Intruder lll Episode 4 (Final) 

Hey everyone. This is PersonaSoda here and welcome to the final recap for Intruder lll. Let’s get this started.

With the planet about to die, TOM and SARA need to find a way to escape the planet quickly. SARA tells TOM that The Vindication was a ship this whole time which surprises him. SARA tells TOM to fly the ship while she deals with the worm monsters. TOM gets the ship ready to escape the planet. Meanwhile SARA communicates with the worms and it turns out that they were actually trying to tell them to escape the planet. The ship is now flying in space as the planet explodes. TOM feels bad that the worm species from the planet is now gone but the baby worm from the group is still in the ship. SARA made a deal with the worms for this. TOM accepts the worm as a new member of the crew. 

…And Toonami now has a new look and logo. 


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