Naruto Shippuden Episode 134 Recap: “Banquet Invitation”

Original Airdate: 11/5/2009

Toonami Airdate: 11/12/2016

Last week was the death of everyone’s favorite Pervy Sage, Jiraiya. So some are still feeling the affects of that. It was a great episode, if you don’t count how they ruined the episode with flashbacks aplenty. Now, we are going away from Jiraiya and moving on to … *sigh* Sasuke. Oh, what joy this will be. This is the first arc of the emo and the start of his fight with Itachi.

The episode starts with the Pains knowing Jiraiya is dead. But someone was hiding from the fight, and comes out. It’s Zetsu, the interracial Akatsuki character who pops up from the ground. (Can I say he’s interracial? I mean, he’s literally half black/half white. Abeit with a split personality. Or maybe more ying-and-yang? I’ll shut up now.) As he argues with himself, he reminds Pain that Madara ordered him to hunt the Nine-Tails down, which Pain will do. As for Zetsu, he has another battle he wants to see. On to Team Sasuke, they are still looking for Itachi as they arrive at a cave. The team will go in as well if anything happens to Sasuke, with Karen, as usual, being all wet and annoying as hell. Oh Karen. How I didn’t miss you at all. Jugo has his birds scout for him as Naruto and co. are still looking for Sasuke. As his Shadow Clones find another fake bird trail, they report back to him. As they can’t find anything in the south forest, they still won’t give up, and Naruto makes more Shadow Clones to search with the others right behind.

In the cave, Sasuke is being cautious, until he finally meets him. His brother Itachi is there, with a little friend on his shoulder.


Itachi wonders if Sasuke will attack like in the last meeting the brothers had. The episode flashes back to the original series which shows the fight, and Sasuke losing badly to his brother. Sasuke says Itachi knows nothing , and uses his Chidori on him. He gets him, as Sasuke’s hatred made him stronger. It looks like this is the end of Itachi. But Itachi can see Sasuke is stronger, and he reveals it was a Genjutsu all along, with crows flying everywhere. He tells Sasuke to meet up at the Uchiha hideout alone, and they’ll settle their fight there. As he leaves, Suigetsu and the others come to see him. Sasuke is mad they’re there, even if they worry about him. Even so, they follow along with him. Meanwhile, Madara can see Sasuke is coming along quite nicely, with some hawk and snake comparisons or whatever.

Back with Team Sasuke, Karen can sense chakra everywhere, but Sasuke tells her to ignore it. He can’t now since someone is following him, and that someone is Naruto. It’s actually a Shadow Clone of his, which Sasuke disperses of. Naruto now knows where Sasuke is, and has the others follow his location. Team Sasuke arrives at the hideout, with another big chakra there too. It’s Kisame, Itachi’s Akatsuki partner, and he tells the group only Sasuke can pass. He tells them to wait, but Karen and her stupid Sasuke worrying ass doesn’t want to. In fact, they think of taking down Kisame, who doesn’t want to fight. Sasuke eventually moves on ahead. Suigetsu does have a beef with Kisame though. He wants his sword, having already gotten Zabuza’s blade, and after giving shark dude all his info, he wants to fight him. Kisame agrees to it.

As Naruto and co. try to catch up as fast as possible, Hinata sees someone up ahead. It’s Tobi. He’s back in his funny form, as he is now up against 8 Leaf Ninjas. Kakashi doesn’t know him from the roster he got on the Akatsuki, and his words makes Tobi feel like he’s being underestimated. After Sakura talks for a time and won’t shut up, Naruto comes in and uses Rasengan on Tobi. Tobi dodges the attack.


As Suigetsu and Kisame fight, Kisame can see that Suigetsu might be better than Zabuza was with the blade. Although, their blades aren’t met for duels at all. (Suigetsu’s is met to kill for fun, cause what’s the difference?) Jugo can sense with his bird friends there is no one around, and Karen, while still pining for the emo, can sense the Leaf ninjas have stopped moving. Naruto and his clones try to get Tobi, but he gets them all, making Naruto mad. At least Hinata is happy he’s okay. And then Sakura tells her to focus. FUCKING SHUT IT, SAKURA!! LIKE YOU COULD BE OF ANY HELP IN THIS SITUATION YOURSELF, YOU ANNOYING, BIG FOREHEADED BITCH!! Where was I? Oh yeah, Tobi. He’s just happy, even if he’s toying with them. Suigetsu still attacks Kisame, and nearly fools him with a Water Clone decoy attack. But Kisame’s sword is eating up Suigetsu’s chakra, and he gets an attack on him.

Tobi is just messing with them. Cause they need to get to Sasuke fast, they decide to go with “Formation B”. This gets Tobi fired up. Sakura grabs hold of Naruto and throws him passed Tobi as a decoy. They surround and attack him, but he dodges all of their attacks. Another Rasengan from Naruto gets Tobi this time. Except it doesn’t. Tobi just goes underground to dodge the attacks with his new attack: Ninja Arts: Whack-A-Mole Jutsu. Since they can’t beat him with Formation B, it’s time to move on to “Formation A”. As that is happening, Sasuke is almost to the Uchiha hideout where Itachi is.


There was almost nothing to this episode that was very good. I may have shit on last week’s episode a bunch cause of the flashbacks, but hey, at least without them it was a very good episode. This one went back to the ways that Shippuden does where it has a good episode, followed by a very crappy one. There was some good, as the Kisame-Suigetsu fight was nice, and so was seeing Tobi fight everyone in his own way. But other than that, this episode sucked. No, I don’t need to hear fucking Sakura bitch to others when her own limitations are always shown. No, I don’t need to see Karen get all fucking wet for some asshole teammate of hers. Why do we need these two moronic bitches in the first place? Just why? Also, why is the episode title referring to? Did they just pull some random ass title from a hat cause they didn’t think of anything else? Where was the food invite? Why not just put “Sasuke emos about and Naruto fights the Akatsuki leader as his dumb other self?” That would have worked better for an episode title. As I said, this episode sucked, and only funny Tobi made this episode get a grade higher than it shouldn’t get. 2 Whack-A-Mole Jutsus/5.


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami


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