Naruto Shippuden Episode 133 Recap: “The Tale Of Jiraiya The Gallant”

Original Airdate: 10/29/2009

Toonami Airdate: 11/5/2016

Are you ready “four da feelz, as some would stupidly say on Twitter because they are annoying like that? Well, this episode may have brought it to some. As for others, not so much. As for me? Well, I got spoiled by this 4 years ago by watching the original series again and seeing Jiriaya first appeared on there. Thanks alot, Hulu Facebook commenters, you dicks. Anyway, prepare yourself as this is the end of a legend.

In the Leaf, it’s raining, and Tsunade is looking outside, thinking of Jiraiya. Shizune tries to comfort her, and Tsunade tells her he bet on him not coming back, cause she sucks at bets. She is sad, and we see flashbacks to show how she is sad. Back with the Pains, Jiraiya now sees who Pain is from the end of the last episode, and we find out. It’s Yahiko. He thought it was Nagato at first, since he had the Rinnegan, but can tell by closer inspection that the main Pain looks exactly like Yahiko. As more flashbacks detail this, he wonders why does Yahiko have the Rinnegan. Pain assures Jiraiya that Yahiko has been dead for years, and only Pain remains. For he is Pain, and they all are God.


Pain attacks Jiraiya, as he tries to counter with one arm. The Ugly Pain shoot missiles at him, and he tries to dodge them all. It brings a wall down, pissing off our newly-elected President and Jiraiya retreats underwater. The long hair Pain follows, but he gets caught in the toad’s stomach again. Jiraiya uses the Rasengan on him, and he gets thrown into the stomach acid. He thinks he’s dead, but he’s not yet. LH Pain uses some odd weapons on Jiraiya, which stabs him in the shoulder. The Pain finally dies after this. Jiraiya isn’t okay, as his chakra got affected weirdly, and the trio can tell the Pains aren’t mortals. As he talks about how Yahiko and others have the Rinnegan, and with a flashback to talking about growing up with Nagato, the Pain he killed has his headband come off, and it reveals a scar on his forehead. Jiraiya knows now this was the former Fuma Clan guy he faced off with long ago. More flashbacks happen, and Jiraiya tells the toads to go home so he can figure out Pain’s identity since he got so close. They aren’t having it, but someone needs to bring the corpse and intel to the Leaf. Fukasaku will stay with Jiraiya, with Shima handling the rest.

As another toad brings Jiriaya to the surface, the Pains are all ready for him, and surround him. Jiraiya can now see that all of the Pains, not just Yahiko, are people he encountered on his journeys before. He figured out who Pain is now, but the Ugly Pain rushes in and crushes Jiraiya’s throat, and then the others stab him in the back with the weapons.



Jiraiya has to get the intel off, but he is dying. He goes on a regret thing, saying how he’s not gonna die like the Hokages, how “it’s not how you live, it’s how you die” in the Shinobi world, and how he was a failure and didn’t protect anyone throughout his life. He just wanted to die a “splendid ninja”, and needs a plot twist now like in a novel. It’s the end, and he didn’t beat anyone. Did I mention that death monologue is through a bunch of flashbacks we already seen? Because it is. We then go to the part with him, Minato and Kushina, and all the stuff about the novel, naming Naruto, and what not. Then, it goes to the ORIGINAL SERIES to see more of Naruto and all he has done with Jiraiya. Basically, it gets at that Naruto is more than likely the Child of Prophecy that will lead the Ninja Revolution, with Naruto’s Ninja Way of never giving up getting to Jiraiya. He gets back up on sheer will. Fukasaku gets off of him, and he knows what Jiraiya wants. Jiraiya write a message in code with the intel on his back. The future is now in Naruto’s hands. Pain sees this, and tries to kill both. But Jiraiya takes it full on as the toad gets away. This is the final chapter of Jiraiya’s saga. (It had a name, but it was so long, I didn’t get it fully in time.) The sequel novel will be called “The Tale of Naruto Uzumaki”. Jiraiya dies at the bottom of the sea.


As Naruto is leaping through trees, Jiraiya’s spirit touches his shoulder on his way out, as Naruto wonders what it was. In the Leaf, Tsunade watches on as a toad in a pond disappears out, and heads out into the sea.

Well this is it. The death of a legend. Jiraiya is dead, and not coming back. I’m being serious here. Yes, he will be still involved in the plot of this later on, and in flashbacks too. But he is physically done for in this series. It was a tough way to go out for him, and it would have been really moving here too. Except for one thing: All. Those. Freakin’. FLASHBACKS!!! Did we really need to see too minutes of Minato and Jiraiya again talking about naming Naruto? Did we really need to see the fight between the 3 Sannin and Naruto/The FEB? Did we really need all of this? I mean, it sucks that Jiraiya died, but at least you could do better without all these flashbacks that eat up time. But it is what happened, and it took what should have been a good/tragic moment for one of the most beloved characters on this series, and just instead, took off some points from this. I’m sorry if some of y’all hate that, but too bad. I’m recapping this, and that’s how I feel. Flashbacks ruin everything on here, and it soiled a poignant moment. This should have gotten a better grade than what it’s getting. 2.5 Pervy Sages we won’t forget/5. The next mini-arc is gonna involve the Uchiha brothers and the fight that Sasuke has been wanting for a long time. Stay tune.


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami


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