Intruder III Episode 2 and 3 

Hey everyone. This is PersonaSoda here and welcome to a double recap of episode 2 and 3 of Intruder lll. Let’s get the short double recap started. 

Episode 2 : The worm creature gets ready to attack TOM. Suddenly a defense shooting machine weakens the creature. According to SARA, the weapon is an automatic defense machine operated by the Vindication base. The weakened creature along with another creature chase TOM, but luckily he was able to get inside the base quickly. SARA tells TOM that an intruder is inside the base which doesn’t surprise him. 

Episode 3 : Tom is at the lower level of the base trying to find the intruder. It turns out the worm creatures have made their way inside the base. TOM tries to shoot one of them with his blaster, but it does no damage. TOM escapes the lower level with a teleport device. SARA, (now with an appearance of a fairy), tells TOM that the planet that they are in is dying and they have to get out of there immediately. 

Stay tuned for the last episode!!!


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