One Piece Episode 370 Recap: “The Secret Plan To Turn The Tables. Nightmare Luffy Makes His Appearance”

Original Airdate: 9/14/2008

Toonami Airdate: 11/26/2016

To quickly recap the last episode, Oars and Moria are now one giant beast of brains and muscles, as Moria can now control Oars from the inside. Because of this, he can give commands the hulking idiot will follow, and this nearly made Usopp a goner. But fear not, Brook came in and saved him, and brought a big bag of anime fan tears salt to help.

As it begins, Brook looks different now, like a new man, err, skeleton. He was injured and too hurt to fight, but now that he has found some milk, he’s recovered nicely. Cause Milk heals bones! They now have the salt, but since the kitchen is blocked off, they only have one chance to not only purify Oars, but to beat Moria before sunrise. Moria even gives them a chance to kick his ass, even if he still believes he’ll beat them before they can. Brook is ready to fight, but he’s still hurt, so he’ll hold on to the salt for now. It’s time for the others to shine.

To start off, Usopp and Franky combine their Oil Star and Fresh Fire attacks to make the Super-Sized Fire Bird Star. It lights Oars on fire, and he feels it. Moria has to remind him he’s a zombie, and zombies don’t feel pain. Oars feels fine on fire now. Next, it’s Chopper and Zoro’s turn. He runs to Chopper, and with a boost, throws him to some of the damaged buildings. Using 3-Sword Style: Great Buddha Chop, he slices the building up. This allows Sanji to use Jenga Cannon (not affiliated with the toy) to kick the chopped building parts at Oars. It works at first, but then Oars punches them back and the others have to run and defend themselves from the buildings, which Sanji apologizes for. It’s Usopp’s turn again, as he has a new weapon: The Stag Beetle. It’s basically a giant slingshot to launch people with, and Franky is his first test subject. He’s feeling SUUUUUPERRRRRR!!!!! and ready to go. The attack name is Ironman Comet, and Usopp launches Franky right at Oars. He gets real close and is about to shoot Moria. But Oars dodges like Luffy again, and with one mighty kick, knocks the hell outta Franky.

Oars checks if Franky is still alive, which he is. Moria tells him to finish him off for good, and it looks like it’s over as he’s ready to stomp on him. As the other scream for Oars to stop and try to fruitlessly get to Franky on time, thunderclouds form over Oars. With a call of Thunderbolt Tempo, both Oars and Moria get electrified. Moria wants to know who is doing this (with some of the zombies on the island thinking Oars himself did it.) It’s Nami. She’s fine, and Sanji seeing her fine, goes into lovesick puppy mode. She hates this because he’s revealing where she is, but only yelling at him makes him stupidly love it more. Oars sees her, and Moria tells him to smash her. But she’s far away, and Oars can’t stretch. So it’s all good for Nami at this mome-


Or maybe not. A Gum-Gum Pistol actually stretches out, and Oars is surprised it worked. So are the others as they’re freaking the hell out at this new predicament. And what about the audience watching this?

But not to worry. Robin was able to save Nami in time. However, Oars uses Gum-Gum Whip and his legs stretches too. Since Luffy himself is still around, the crew believe Moria is making the big red guy stretch out in some way.

Speaking of Luffy, her still running to the mansion where Moria’s shadow went off to. He gets tripped up by a dude, and finds himself met by him and another who need a second of his time. They are the Risky Brothers of the Rolling Pirates Crew. They know Moria’s secret, and can help Luffy beat him. First, they introduce him to their captain, Lola. She likes proposing to people, and wants Luffy to marry her. He says no, making this the 4,444th rejection to her propositions. Anyway, they had their shadows taken by Moria as well, and have been on the island for 3 miserable years now. But Luffy can help them out, even if he sorta, directly resurrected Oars. Also, he gets news that Moria is now inside Oars and is fighting his friends. He wants to go help them, but they stop him cause they got something for him. They bring out a shadow, which they grabbed themselves. They then stick the shadow inside of Luffy. He collapses from this, but wakes right back up and feels fine. They ask if he can use a sword, which Luffy can’t. They throw him a sword, and immediately, Luffy grabs it and cuts down a bunch of trees like an expert swordsman. The shadow put in Luffy belonged to a swordsman in the Navy. Basically, they can use Moria’s powers against him, and make Luffy be like him. The crew tell Luffy they have 100 shadows. They got them from the purified zombies to find their own, but couldn’t just abandoned the ones that weren’t theirs. So they have a collection, and can use them. However, they can only use the shadow’s powers for 10 minutes, and they got 20 minutes at most before sunrise. They think Luffy can take in 20 compared to them, who could only take in 2-3. So, even though Luffy hates it, they stuff him with shadows.


Luffy has so much willpower, he is able to take in all 100 shadows. Not only that, his body has changed a bit. Like in pure size and structure. The pirates ask if he’s still himself, which Luffy says he is. Because of his bigger body, they gave him a big ass sword. He has 10 minutes now with all the shadows. Nightmare Luffy has now arrived on the scene. He goes through a bunch of trees, calling out Moria. Except for the fact that Luffy went the wrong way.

This one was an episode that had some good advancement. We finally met human Lola. Yes, she is the one who’s shadow is in the body of zombie warthog Lola, the one who befriended Nami and is madly in love with Absalom. We also met the Risky Brothers, who may be harder to tell, but their shadows are in the two squirrels. Lola has something of her own, but like with Kuma, I won’t say until later. So again, be very patient. Plus, we got to see Luffy have a new transformation. It won’t be fully seen for another 2 episodes, but it’s the only time you will actually get to see it in One Piece. Also what was good was seeing Oars evolve with his new body and how he’s become even more dangerous. Yeah, it wasn’t at all good for Nami and the others, but hey, make the villain for frightening that he already was. Now for the bad. Sanji, what the hell were you thinking? I know you love Nami and all, but come on dude. You practically endangered her with your excessive lovey-dovey thing, and nearly got her squished like a grape. If you loved her so much, you wouldn’t have revealed her location in hiding and have her get in trouble. What I’m saying Sanji is stop thinking with your dick. It can put you, and others, in danger. Other than that, this was another very solid episode. I think Franky and Robin say it well.


I also saved this pic and flipped it around, so it might be used for other recaps in the future. And not just for this recap. 3.5 Stretchy Giants/5.


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami


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