Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell Episode 19 – Straight Outta Hades

Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell is probably one of [adult swim]’s biggest surprises for me. Just look at that title. When you read that you go directly into it expecting Mr. Pickles and…it’s actually really funny. It’s about a loser named Gary Bunda who dies and is sent to Hell. Nice. But here’s the kicker: it’s an office job, in HELL!!! They manage to make the most out of it actually, with very unique predicaments throughout. I recommend watching the first 2 seasons, especially if you’re a fan of ATHF and Squidbillies. After all, it’s made by Dave Willis and Casper Kelly.

Spoiler Alert though, this one’s a dud.

So you’ve been sent to Hell. What could be worse? Nothing. An instructional video plays to explain to new souls how they will live (ehh) in Hell. However, in Hell, they only have VHS tapes and TVs from the 90s at most. Figures. So when the tape breaks down, they’ll have to reshoot it. But Gary decides instead to do something unique! And I guess unique means ripping off NWA. It’s one of the cringiest things you’ll see all day, but its Hell, so I guess it works. Fortunately, Satan has never heard of Weird Al Yankovic, so Gary wins him over. Now Gary has to make a bunch more and the old head of video department, Benji, is stuck with Hot Liquids.

2016-10-30 (1).png
He’s in a better place now. At least, for being in Hell and all.

Gary has to make videos to replace every single old instructional video. Unfortunately for Gary, half of the stuff on those tapes he doesn’t know how to do. And they’re all “Straight Outta ____”. In the editing room, Gary acts like a douchebag towards the editor and…actually, Gary acts like an asshole throughout the entire episode. Something tells me that he has a specific vision that he’s so determined to achieve it he will do anything to do so. It really hurts him badly.

2016-10-30 (2).png
Straight Outta Making Walls Bleed!

Satan has plans: He wants a Straight Outta video for every single letter of the alphabet by the next day. Time is relative in both Heaven and Hell, so I don’t really see the problem with this. Do you know what a problem IS? Losing your voice. Having experience singing, I can safely say that losing your voice is like if your feet were chopped off during a marathon. They’re growing back, but since the more you use them the more it hurts, it really puts a burden on everyone else.

Gary is pooped out. In comes Benji! He’s able to straighten things out and get the tape in on time. And in an ending similar to People in Hell want Ice Water, Gary and Benji are the only ones watching the tape. And they’re set up a la A Clockwork Orange (man I need to see that movie).

BONUS: On the left you can see Sword Art Online, and on the right you can see JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.


I’ll be honest: I really don’t like this episode. Now, newcomers will look at it and think it’s harmless. Minus the satanic themes but regardless, I don’t like the episode because THIS IS THE MOST NORMAL EPISODE OF YPFIGTH!!! Nothing seems very strange and out of place. In fact it’s very typical. You could probably rewrite this episode for the US version of The Office and nothing major would be left out.

Final Rating: 3 Straight Outta 10.

If you would like to watch this epiosde and many more, you’ll have to watch some of my Straight Outta videos!

Straight outta [adult swim]! The latest episode is free. Otherwise you’ll probably have to get a hold of your local cable company!

Straight outta Hulu! Remember when that was a thing? If you already have it you can watch every episode from Seasons 1 and 2 YALL!

Straight outta actually buying it! Because why the fuck not? If you want to support the show, why don’t you give these links a click?


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