Naruto Shippuden Episode 135 Recap: “The Longest Moment…”

Original Airdate: 11/19/2009

Toonami Airdate: 11/19/2016

As funny Tobi was the saving grace for the episode before, this one has none of him, and it’s all focused on Itachi and Sasuke. And oh boy, is this one gonna be a stinker. I had to say it now, because this. Episode. SUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKEEEEEDDDDDDD!!!!!

At the Uchiha Hideout, Itachi is still waiting for Sasuke to arrive. And then we go into flashback city. I do not like entering flashback city on Shippuden. We see tiny Sasuke happily watching his big bro train, and didn’t we see this already? I already hate this. Do I really have to continue? … I do? Damnit. Anyway, Itachi has to prepare for a mission tomorrow, and can’t deal with Sasuke trying to do the move Itachi himself did. Sasuke still tries it, and twists his ankle doing it. He gets carried back to the village by Itachi, and tells him he’s starts at the academy tomorrow and will catch up to him soon. At night, an ANBU meets with Itachi about something. Even though he needs more time, he tells him he’ll settle things. The next day, his parents talk to him about his secret ANBU mission and how it isn’t as important as the Uchiha meeting they’re having. Mostly cause Itachi is the nerve center of the Uchiha pipeline now. His dad tells him to be at the meeting. Sasuke tells Itachi that dad like him more, and if Itachi hates him. Sure they have power, which will make them arrogant, but no matter what, they are flesh and blood, and Itachi will always be there for Sasuke as a big bro.

The next day, a trio of Uchihas show up at their place. Itachi didn’t make the meeting, and neither did another. They know about his ANBU stuff and how special Itachi is. Anyway, the other guy who didn’t make it was Itachi’s friend, Shisui. In fact, they found him dead from suicide in the river. Even though he left a note, and don’t believe it to be a homicide, the Uchiha Police Force is launching an investigation because Shisui, AKA “Shisui the Teleporter”, was a big name in the Uchihas. Itachi can see they believe he may have killed his friend, and they actually blurt out that they do believe it. He then beats them up, and tells them to not judge people on appearances. There’s Uchiha clan talk, how the clan enslaves them being in it, and more stuff until Itachi’s dad shows up. He tries to ask Itachi why he wasn’t at meeting and not doing the Uchiha duties. As Itachi throws a kunai past him, he tells dear old dad how he wants to reach the next level, and that since the clan can’t evolve at all, it’s done for. As the group thinks jail time is good for Itachi, Sasuke’s voice finally has Itachi come to his senses. He gets on his knees and apologizes to them all, saying he didn’t kill Shisui. His dad apologizes to them for his actions, as they can’t actually arrest an ANBU member. Later, Itachi sees the note that Shisui left, and as his mom welcomes him to join the group for dinner, he thanks her.


And then we get to see the moment we all saw before in the original: Itachi slaughtering the Uchiha clan. Why? Because they kinda we did the animation a bit, and added some shit, that’s why. Everyone gets murdered, Sasuke comes back and sees everyone dead. He finds his parents dead. Itachi uses the Mangekyo Sharingan on him and shows little Sasuke all the deaths he caused to “test his the limits of his ability.” Before we continue with this flashback, hey, here’s Sasuke in reality still walking to hideout. Okay, back to flashbacks. And …. screw it, I’m not gonna waste your time since most of you seen it already before, so let me skim through. Itachi is powerful, did it for Sasuke’s benefit, Mangekyo Sharingan, take friends life for it, he killed Shisui, clan secrets, get hateful Sasuke, face him with same eyes, blah blah blah. Itachi also mentions he’s the 3rd person to get it.

The flashbacks finally end, and Sasuke gets to Itachi. Itachi asks what can Sasuke see, and he says him dead at Sasuke’s feet. Itachi gets behind him, and they fight. They are even mostly, as they each dodge one another’s moves, before Itachi throws Sasuke down.




Sasuke counters with Chidori Stream, and even though he misses Itachi at first, he goes up and stabs him with it the 2nd time. Sasuke has one thing to ask him, but Itachi points to the chair. He’s there and the person Sasuke stabbed was a Genjutsu, as it turns into crows. It’s like before, and Itachi will hear Sasuke out. Except Sasuke is ready. He is behind the chair, and stabs through it and Itachi this time. Sasuke used his own Genjutsu as his other self turns into snakes. He missed the vital spot so Itachi can answer this question: Who was the 3rd person he mentioned to get the Mangekyo Sharingan? He asks since Itachi, powerful as is, couldn’t take down the Uchiha Police Force by himself, so he needed a co-conspirator. Itachi answers that it was Madara Uchiha, one of the founders of the Leaf Village. This makes Sasuke flashback to the time the 9-Tails talked about Madara, and this shocks him.


So yeah, I said this episode was terrible in the beginning. Why was it terrible you asked? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe cause this episode was ALL GODDAMN FLASHBACKS WE ALREADY SEEN!!! I mean sure, there was some new stuff and info we got before. And that we we got that the Uchiha’s are a bunch of people who take priorities with themselves over others. But come on. It’s just the same episode of the original show will Itachi killed everyone. Only with bits of new pieces thrown in, because why not. Was this really necessary? Did we really need all of this for the showdown between the two brothers? I mean, look the episode of One Piece that aired after it. It had flashbacks as well, but did it take most of the damn episode to prove a point? NO!! It talked about something, showed the flashbacks for only 30-60 seconds to get its point across, and continued on. We didn’t need to see Itachi slaughter the village again and tell Sasuke to hate him. We didn’t need that for the whole scene. We saw this already. If you’re gonna show it though, at least cut it down to a minute or 2 at most. Not repeat the whole damn episode within an episode. I sometimes get a thought that maybe I’m just being hard on this show, since some people haven’t seen the original and don’t know what happened. And that’s fair. This may be a good refresher for it. But to those who have, which is 90% of ya (give or take) then this is a waste of our damn times. What’s the point of this at all? To show how Sasuke grown more spiteful? To show that Itachi and his Sharingan powers? Again, Pierrot could have done this better, but didn’t. It repeated a bunch of shit we seen, and will see again in the future. This episode sucked big time. 1 Slaughtered Village Reboot/5.


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami



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