Dream Corp, LLC Episode Recap; 01×05: “You Down With OCD?”

Hey, everyone. RobBarracuda here, and it’s time to recap the most recent episode of Dream Corp, LLC, “You Down With OCD?”. A patient with OCD goes to Dream Corp for help as Dr. Roberts finds himself desperate for financial aid. There’s plenty of handheld camera footage here too, if that’s your thing.

you-down-with-ocd-patient-46s-bedroomStruggling with finances to keep Dream Corp operating, Dr. Roberts enlists the help of his staff to film a video in an attempt to apply for a research grant. In the current situation, they’re filming their upcoming procedures with Patient 46, a woman who suffers from OCD and an extreme phobia of germs. Dr. Roberts goes through the usual routine of putting the patient to sleep (giving her plastic gloves filled with… something to soothe her extremely calloused hands) and then goes into her subconscious. Once inside, they encounter Patient 46’s childhood home, and when she steps through the front door, she falls through to her bedroom, where she reenacts a normal childhood day for her. While eating breakfast, her kitchen oven swallows her whole, sending her down into an ocean of macaroni and cheese where she takes the form of a hot dog.

The dream then takes Patient 46 to a dark area where she converses with a version of herself that is evidently “Queen of the pine cones” (I bet she mains Pineco in every single Pokemon game). Back in the dream chamber, Patient 88 and T.E.R.R.Y. express a romantic interest in the patient (and of course resentment of each other because of this), but Joey notices that the patient isn’t sufficiently sedated as the tube that filters the anesthetic to the patient is loose. Unfortunately, she wakes up from sedation and quickly escapes the dream chamber to some unknown location in the facility, forcing the staff to hunt her down. Patient 88 eventually discovers Patient 46 in an area underneath the break room, and she finds herself immediately comforted by his presence to the point where the two almost share a kiss. Unfortunately, Dr. Roberts finds them and hits her with a tranquilizer, knocking her out only for her to immediately wake up again. As it turns out, she was actually just sleepwalking, much like how she was in the dream earlier. After wheeling her out of the area, Dr. Roberts records one last sincere plea for grant funding on video, now that he’s feeling in a confident and convincing mood. Randy, 88, and the doctor chat for a bit, and we learn that Randy set up an appointment with the doctor 15 years ago due to a fear of heights but developed agoraphobia, with the room actually being his bedroom.

My Thoughts

The most immediately noteworthy aspect of this episode is its narrative focus. Instead of using the patient of the week as a way of exploring that character’s own psychosis and mental hang-ups, the patient this week acts as a way for the show to do a bit of world-building for itself. We get more of a glimpse into the various areas of the Dream Corp building, the backstories and insecurities of the characters, and even some minor details like another robot in the storage room. Dr. Roberts is the most interesting to watch in this episode as, despite his frequently offbeat and careless nature, he shows a legitimate sense of humanity and sadness as he has to worry about somehow being able to keep the doors of Dream Corp open. The ending conversation with Randy is also quite revealing, as we see that he essentially got roped into working for Dr. Roberts in the same way that Patient 88 did, and it makes for a humorous conversation. The season finale is coming, and the show’s been pretty consistently entertaining and engaging so far, so I can’t wait to see how this first season ends.

Dream Corp, LLC airs every Sunday at 11:45 PM only on Adult Swim!


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