One Piece Episode 368 Recap: “The Silent Assault!! The Mysterious Visitor, “Tyrant” Kuma”

Original Airdate: 8/31/2008

Toonami Airdate: 11/12/2016

The last episode saw the Straw Hats do a very stupid move that Robin wanted no part of. Then they kicked Oars’s ass. And on the Sunny, a mysterious visitor meets Perona and the other zombies. He is sorta, kinda, the focus of this episode. Yeah, One Piece titles sometimes have misleading titles where the stuff doesn’t happen till the end. Or just the beginning and nothing else. Or the middle and .. know what, lets just say it’s Toei fault for this.

The episode starts with the twin squirrel zombies, and they had a … shocking encounter. *BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!* Yeah, I’m sorry. But for real, they encountered a “demon woman” in Nami, who wanted info on the missing treasure. They attacked her, and no one stands between her and missing treasure, and they got a Swing Arm for their troubles. They know Perona also likes treasure, so Nami facing her is gonna be trouble. But Nami doesn’t care. She wants that treasure, and makes her way on to the bridge Franky made. She hears a loud crash, and see Oars upside-down. Nami is just gonna ignore that for now.

Oars is very mad now, and roars at them all, saying he’ll crush the Straw Hats. It scares them for a second. Only a second, because Oars’s horns are stuck in the ground. He can’t move and this makes all the Straw Hats extremely joyful. Read this as make scary faces. Especially Robin.


They beat the crap outta Oars, as the other zombies can hear him screaming. They now realize he is losing. He finally gets unstuck and is more pissed off than ever. The Straw Hats make a break for it. They now need a new plan to take him down again. They could use Tactic 15 again with Robin’s help, but she strongly refuses. Sanji agrees with her, till his mind goes another place. What are Robin’s thoughts on this?


Exactly. Either way, Franky, Usopp and Chopper decide to go with Pirates Docking 3. They form Giant Pirate Robot Warrior again, and using Sanji’s leg to throw them, try to attack Oars. They get on Oars’s head and use Pirate Robot Warrior’s Special Attack! Which is just Franky stomping on Oars giant head. Yeah, it looks very pitiful. So Usopp decides to taunt Oars, calling him a moron and such. This works for Oars tries to punch them. The trio jump and Oars smashes his head. Sanji tries to act like this was all part of the plan, but he ain’t fooling anyone. The punch causes Oars to fall again, but he stands up this time. Sanji tries to rush an attack, but Usopp stops him cause he has an idea. They know that Oars is like Luffy because he has his personality (as seen with the flashback to the last episode with Oars being mad that Robin didn’t form the giant robot.) Because of this, Oars also has Luffy’s weaknesses. And what is one of them? Meat. Usopp says there’s a big hunk of meat nearby, having Oars try to find it. Franky and Zoro attack Oars’s knees, causing him to fall again. They can stall him till Luffy gets Moria, but Zoro doesn’t want to. They can’t wait to purify the big guy, so he wants to take Oars down now, while trying out his new sword, Shusui, on him.

In the forest, Luffy is still looking for Moria, but he gets an idea. He Gum-Gum Rockets into the air, and finds what looks like him. He stretches up to a chain, and rockets towards him. Nami finally gets to the Sunny, and the zombies see her. Perona does as well, but cause she isn’t Usopp, she isn’t worried. She mocks her for not being with Absalom, and tells how she is stealing the ship. Even so, Perona makes one Mini-Hollow to finish her. But then the zombies alert her. There’s a big guy behind her.


She is freaked out by his appearance, as some zombies inform her that their own buddies vanished after facing him. This makes her realize who the big guy is. He is one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. His name is Bartholomew Kuma. The zombies freak cause they know this guy has the same rank as their master, Moria. They also wonder why he is at Thriller Bark. He asks Perona if she works with Moria. She says not anymore. He then asks if she could take a vacation, where would she like to go? Perona shocks the zombies by answering a dark and damp place like a castle. She gets her act together, and decides to launch an attack of her own on Kuma. But he ignores her by skimming through his Bible (Btw, if 4Shitz still did this dub, I wonder how they would edit this out in their own stupid way?) She makes a Negative Ghost with a Special Hollow, creating her ultimate combo. Which wasn’t use on Usopp earlier for some reason. But as she gets ready to attack, Kuma takes off his glove and then *POOF!* Perona is gone.


After a pause, the zombies freak out cause she vanished. All Kuma wanted to know was where Moria is. The zombies get ready to attack Kuma themselves. Until they all panic and run away. Nami is scared too. Kuma knows she is “Cat Burglar Nami” of the Straw Hat Pirate Crew. He disappears from her eyes, and gets behind her. Like he teleported. He asks her if Luffy has a brother. Nami says yes and that his name is Ace, confirming the rumors he heard. She ask what he is doing here, but it’s none of her business. She now knows she has to warn the others of Kuma. As for Luffy, he finally got Moria. Except for the fact it’s actually his shadow he caught.

As I said with last week’s episode to close, Kuma is gonna be a big game changer on here for now. He showed what he can do at first with making Perona go bye-bye. It’s not the only thing he can do. I would tell, but that’s a big spoiler. So I’ll leave it as he’s big, and there’s a reason why he is one of the Seven Warlords. Also, good on Joel McDonald playing the big guy. I knew it was him playing Kuma from the beginning, but I almost didn’t recognize it. He using a bit deeper voice here, which works out fine as it’s almost the same for the sub version. I can’t wait to hear more from him as Kuma. As for Perona. Is she dead? Where she go? Well, either stick around and watch, or just go look it up yourself. I’m not saying anything. Either way, this was another good episode that introduce a major player going forward in time. Next time, Oars becomes portable. Yes, portable. You’ll see. 4 The Places You Want to Vacation To/5. 


One Piece can be see at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami 


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