2016 Adult Swim Singles Program, Week 26: Lord RAJA – “Fox Den”

<—- Week 25: Metro Boomin’ – “Forever Young”

Hey everyone. RobBarracuda here, and it’s time to talk about the newest release from the 2016 Adult Swim Singles Program.

Huh. So the skull promo image was actually clever foreshadowing?

The initial 25 week period of the singles program may be up, but like a nail-bitingly suspenseful sports game, we’re going into overtime with some bonus tracks. The first of these is a new single from electronic music producer Lord RAJA, who you may already know for his various musical contributions to Adult Swim, including the Ghostly Swim 2 compilation and the network releasing his sophomore effort Para for free at the tail end of last year. He graces us with an 8-minute helping of electronic goodness titled “Fox Den”. Compared to the more abstractly produced/structured tunes RAJA’s come out with in the past, this one stands out as being decidedly more upbeat and bouncy than usual. The bass drum pattern brings a very dance-able groove to the track, while many of the synths and extra touches to the beat provide a nice aquatic ambiance to everything. The song shifts into a couple of more ambient and subdued passages as it goes on, with the kind of structural complexity you’d expect from a Lord RAJA track, but overall it’s probably the most fun you could have listening to any of his stuff, and I highly recommend it. You can stream “Fox Den” down below, and be sure to download it and the other released singles right here.


Let us know what you think of the song down in the comments below, or tweet us @SquadSwim. Follow me on Twitter: @RobBarracuda.


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