JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood Episode 4 – Overdrive

Hey guys, a little late, but this is 0215MADman for another Phantom Blood recap! What if I told you…that this isn’t the first anime of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure?
I hope you said yes (manga’s been going for 30 years) because there is! You know how there’s a 48 episode anime on Stardust Crusaders? Well let’s make it a 4th of the length! From 1993-1994 there was a 6 part OVA (Original video animation. Basically direct-to-video anime.) of the Egypt arc of Stardust Crusaders! Yes, the Egypt arc. Aka Part 2 of Part 3. Why? Because that’s what the manga was at, that’s why! You don’t start from the beginning, you start where it’s popular! Then from 2000-2002 a 7 part OVA finally started from the beginning. Of Stardust Crusaders. The first 6 part OVA, I shit you not, was written by Satoshi Kon. Yes, THAT Satoshi Kon. He was even an animator. That’d be like if the Ang Lee Hulk movie just so happened to be written by Stanley Kubrick. The studio that made both OVAs (as well as a future recap’s topic) is A.P.P.P. which means Another Push Pin Planning. They mostly do in-between animation for other studios, but they have made their own stuff, including Kurogane Communication, Sci-Fi Harry, and are probably most notable for Golden Boy. Apparently, these OVAs (and Stardust Crusaders in a nutshell) got into controversy in 2008 when it turned out that the Qur’an was in it! So, if you want to know why the Phantom Blood/Battle Tendency anime is technically called JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: The Animation, it’s because this OVA is called JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Last time on Phantom Blood, an underrated OP cut was born. Oh yeah and Count Dio ded BUT WAIT! After the Roundabout last episode you would know that he ain’t ded yet. Oh Dio no, Count Dio is far from dead. At a hospital we see Erina is back! Yeah remember her? It’s been, like, a month. Erina points out that JoJo gained Hercules muscles since the last time we saw the two.

Yay, this girl’s back!

Speaking of things you forgot, Jack the Ripper! Turns out it wasn’t pointless after all. He is Count Dio’s newest henchman. Back with our hero, a stalker punches his arm and now the bones have healed. This stalker is named Zeppeli, and he’s here to teach you about Hamon. How? By punching a frog without punching the frog!

No froggies were harmed in the making of this example.

Right after Zeppeli tells him about the fact that Count Dio is far from dead, and that only JoJo can stop his wrath. He gives him a backstory about how his father donned the mask and went on a rampage. He has since been trying to find the mask to destroy it.

Jonathan training with Zeppeli.

Speedwagon arrives to interrupt his training to fight Count Dio. Unfortunately, they go somewhere without light and Jack the Ripper shows off the fact that he’s so hungry he could eat a horse. From the inside. And let’s not forget one of the greatest quotes in the series thus far.

“Dio’s evil, yeah, but I ain’t seen HIM jump out of any animals so far!”

— Robert E.O. Speedwagon

Zeppeli tells JoJo that in order to defeat the batshit insane vampire, he must first think like his opponent. Zeppeli kicks ass for a bit, talks about fleas for half a minute, and gives JoJo a challenge: destroy Jack without dropping a single drop of wine. JoJo succeeds and blows him out from the wall using Sendo Hamon Overdrive.


Here’s where Phantom Blood’s main plot line starts. Honestly, not that epic. At the very least however, it makes promises for future episodes.
Final Rating: 7 ripples out of 10.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure can be seen dubbed online on the official [adult swim] website:
If you want you can also stream JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure at any of the links here.


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