Dream Corp, LLC Episode Recap; 01×04: “Tijuana Zebra”

Hey, everyone. RobBarracuda here, and it’s time to recap the most recent episode of Dream Corp, LLC, “Tijuana Zebra”. TERRY finds himself down in the dumps on his birthday, so the crew takes it upon themselves to see what’s wrong with him. And Randy transforms into a Sasquatch because reasons.

I get the sense this is supposed to be a nod to the Land of Make Believe, but I’m not sure.

The crew of Dream Corp are getting ready to celebrate T.E.R.R.Y.’s birthday, with the robot nowhere to be found, and when Randy goes to search for him, he finds TERRY hanging from a rope tied to the ceiling in an apparent suicide attempt, which is a common thing around his birthday. The doctor goes out on the rooftop to try and talk some sense into TERRY, which only ends with him rolling himself off the rooftop. Meanwhile, a doctor named Diane shows up to the facility (evidently the engineer responsible for TERRY’s creation) to see how the robot is doing, much to the chagrin of Dr. Roberts who freaks out immediately upon witnessing her presence.

Also Randy begins growing longer hair because he begins eating snack bars that Diane claims were discontinued 2 years ago.

Trying to figure out how to help out TERRY, Diane and Dr. Roberts decide to put the robot through a dream walk, using the subconscious of Patient 88 for proper facilitation. The procedure begins with TERRY needing to form an avatar for the dream realm, settling on one which resembles Randy but in cargo shorts and a striped shirt. TERRY and 88 start inside of a kitchen where an elderly nana is baking sweets that the two enjoy, before things quickly fall apart and the scene transitions to a funeral, with TERRY lamenting the apparent death of nana before a woman in the dream offers to breastfeed him. The woman suddenly transforms into 88 as the scene falls apart again and TERRY lands in a farm, which Patient 88 on the verge of possible death which forces the crew to quickly piece together TERRY’s problem. Joey pieces together that TERRY’s underlying problem is a fear of death, so the crew quickly direct him back to the nana’s funeral, who begins comforting him about the prospect of mortality: since TERRY’s a robot, he never has to worry about the actual feeling of death since he can very clearly outlive his flesh-and-blood associates. The crew then celebrates by throwing a ridiculously over-the-top party inside of the facility, with Patient 88 still knocked out unconscious, and the episode ends with 88 suddenly awakened outside the facility… presumably carried out there by the party-goers.

My Thoughts

After three episodes spent diagnosing random individual characters, this week’s episode decides to go in a more intimate direction, focusing more on just the crew of the facility and their interactions with each other. It’s an interesting way to go, especially with how we see Dr. Roberts interact with TERRY as well as Diane, suggesting some kind of bitter history between the two of them. This conflict of course finds its way into the dream world, where TERRY expresses a lot of imagery related to the tender emotional feelings of motherhood. As usual, the animation in the dream realm is fantastic, especially with the constant crumbling and instability as Patient 88 teeters on the edge of death. The punchline of TERRY’s realization about his own immortality is a fantastic payoff to the build-up, emulating the type of views on mortality that would likely be shared by Bender from Futurama. This was a fantastic episode, and I’m looking forward to next week.

Dream Corp, LLC airs every Sunday at 11:45 PM only on Adult Swim!


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