One Punch Man Season 1  Finale Episode Recap 

Original Airdate : December 20, 2015

Toonami Airdate : October 8, 2016
Hey everyone this is PersonaSoda here and welcome to the final episode recap for season one of One Punch Man. It’s been a such a good series to recap so let’s finish everything with “The Strongest Hero”

The episode starts right where the previous episodes left off where Boros unleashes his strength to fight against Saitama, but the attack are being avoided by Saitama as he seems to not be unleashing his strength and rips off one of Boros’s arms. Saitama says to Boros that he is tough to fight.  

Meanwhile outside of the destroyed City A and the ship, Tastumaki uses her psychic powers to attack the space ship with the surviving aliens inside. While she is doing that, a hero named Drive Knight is about to leave to do his errands now that everything is under control. Before he leaves he tells Genos that Metal Knight is his enemy. 

Somewhere else outside the heroes are still fighting Melzalgald. Atomic Samurai weakens Melzalgald to which it gives Bang, (who is back up after being knocked out in the previous episode), the chance to destroy him by breaking the last marble inside of him to kill his final head.

Meanwhile back inside the ship, the intense fight between Saitama and Boros continues. Boros keeps using his attacks on Saitama but Saitama is not doing anything to counter attack. Boros admits that Saitama is strong and releases a energy beam to attack him. However despite all of that Saitama seems to be taking all of the attacks without getting hurt. Boros tells Saitama about his regeneration ability, (to which he grows one of his arms back after it got ripped), but Saitama is now bored and just wants to be done with this already. 

Now angry, Boros unleashes his strength again. This time though it’s much more powerful as he uses all of his strength and anger to attack Saitama so much that it not only destroys half of the ship outside but also sends Saitama to the moon.

Surprisingly despite the powerful attacks from Boros and now sent to the moon, Saitama seems to be, (no pun intended I guess), okay. He goes straight back to the earth which angers Boros. This causes him to unleash again but Saitama this time counters with consecutive normal punches. Boros then fires a mega beam to Saitama which he counters with his own special move “Serious Punch”. Boros is defeated and admits that Saitama was too strong for him to fight. 

The ship collapses with the aliens and Saitama inside. Sweet Mask notices the ship crashing and that City A has been destroyed. He blames all of the Class S heroes for the destruction of City A despite the efforts of the heroes to protect the city. Suddenly Metal Knight appears who is here to find parts of the ship to use for himself to which Genos questions him. 

One of the heroes finds the surviving aliens but all of them are killed quickly by Sweet Mask. Sweet Mask tells Genos he’s nothing but a disappointment and leaves. Saitama finally gets out of the ship which Tatsumaki then names calls him. Genos tells her to shut up but is pushed back by Tatsumaki’s psychic powers but Bang stops the fight before things got worse.

After all of that, everything was back to normal. City A was completely destroyed and all the parts from the ship that Metal Knight took was used to make a new Hero Association HQ building. Class A and above heroes were also an option to live in the HQ building as well.

After the end credits, a giant pig monster named Pluton is invading a city but the day is saved by Genos and Saitama. Saitama kills Pluton with just one punch to which he now cries and yells after realizing he is back to one punches again. 

I thought this episode was great. The fight between Saitama and Boros was intense and awesome. It was surprising that Saitama didn’t do anything to counter Boros’s attacks at first considering how strong his attacks were. With how powerful Saitama is as well, I thought he would easily just destroy Boros quickly but it seems he didn’t want to ruin Boros’s dream of facing a strong opponent like him according to a prophecy. Sweet Mask claiming that the heroes did nothing but let the city be destroyed was dumb of him to say, but the heroes at least did their best to save the city even though it got completely destroyed. The scene where Tatsumaki was mad at Saitama and Genos was funny. 

As for my thoughts on the show, it was pretty good. I liked how the first few episodes of the series gave time to know about Saitama as he just wants to be a hero for fun and Genos as the one who wants to get stronger after losing his family. I feel like the whole idea of Saitama killing villains with just one punch is nice with staire in it.  

The action of the show was awesome with the fight scenes having amazing animation and intense moments. I will admit though there are some questions I ask to myself about this show. Like what’s the point having other heroes around the cites when you have a powerful hero like Saitama who seems to be unstoppable and can destroy anyone that is in his way or how did anyone not know about Saitama even after he saved them from monsters or creatures before he became an official hero.

 But even with that the show was a really good. Is this the anime that “saved anime” as some people say, NO. (That term is just absolutely stupid to be honest) Is this a worthwhile watch, definitely. If you like anime with tons of action and are a fan of superheroes then this series is definitely for you. With all that said, I can’t wait to see the second season with that being just announced. I give both the episode and the series 8 punches/ 10

One Punch Man is licensed by Viz Media


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