One Piece Episode 366 Recap: “You’re Going Down, Absalom!! Nami’s Lightning Attack Of Friendship!!”

Original Airdate: 8/17/2008

Toonami Airdate: 10/22/2016

The last episode we saw, Oars squared off with the Straw Hats, and he won the first batlle. They we’re all taken down pretty handily. Meanwhile, Absamlom try to get his kiss on Nami to make the marriage official, but instead kissed Hildon. We continue on, not with two totally hetero zombies accidentally making out, but with the Absalom trying to marry Nami.

As the others are still knocked out from Oars, the big red guy looks at them and the bounties on his arm. He sees two who aren’t on the photos (Usopp and Brook), and is now looking for “the Awesome Superhero Dude” (Sniper King), “the pretty orange-haired lady” (Nami), and “the one with the straw hat” (Luffy). He leaves to go find Nami. Meanwhile, Perona is having a nightmare with the roaches on her, and Usopp, now a giant in her dream, crushing her with his hammer. She freaks out, but wakes to find the animal zombies around her. They’re still in the destroyed mansion, and have to get her to safety. She asks what is happening, and while the Straw Hats are still on the go, Oars broke this place. They also tell her he beat the Zombie Generals. Oh, and stomped on Hogback to boot. Some of the animal zombies get sent flying, cause Oars arrives looking for “a lady”. Perona thinks he’s looking for her, and as Oars takes off, she tells her zombies they’re taking the Straw Hats ship, along with food and supplies, to get off this island.

Nami is finally regaining consciousness. When she wakes up, she finds herself in the kissing range of Absalom. Yeah, would you want to wake up to this pervert trying to kiss ya?


Didn’t think so. She ain’t having none of it, and try as he will, Nami don’t want to be a multi-animal zombie’s bride. Then it gets worse for Nami, for Lola arrives, and sees Absalom trying to kiss her. Lola still thinks she is Namizo. You know, the fake name she gave the warthog along with the opposite gender earlier on? Lola thinks she played her, even as Nami tries to explain it’s all a misunderstanding (Nami does admire the nice wedding dress she is wearing.) Lola attacks her, and tells Absalom the “truth” about Nami. That she is a man. This shocks the shit outta Absalom, saying he would never kiss/be with a man. Even though he already kissed a dude in the last episode.


This causes Absalom to flashback a bit. Remember Episode 341? I know some of you do cause it’s my MOST READ ARTICLE!! on Swim Squad. Well for those who don’t, this is what basically happened in that episode.

EP 341 6

Yeah, I know most of you who see it don’t “read it”. But hey, I won’t judge. Cause it’s probably something I would do too. ANYWAY, this causes Absalom to flashback to his time peeping on Nami. Sure, he slipped and almost got caught first hand. But he recovered, and what he clearly saw was NOT a manly figure. He saw everything, the whole truth, the ummmm, the what?

Something like that. Just know he saw Nami naked, and it gives me another chance to bring up more shots/tweets of her.


Indeed. Why did you have to do this Toei? Just why? Oh, yeah. Kid’s show in Japan. So, Absalom ain’t being fooled. Lola though still attacks Nami, but she is missing with her attacks. In fact, this is all an act for Nami to run away. Lola came to save Nami, aka “My friend” and shows she does have a very good heart. She then goes to Absalom to become his bride, as Nami makes a break for it. But Absalom has had enough of Lola, and shoots her with his invisible bazooka.  Nami cries for her new friend, as Absalom doesn’t feel bad at all taking out a “lowly zombie”. Nami is enraged by this, and takes out her Climate Tact. Even though he is worn out from Sanji’s attack, he see this, and thinks she has stopped running to get married to him. That’s what too many kicks will do to ya. As the episode flashes back to when Nami gave Lola all the encouragement she needed, she won’t forgive him ever for what he did. She swings her Tact, runs to him, and with Absalom standing there like the lovesick moron he is, she uses Thunder Charge: Swing Arm on his ass.


He just takes it, and gets a bunch of bolts of electricity through him. Nami thinks it’s not enough to beat him, since he took a similar hit earlier, but Absalom collapses from the attack. We then go into the deep recesses of Absalom’s mind, where he sees Nami running to him, thinking she is ready to get married. She’s ready to be kissed, he looks around, gets ready himself, and has the Tact go in his mouth full of electricity.


Nami checks him to see if he’s really down, and can’t believe he beat him that easily. The other zombies in the room can. All that damage he took from Sanji finally took its toll with Nami’s attack. So she wins this. Kinda. Lola coughs and wakes up, making Nami relived she is alive. Nami apologizes to her for lying about her gender, cause she was afraid of Lola in the beginning. But Lola knew all along she was a chick. She’s glad she’s her friend. But now Absalom is knocked out, and this leaves him wide open and all for Lola, who takes advantage of this, jumps, lands on him and smooches him. Nami is happy for her, but please folks, remember this: don’t do what Lola did.

Back with Oars and Luffy, Oars is still looking for the crew, while Luffy is chasing Moria and Doppelman. Oars throws a piece of building, which heads Luffy’s way. He dodges it, but this distracts him for a moment and makes him lose the giant shadow. He decides to Gum-Gum Whip the trees down to find his foe, which works. We then see actual humans appear, wondering why he is not kicking Moria’s butt. Speaking of, he appears before them. He laughs at the notice that Luffy could beat him, and they can all watch for themselves. Oars is still looking for the 3 he wants, but there is a discussion on what was Oars’s name. The other Straw Hats are now awake again, and ready to fight once again with their big red enemy.


Nami finally woke up after so many episodes being unconscious, and it was her time to shine. In a way. Sure, she did knock out Absalom mostly cause of Sanji. But is it better than seeing her trying to be kissed by a perverted freak while she’s out cold? Is it better than seeing her scream in fear with the others scaredy cats? Yes, a million times YES! Sticking up to Lola and shocking the lovelorn dumbass has so far been the highlight so far for her this arc. Well, other than the bath scenes, but you get what I’m saying. It’s always more fun to see Nami stand up and fight in these situations. Besides, that’s more than I can say for a certain pink hair chick on another Toonami show. Wait, has she done anything on the past 6 months? Another good episode overall. 4 Literally Shocked Perverts/5. The next episode is actually gonna show one of the best things to happen only once, and it gave Robin one of her best expressions ever. But that’s not for another week, as the Halloween Marathon is first. See ya next time.


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami


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