin helps him. As Oars begins to walk, Hogback got crush by a big boulder and can’t move. He needs Cindry to help move the rock off of him to save his “genius”, except for one thing: Cindry’s body isn’t moving again. As Chopper and Robin watch Oars get closer to them, Hogback won’t take no from an answer from her. Zombies follow orders, and Cindry can’t pretend to be human at this moment. Only she isn’t. Cindry looks at Chopper, and gives him a big, happy smile, showing him that it’s the real Cindry now. Hogback complains away until Oars finally steps on his fat ass.

In the mansion, Usopp can feel the mansion come down cause of Oars. He appears before him, scaring the shit outta Usopp. Oars checks his arm to see who it is, but Usopp has frantically run away already. At the wedding, Sanji can feels Oars too, and the ceiling collapses, having Oars show himself. He tries to get Nami to wake up (yeah, she’s still unconscious) and run with him, but then Nami disappears. Absalom is still alive and kicking, and still has enough strength to use his powers. Sanji wants Absalom to fight him, but Absalom has what he needs, and instead will have the now-under controlled Oars be Sanji’s fight, as Oars is about to crush Sanji.

On the rooftop, Brook and Franky can feel Oars. So much so, that it makes Brook’s hair stand on end. Even though Brook doesn’t have ha-oh wait, he does. Brook really forgot he had an afro for a minute. As they can feel Oars getting closer, Brook makes another skull joke and Franky punches him for it. And then Oars punches himself. At least through the building. This freaks out Brook, as them, including Zoro, can all see Luffy’s zombie. Sanji also came out from this mess. He’s hurt, but he’s more hurt that he let Nami get taken again. Luffy chases Moria through the building, for he needs to just beat him to end all this, Absalom has Nami in a safe place and will have the wedding, while Perona’s animal zombies find her passed out, and wondered what happened. The other zombies outside scramble to get away from Oars.


As Robin and Chopper arrive to find Usopp, he’s scoping out Oars, and sees their bounty posters on Oar’s arm. He now knows he is hunting them down, so now what do they do? Oars roars his loudest, calling out the Straw Hat crew. Will Luffy’s zombie crush them all? Will they have to fight his zombie counterpart? Well, Zoro is definitely up for the challenge.


After all this time, we finally got to see what was coming to Hogback. He needed to be squashed like a bug, and that is what Oars did. Plus, Cindry being her actual self was a delight. Not only for her great smile, but how it affect Hogback in his predicament. Also, Chopper and Robin make a good team together. Most of the Straw Hat’s do, but this would’ve been awesome to see Chopper suplex Hogback into the ground if Oars didn’t interrupt. But overall, a good episode as the fight against Oars begins next episode. 4.5 Crushed Geniuses/5. 


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami


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