JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood Episode 2 Recap – A Letter From the Past

Welcome to my recap of Episode 2 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Today’s introduction will be done in video form to properly show off the amount of intensity surrounding the ED to both Parts 1 & 2: Roundabout.

It’s 1888. Jonathan Joestar and Dio Brando have become very good acquaintances (on the outside) and have both grown Brock Samson levels of muscles. After an exciting game of rugby (basically American Football in the UK), it looks like they’ve gotten everything they’ve ever wanted. But Dio is nowhere near done with his work. He is now ready to activate his next phase to obtain the Joestar fortune. Jonathan’s father George Joestar has become ill. JoJo has more or less grown out of his naïve nature and thinks he has discovered the secret of the mask, or at least the jist of it. While doing some research on it he reads the letter that Dio was supposed to give to George Joestar 7 years prior. He now learns that Dario Brando had the same conditions as George before his death. He is suspicious of Dio and thinks he is poisoning George.

Dio ain’t havin any of that shit.

After some intense interrogations JoJo ultimately decides to take George’s “medicine” from Dio and goes off to London to investigate the medicine. Just in case, he prohibits Dio from giving George anymore medicine. Dio has plans however. He plans to have JoJo dead before he returns from London. After noticing a cat eating a puppy (yes, that happens), a trio of thugs lash out at JoJo. Their leader is Speedwagon, whom is awesome. Deny this and he’ll kill you with his hat!

This is how Speedwagon attacks. All JoJo uses is his bare hands.

After defeating them, JoJo is about to fight tons more thugs on Ogre Street. Back at the Joestar mansion, Dio learns of this and decides to not even bother trying to find JoJo’s body once he gets to London, confident he will not survive. What Dio did not realize is that Speedwagon defends JoJo as a true gentleman, as he did not kill any of the thugs. He earns the trust of the thugs, and now JoJo can continue to research the medicine.

Dio has arrived at London. When a couple thugs get into a fight with Dio, he decides to take this as an opportunity to test out the effects of the mask. We’ve seen what the mask does when blood hits it, but what if someone is wearing the mask when it activates? It turns the wearer into a vampire!

Neither this episode nor this photo are for the squeamish.

Being a vampire gives you intense strength and agility, but with sunlight as its only weakness. This, my friends, is the secret of the mask.
With all the information he needs, Dio returns home to finish off George Joestar. Unfortunately for him, JoJo beat him there.


It’s kind of perfect how this got to Toonami right in the middle of October. The scene where the vampire is unleashed just reeks of Halloween. This episode delved into a mystery aspect, which really worked out in its favor. I recommend it.

Final Rating: 8 Music References out of 10. Seriously, holy shit.’s_Bizarre_Adventure


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