One Piece Episode 365 Recap: “Luffy Is The Enemy! The Ultimate Zombie vs The Straw Hat Crew”

Original Airdate: 8/10/2008

Toonami Airdate: 10/15/2016

Last time, Oars went and wreck everything in site, including Dr. Hogback, which was the best thing to have happened to the bastard. Oars then called out the Straw Hat Crew, who he has their bounties all on his arm. In this episode, the battle against Oars begins.

On the rooftop, Brook, Franky and Zoro all see Oars, and Brook wonders what the monster is. Zoro looks down, and sees Usopp, Robin and Chopper and calls for them. They see they’re safe and saved Brook too, while Robin worries about Nami. Sanji flips his way to Oars, and wonders what is wrong with Luffy? Or more to it, his shadow. As the shot pans up on how massive Oars is, Oars still wonder who this Luffy is. For he is Oars. He does say hi to Sanji, which just proves he is as big and friendly an idiot as their captain is. The others know Sanji is picking a fight with Oars, which they think is bad. But Usopp thinks Sanji will be fine. Even though Oars has their bounty photos, Sanji’s doesn’t look at all like him, so Usopp thinks he should be okay. Except for the fact that he forgets that Oars has Luffy’s shadow, and looking at the photo, says Sanji is exactly like the picture. This only pisses Sanji off even more, and he does say he is part of the crew, making him the target for Oars.

Meanwhile, Luffy is still chasing Moria. His efforts to punch him get blocked by Doppelman, but he does chase Moria to a dead end. Even cornered, Moria tells him he should worry about his crew who are about to be crushed by Oars. But Luffy says they’re ok without him. Moria uses Brick Bat to distract Luffy and escapes. Luffy Gatlings the shadow dude, and chases off again after the fat onion.

Hildon, searching for Moria, sees the mansion got destroyed by Oars. He also happens upon a sight on the ground: Dog-Pen and Jigoro are still fighting. Asking why, it was Hogback’s orders to “Kill the others!” and he leaves the idiots behind. Absalom is getting ready at his second attempt at marrying Nami. He is still feeling the effects of the ass-whooping Sanji gave, but he doesn’t care, for he can now kiss Nami. As he is, Hildon finds him and as he tries to get to him, he gets in the way, and the two accidentally kiss each other. Hildon calls Absalom a “perverted dengerate” for this, and then asks where Moria is. He isn’t there, so he want the bat to leave. But not until Absalom beats him for calling him a “perverted degenerate”. As Hildon flies off, we see Moria now outside with Luffy not far behind still wanting Moria to fight. But Doppelman distracts Luffy again, as Moria flees. Hildon catches up to Moria, and tells of how Oars is destroying everything. If it keeps up, Thriller Bark will be destroyed soon. But because Moria couldn’t care, he tells Hildon to fix it himself. Then Luffy smacks Hildon outta the way.

Back with Oars, he punches at Sanji repeatedly, but Sanji dodges. This only makes Oars more angry, as he punches even harder. The others freak, thinking Sanji kicked the bucket. But the only thing that died was Sanji’s cig. It’s Sanji’s turn, but not before Oars does one more move: Gum-Gum Circle. He shows he still can’t stretch, but he does have alot of power and speed that one hit from Oars could kill him. Robin briefly tells them she now know who Oars was, the demon from legends known as the “Continent Puller”. As Sanji launches an attack, it does nothing to Oars, and Oars sends Sanji flying with a smack. He grabs a hold of Sanji and is about to throw him into the ground.



A Firebird Star from Usopp stops this, and sets Oars on fire. He sees this, and still throws Sanji away to focus on him, Robin and Chopper. Zoro and Franky try to distract Oars, which works. Cause Oars jumps and kicks the rooftop they’re on. They all escape, and it’s Zoro’s turn now. Using Two-Sword Style: Gorilla Black, he cuts off one of Oars’s fangs. But a Gum-Gum Volcano sends Zoro flying way high into the air. Franky uses Weapons Left on him, but Oars is fast as hell, and dodges. He takes the top of a nearby building off, jumps, and crushes it on Franky and Brook, who fall to the ground. Zoro is also falling, but Robin catches him with her Spider Net. But Oars is on top of them now. Usopp fires a Salt Star into Oars’s mouth, and he swallows it. But, it’s too small to affect Oars and his massive body. Chopper gets ready for a Heavy Gong attack, but Oars throws a building at them, knocking out most of the Straw Hats. Usopp, still somehow not out cold, calls Luffy a jerk for doing this, but Oars tells him again he isn’t Luffy. He is Oars, Moria’s servant.


This was the opposite of the Shippuden episode, where the first half of this was meh, while the second half gave us all the action. Unlike the Shippuden episode, the meh half was still a bit better, with the highlights being Oars saying Sanji and his bounty photo are the same, and the Hildon/Absalom kiss. The second half showed how strong Oars is, and what he can do without even using Luffy’s powers. The others got overwhelmed at this point, and it looks like it’s over. But as I said, this is just the beginning of the Oars/Straw Hat crew fight, and there’s more to come after this. As for the next episode, [SPOILER!] Nami finally wakes up. That’s all I will say for now. 3.75 Building Throwing Monsters/5.


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami



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