One Piece Episode 367 Recap: “Knock Him Down!! Special Attack: Straw Hat Docking?”

Original Airdate: 8/24/2008

Toonami Airdate: 11/5/2016

Before I start this recap, I should say I’m sorry for this being a few days late. A bunch of stuff has happened to me: Life and stuff, and dealing with the fact America elected a shitty businessman/reality show host as a President. You know, the usual stuff. But here I am with the One Piece recap, and this one was a pretty funny one. In fact, one of the funnier One Piece episodes I have seen. There are plenty, but this one stands out. Why? Find out now.

In the wedding hall, Lola finally makes it official with Absalom. Lola does catch Nami up on what’s happened so far, and how Oars is destroying everything. This makes Nami remember she saw the big, red menace in the giant freezer before. As Lola deals with Absalom, Nami takes off. Her mission right now? Why, get the treasure she saw earlier, of course. However, when she gets to the room the treasure was in, she finds it’s all missing. Someone, or someones, took it all. Instead, she finds the squirrels she encounter earlier. They’re about to report her, only for Nami to grab the duo. She wants all the info from them.

Oars sees how tough the Straw Hats are, and jumps to the ground to face them. The Straw Hats are ready to fight, and even if he has Luffy’s moves, he still has a weak point somewhere. Oars attacks with a new move though: Gum-Gum Giant Butt Star! He attacks with a Gum-Gum Hammer afterwards, and this leaves Franky to go with one option: To combine all their power with “Tactic 15”. It’s untested, but the group decide to go with it. In a robot combining montage, Franky makes most of the body. Chopper gets on his head, as Usopp forms his right arm. Zoro and Sanji become the legs. Together they form “Giant Robot Warrior: Big Emperor!” Or in another sense, Straw Hat Docking.


Except there is one missing piece: The left arm. Robin hasn’t dock, and they want her to. But she says no, shocking Franky, Usopp, and Chopper. Why won’t she? Cause she’s Robin, and she’s not gonna embarrass herself like this. In fact, they should all be ashamed as humans for doing something like this.

Robin: “Fuck no, I’m not doing this. You’re an embarrassment to the human race for this”
“But one of us is a cyborg, and another isn’t even human!”

Hell, if there was one person more disappointed by Robin not doing this, it’s Oars. He wanted to see a giant robot, and punches Usopp, Franky and Chopper for it. They’re mad she wouldn’t do this, cause Luffy would do this with them (He totally would too.) Robin tells them to never ask her to do something so stupid again. In all this, Zoro gets the heavy nunchucks for he has a plan. He will attack the left arm of Oars, as Robin will put the red giant in a submission hold.

Meanwhile, Brook is in the mansion looking around, and finds the kitchen, which got ransacked by the zombies. He is looking for something, but stumbles on something good. At least for him. He finds some milk. Sure it’s expired, but it barely is, so it’s all good. He drinks it, and he has all the calcium go through his bones that refreshes him. Hell, it even made his eyes spin. Not that he has any. But he still has a job, and he finds the back pantry that is locked. He cuts it open, and finds a big bag. He tastes what’s in it, and knows he found what he needs. Also, the zombies with Perona start to load the food and treasure onto the Sunny for takeoff.

As Zoro is ready to attack Oars, Sanji distracts him at first. Oars is ready to smash him with his hand, which gives Usopp a chance to use a Oil Star on a rock that Sanji was on. He jumps and Oars hands hits the oil, causing him to slip. Zoro, taunting Sanji in his own way, tells him to give him a boost with his legs. He does, and he tosses Zoro towards Oars. Zoro uses the heavy nunchucks on Oars’s left arm. Robin then uses Cien Fleur: Big Tree, and a giant arm is form, and wraps around the big guy’s injured arm. Franky, with Chopper’s help, is quickly building a skywalk with planks in mid-air. (Don’t ask how he does it. It’s all anime logic.) They get to his face, and together use Super Heavy Gong on Oars’s weak point: his jaw. He is standing on one leg now, losing his balance, so Sanji runs/flies to his leg and uses Bad Matters Kick Course right on Oars’s leg. This is too much, and Oars finally falls down and lands on his head. The sound is heard throughout the island. It shocks the other zombies around, thinking that Oars couldn’t be taken down. As the Straw Hats surround him, Oars is very mad they did this to him, and vows he will crush them into dust.


Perona sees Oars go down, but she isn’t sticking around for the rest of the fight. As the zombies are still loading stuff on, a couple of them notice a mysterious guy who appeared. He’s not a zombie, but he is as big as a bear. The guy, holding a Bible, asks where can he find Moria.


As I said in the beginning, this was one of the funnier One Piece episodes. The robot, Robin’s displeasure with the robot, and Oars being mad at Robin not joining them made the episode. So did them taking down Oars in their own way. It shows the Straw Hats can fight without Luffy, and are pretty good at facing whatever is ahead. Which speaking of, their next challenge just arrived on the Sunny. He won’t be a factor till near the end of the arc, but for now, just know he’s here for the long run. You’ll find out who the big Bible guy is in the next recap, for he does a good vanishing act on others. So stick around as I’ll have it out earlier this time. A rare perfect score for me, for I loved this episode every time I see it. This gets 5 Giant Robot Combinations/5. 


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami


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