Dream Corp, LLC Episode Recap; 01×03: “The Predator”

Hey, everyone. RobBarracuda here, and it’s time to recap the most recent episode of Dream Corp, LLC, “The Predator”. A gay couple comes to Dream Corp to get at the root of their recent intimacy issues, but because this is Dream Corp, things are gonna get really weird before any improvements are seen. Also an iconic sci-fi horror creation gets involved because anything can happen in your dreams.

The episode opens with Randy and T.E.R.R.Y. trying to find Randy’s vape device (and accidentally getting his hand cut off) before cutting to Dr. Roberts dealing with a new patient, numbered 86. After performing a routine awkward examination, complete with truth serum, the doctor finds out that Patient 86 has some anxieties regarding his boyfriend’s feelings for him. His boyfriend finally arrives at the facility, dubbed Patient 103, and the two are put under in the main procedure room. As the examination gets underway, Randy is nowhere to be found as he attempts to replace his severed hand with a robotic replica… that quickly proceeds to grab crotches of its own accord.

the-predator-patients-encounter-the-predatorThe dream sequence opens with Patients 88 and 103 riding dolphins on a beach as they approach the shore of an island, with Dr. Roberts trying to get the two of them in check. The two patients begin to ascend a golden staircase while Dr. Roberts is stuck contending with a terrifying dream threat: The Predator! The patients reach a hot air balloon at the end of the staircase and ride it in the skies above a massive landscape before Patient 103 falls off the side, with Patient 86 finding himself unlocking a path (quite literally) to a swamp. He falls out of his chair in shock when forced to confront a strange dream abomination, at which point Randy finally comes up to try and straighten everything out. Randy manages to jolt Dr. Roberts out of the dreamscape before getting the two patients back on track inside of Patient 103’s mind. The dream finally comes to a head when the two are cornered inside of a Ferris wheel by the Predator, which finally forces the truth of Patient 103’s cowardice to light. Promising to finally be a more trusting and committed partner in this relationship, Patient 103 wakes up from the dream and proposes to Patient 86 on the spot.

My Thoughts

This was another pretty entertaining episode of the series, once again showcasing its various strengths in terms of showcasing vivid animation and functioning as an interesting character piece for the patients. Simulating the experience of trying to survive an attack from the one and only Predator serves as a pretty interesting way to explore a strained romantic relationship between our two patients. The constant shifting of the environments from beach to the sky to the swamp works pretty well in showing off the animation and crazy visuals, especially the weird humanoid swamp creature. Again, much like the choppy nature of dreaming, the progression of locations follows a vaguely logical pattern with clear delineations shown between transitions, with things being just vague enough to feel unfamiliar and out there. I’m looking forward to the next episode.

Dream Corp, LLC airs every Sunday at 11:45 PM only on Adult Swim!


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