Naruto Shippuden Episode 131 Recap: “Honored Sage Mode!”

Original Airdate: 10/15/2009

Toonami Airdate 10/15/2016

I know I’m one who has been complaining about the lack of action on here, and the last two episodes did barely anything for that regard. Was this any different? It should with that episode title. Let’s start this now cause I actually did forget about the recaps this week. My bad for them being late again.

Pain has a giant, ugly faced chameleon with him now. To face Pain and his creatures, Jiraiya will have to go all out with a mode he has: Honored Sage Mode! This means he gets to summoned 2 great sages to help him in battle. However, it comes as a crutch for now since it takes awhile to charge up, and he has to keep his hands together at all times for it to open. So Mr. Gamaken will have to fight for now, even if he is “ungraceful”. Before this, Pain uses the chameleon to vanish out of sight. Jiraiya uses “Barrier Battle Arts” to not only form a shield around him, but to be able to see where the chameleon is hiding, or at least try too. Pain can see the barrier with his Rinnegan, and he summons a 3-headed dog to attack it. Even though he is ungraceful (yes, the toad says this throughout) Gamaken attacks the 3-headed mutt, and does get the beast. He is pretty good. However, the doggy then splits up into 3 doggies, and as they fight, Gamaken runs away with the dogs chasing. He climbs up the tower, swings around and gets the doggies, but he gets injured in the attack. Then there are more dogs. Gamaken gets some of them, but they attack and start to explode as they do. There are so many dog explosions, it would make Hirohiko Araki proud.


Who’s a good mutant monstrosity? You are! Yes, YOU ARE!

Jiraiya notices that every time the dogs are hit, they multiply. They have to get outside and find an enclosed space to take one out at a time, as Jiraiya does sees Pain and his chameleon. As Pain watches this all, Jiraiya tries to lose the dogs, but they follow, and now it’s a 5-headed dog. Plus, they corner the two. The dogs split up and attack, and another attacks from above, as Gamaken eventually gets them all. After this, they retreat below for a break, but the dogs are still on them. As they attack, Jiraiya himself this time takes out some mutant mutts, but there are too many and they get Gamaken. The ungraceful one collapses, looking like he’s done. Jiraiya has to let his hands go. Because there are too many dogs, he uses the jutsu that makes the area become the toad’s stomach, and this eats up all the dogs.

In a new place, Pain appears again. He wonders where Jiraiya went with his pets. Pain is wide open for an attack, and Jiraiya gets the chameleon this time. Pain counters with another Summoning Jutsu and brings out a giant bird mutant. It attacks Jiraiya, but Gamaken uses himself to defend Jiraiya. Jiraiya takes off, with the bird thing chasing him. It starts laying eggs that, like the dogs before, also explode. Jiraiya dodges as many egg bombs as they’re being laid. He runs into a dead end, and looks like he is cornered. But this Jiraiya was a Shadow Clone, and he uses a Flame Bomb to roast the bird.


But Pain isn’t done with animals. Another Summoning brings forth a giant rhino. Jiraiya, who is again trying to summoned the sages and is almost done doing it, tries to get away from the big, but very agile, rhino. Luckily, Gamaken is there to help stop the rhino, which was a Shadow Clone. Jiraiya thinks something funny is going on with Pain, which Gamaken wouldn’t know since he is too ungraceful to know. Anyway, his old student has the Rinnegan, knows all Chakra Natures, and Nagato knew a ton of jutsu at age 10. So why only use Summoning Jutsu? Jiraiya send Gamaken back to the toad world, as the rhino attacks again. The rhino looks like he gets him, but is then sent flying.

Jiraiya was able to summon the toad sages, as they both complain about being summoned. But “Jiraiya-boy” has his reasons for them to be summoned, even if he hates this mode cause it would make him “unpopular with the ladies”. Pain looks, and we see the couple toad from the Ninja Scroll flashbacks, Fukasaku and Shima, are who Jiraiya brought. He also sees the transformation Jiraiya has taken. Pain is back to hiding in the chameleon, and the toads can’t see him, but Jiraiya says he’s there. As Jiraiya and the toads bicker about why/how to fight, he tells them Pain is his former student, to which we see flashbacks from the episodes again of the senile elder toad, the Child of Prophecy talk, and Pain not growing up too well. After this, Shima uses her tongue to search for the chameleon, finds it, and takes it down with said powerful tongue. Fukasaku then attacks with a big water jutsu. They can now see the “nasty eyes” of Pain, and after another freakin’ flashback, Pain uses another Summoning Jutsu. But instead of animals, he summons more Pains. Jiraiya will have to take them all down.


After two borefest of weeks, this episode finally delivered on the action and then some. Again, like with the Sasuke/Deidara fight before, this one had a little problem with the animation. Although, not as bad as that, it was still kinda noticeable. Plus, Jiraiya needed to hold his hands in place forever to summon to tiny frogs that aren’t even bigger than his head for that long, and yet he can summon a 50-ft toad with ease? Does that make fucking sense? But other than that, the first half of this was pure action, and it’s something this show needs. Dogs, birds, toads, rhinos, purple, multi-ring eyed gingers, whatever. It gave us something, and I liked that. Of course, the 2nd half was pure crap other than Jiraiya in his Sage Mode. Seriously Shippuden, and to an extant, Pierrot. Stop showing flashbacks that we already seen! Or at least cut them down to at most 15-20 seconds instead of wasting a minute or two of time of this bullcrap. Overall, a good episode for Shippuden. 3 Ungraceful Toads battling any mutant animals/5. 


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami


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