2016 Adult Swim Singles Program, Week 22: Mike WiLL Made-It feat. Eearz – “Pull Ova”

<—- Week 21: Kitty – “Asari Love Song”

Week 23: Run The Jewels – “Talk To Me” —->

Hey everyone. RobBarracuda here, and it’s time to talk about the newest release from the 2016 Adult Swim Singles Program.

2 weeks after the SremmLife Crew dropped their own single, Adult Swim gives us another track from the Ear Drummers camp. This time, the song comes from Ear Drummers founder and rap producer Mike WiLL Made-It, producing a track called “Pull Ova” which features verses from Ear Drummers artists Eearz and Two-9. It’s a loud in-your-face party jam that reminds me a lot of the kind of mainstream rap songs from around 2004-2006 or so. As far as turn-up music is concerned, this is more or less my speed, with all the rappers involved bringing enough energy alongside the thunderous larger-than-life beat to make me actually feel like turning up. If there’s any criticism to be had (and maybe this is just a nitpick on my end), but there’s something about the constant gasps and breaths in the middle of all the raps that kind of bugs me. I get that it’s likely a part of their style, but I think it messes with the flow and vibe when the rappers sound like they’re exhausted from a 10-kilometer run and have to catch their breath half the time. Despite that, I’d still say this is the kind of fire rap banger that I can fuck with.  You can stream “Pull Ova” down below, and be sure to download it and the other released singles right here.

Let us know what you think of the song down in the comments below, or tweet us @SquadSwim. Follow me on Twitter: @RobBarracuda.


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