Hunter x Hunter Episode 23-24 Recap

Well it’s been a pretty busy past couple of weeks. Since I put this off for so long because life crap, time to put together this huge ass update for everything. Also, 25 and 27 will be coming out sometime this week, so don’t worry about those just yet.

After being taken to the servant’s quarters, Gon and his friends begin their training to try and open the gate. Zebro states that everything in his house is weighed down in order to strengthen them. And by everything, I mean even the bathroom doors are really freaking heavy! Meanwhile, we cut to 50 Shades of Killua, where we see Killua’s mom tell him that his friends are here to try to open the door. She tells Killua they won’t open it, but surely enough, they friggin’ opened it after a quick montage. After opening the doors and finally walking to the mansion, they are stopped by a girl named Canary, who threatens to beat Gon up if he attempts to cross the line she drew in the dirt. After Gon attempts to cross the line and gets beaten several times, Canary has a change of heart and lets Gon through to see Killua. As she’s telling him to help Killua, she is knocked out by Killua’s mom in an attempt to slow down their progress. Outside of the last few moments, not a very eventful episode, so moving on.


In the next episode, we are treated to a flashback of Killua and Canary meeting each other for the first time after being abandoned by Illumi. After learning that Canary knows a few assassin tricks of her own, Killua offers to teach her some of his own assassin tricks, namely Rhythm Echo. He shows her how to do Rhythm Echo, and she is able to use it against a few intruders no problem. Killua asks Canary if he can be friends with her, but she refuses, since her only job is to protect the Zoldycks from harm. After the flashback, Gon and friends tend to the unconscious Canary while Killua continues to be whipped and mocked by his brother Milluki. Having enough of his bullshit, Killua breaks off one of the chains and threatens to kill Milluki if he even dares touch his friends. After that incident, Killua’s grandfather shows up to tell him that he is allowed to go now, but before he can do anything, he has to have a talk with his father, Silva. He meets with his dad, and after talking for a little bit about what Killua’s friends are like, he sets him free under the condition that he’ll never betray his friends no matter what. The episode ends with Killua’s dad saying that he will one day return to him because he is his son.

Why does the nicest member of the Zoldyck family look like Griffith from Berserk?

The first episode wasn’t very interesting at all, outside of the last few minutes because they act as a nice character moment for Gon, showing how his friendship with Killua has developed over the course of the arc. Otherwise, most of the episode was just Killua getting tortured and the gang trying to open the freaking door. The second episode, on the other hand, was much better. Killua got a crap ton of character development in these episodes, and we got to see some backstory for why he left to become a Hunter in the first place. Also, that moment with his father at the end was a really sweet way to end the episode off, and it’s nice to see that someone in Killua’s family actually cares about him and sees him as more than just a killing machine. Overall, 5 tons out of 10 for episode 23, and 9 copies of 50 Shades of Killua out of 10 for episode 24. See you sometime later for the other two episodes.

Hunter x Hunter can be seen every Saturday night at 1:30 AM!


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