JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood Episode 5 Recap – The Dark Knights

Guess what time it is?! I don’t know, because you could be reading this at any giv-JOJO TIME, THAT’S WHAT!! Ever had that feeling of punching Dio right in the face? Well now you can, because there is quite a plethora of games based on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, some even being licensed outside of Japan! I might talk about most of them in the future if I run out of topics, so I’ll just focus on one: the 2006 PS2 beat ‘em up JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood. It was most likely made for promotion for the film, which I’ll talk about next time. From what I’ve seen, the game kinda sucks. The controls are stiff and it feels like a cheap tie-in. I can’t really say much about it since I can’t play it. After all, prior to 2012 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure was irrelevant in America, and the PS2 is region locked. Even still I don’t own a PS2. If you want to see the game for yourself, here’s a link: I’m legit out of shit to say so let’s just get into the recap.

The gang goes forth on their adventures as a farm boy takes their dough. JoJo and Zeppeli treat it fairly well, as Zeppeli challenges the work of God.

At least he’s doing it like a true gentleman.

It was all a trap however, as night arrives and Count Dio comes out to play. Zeppeli decides to go straight at Count Dio and unleashes an extreme Hamon attack that Count Dio blocks and counterattacks. The only one that can stop him now is JoJo, with Poco the theif on his back. They didn’t have much of a plan B so Count Dio unleashes upon them his next attack, a history lesson!

These two are full of stories Speedwagon don’t wanna hear thank you kindly!

These two are Tarukus & Blueford. Even though Speedwagon don’t wanna hear their story, David Vincent has other plans. Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Mary Stewart of Scots fought for the crown of England in the mid-1500s. Tarukus & Blueford swore to serve Queen Mary. Her husband was found murdered and Queen Elizabeth framed Mary for the murder. She was locked up and Tarukus & Blueford fought through the armies to free her. Elizabeth gave them the opportunity to kill them for the bloodshed they had caused and in return would free Mary. They agreed, but Elizabeth deceived them and killed Mary anyway, meaning Tarukus & Blueford died with regrets and anger towards Queen Elizabeth.

Their story strikes a chord with Count Dio, so he turns them into vampires and sends them to battle with JoJo. Blueford decides to take JoJo on by himself. JoJo is amazed at what he is experiencing. For an American, it would be like going up against the revived corpse of Stephen Decatur. Blueford uses his hair to wield a sword and fight JoJo. Both dive into the water and Count Dio leaves in style as he sees no reason to stay and watch.

In other news Count Dio can teleport now. (Didn’t feel like delaying this recap another 10-15 minutes to make a gif of it.)

JoJo decides to swim down into the abyss. He remembers a time when he was a young lad and decides to think outside the box to defeat Blueford. He obtains air, sends a Hamon attack at Blueford, and instead of getting the beginning of Roundabout, you get the end of Roundabout!


This episode was ok. The history lesson was cool, but not really what you watch JoJo for. The show has yet to live up to the hype it promises, but then again, we’re only halfway done with Phantom Blood.

Final Rating: 6 Historical Vampires out of 10.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure can be seen dubbed online on the official [adult swim] website:
If you want you can also stream JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure at any of the links here.


Google Play:




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