One Piece Episode 369 Recap: “Oars + Moria. The Most Heinous Combination of Brains and Brawn”

Original Airdate: 9/7/2008

Toonami Airdate: 11/19/2016

We got introduced last time to Bartholomew Kuma, and boy did he introduce himself. He not only got rid of Perona, the HORAHORAHORAHORA ghost girl in an instant, but he even teleported behind Nami too. It’s amazing a big guy can go that fast. Speaking of big guys, Oars is still fighting the Straw Hats and losing. He’s getting pissed as some of the Straw Hats are getting impatient in waiting for Luffy to deal with Moria. On to the recap.

Luffy hates that he only caught Moria’s shadow. Doppelman starts to fly away. Luffy tries to catch him, but fails. Luffy only wants to know where Moria is from the non-speaking shadow. He knows everyone is counting on him to kick Moria’s ass before sunrise, but he forgets why they are. Till he remembers that if he doesn’t, he and the others without a shadow will melt to death. Since he has almost no time left, he decides to follow the shadow back to Moria. Back with Oars, Zoro really wants to try out his new swords on the red guy. He calls him out to fight him, and Oars punches away. Zoro dodges them as a rock from the punch comes flying at him, but he cuts it in half with his new weapon. He can feel Shusui is heavier than his other blade, but it does have power. It can even deflect a punch Oars sends his way. He launches a 108-Caliber Phoenix at Oars, who dodges it like Luffy would. Even though he missed, he can see how much more powerful his attacks are. Zoro needs to master this eventually, and thanks Ryuma for the sword.

Oars is now mad at Zoro, and tries to Gatling him, stomp on him, and such. Zoro dodges them all, and smacks Oars’s leg, bringing him down. But as he is, Oars uses his falling body to crush Zoro, but Zoro dodges and hides in the big dust cloud. Oars thinks he won, but realizes soon he missed him. Another 108-Caliber Phoenix is launched from Zoro, and again, Oars dodges it very swiftly.


The others know that the only way to beat the undead giant is for Luffy to beat Moria and get his own shadow to return to him. But Zoro has doubts this will happen because the enemy knows of Luffy’s main weakness: Trickery. He knows that Luffy falls for it easily, and if he already did, they will all be dead when the sun rises. Which, by the way, they may only have 30 minutes left before it does, so they got to beat the big red guy now. At least the fog being around Thriller Bark helps out. Just then, the island starts to shake. The ship entered another bad current and left the Florian Triangle. The fog is now disappearing, with the sun soon to rise. Blame this all on Oars for messing with the rudder earlier. A couple humans on the island think it’s over for them now, but still decide to not lose hope. They also see Moria’s shadow going back to the mansion. They know Luffy is somewhere around, and want to help him out.

As Moria’s shadow returns, the 3 small zombies try to warn him about the ship moving. But Moria is in a meeting with someone important. He is meeting with the “government’s dog”, Bartholomew Kuma.


Kuma asks the same vacation question he asked Perona, but Moria already knows of his tricks/powers. Anyway, Kuma has a report. Crocodile got removed from the Seven Warlords title, and there is a new guy is his place. Marshall D. Teach, AKA Blackbeard, who Moria has never heard of before. A fresher, he was part of Whitebeard’s crew and captured Ace, as the episode flashes back to the fight the two had awhile back. The news didn’t reach Thriller Bark, but has gotten out around the world now. Kuma tells Moria his bounty before this was 0 berries, and Moria thinks it’s just to make the government happy that they have a new seat to fill and maybe flip the balance of power within, even if Kuma thinks the opposite will happen. Kuma also tells how the World Government is worried about the Straw Hats. Since they’re going to Fishman Island, they are gonna be near World Government Headquarters. They fear they may take out another Warlord. This makes Moria very angry, thinking he might be taken out by the Straw Hats. It goes back to Luffy’s fight with Rob Lucci at Enies Lobby, cause no one expected Lucci to fall, but he did at Luffy’s hands/fists. Kuma isn’t here to fight the Straw Hats, so Moria tells him to tell the Government that he took Luffy’s shadow and made his own army.


As the fog was their only ally against the sun, it looks bleak for the Straw Hats. It gets more worse as Usopp looks at Oars and sees something that horrifies him. He sees Moria, who is laughing away. The others wonder where he is, as does Oars, who can hear Moria, but can’t see him. Usopp points out where he is: In Oars’s belly. Oars is portable for Moria’s use. Oars finally finds Moria in his stomach, and thinks it’s like a cockpit, even trying to poke at him inside. Oars feels like he is a big, zombie robot now. Just call him the “Oars-Bomber”.


Even though they now have to deal with Moria, this gives the Straw Hats a chance to take him down on their own, and purify Oars at the same time. Usopp decides to go find the kitchen with all the salt, but Moria ain’t having that. He orders Oars to attack Usopp, and Oars launches a big punch at Usopp, which destroys a building too. The others fear the worst, as Moria’s intelligence with Oar’s overwhelming strength make for a very deadly combo. Lucky for Usopp, Brook was there in time to save him. Not only that, he has the salt that Usopp was gonna collect.

There was some good stuff on here. Like Oars still being totally Luffy with him thinking as he is now a robot and Zoro testing out his new sword. But I believe the most important part of this episode was the Moria/Kuma conversation. They talked about how the World Government thinks the Straw Hats are now an actual threat, and this will have implications going on later in the series. Hell, it will an impact in a few episodes. But that’s for later. Right now, the Straw Hats are considered a threat that even Moria got very pissed when they thought he couldn’t win. By the way, that was a great scene to get done on here. It captured the fury of someone who thinks he can’t lose to someone he thinks is insignificant to him. Also well done was the way the flashbacks were presented. Just going through the Blackbeard/Ace fight and the Luffy/Lucci fight by showing only a minute of it, instead of wasting 2/3rds of the episode was how you should get it done. The only two drawbacks I say we’re the animation at some times. Cause the character designs were … ummm, not their best looking. But it’s Toei, so can you blame them? Actually yes, yes you can. Also, it wasn’t explained how Moria went from that talk with Kuma immediately into the belly of the red beast. It a weird transition that makes it as confusing to us as it was to the Straw Hats. Why is he there now. But other than that, this was a very good episode. 4 Raging Giant Onion Looking Guys/5. 


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami


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