Naruto Shippuden Episode 137 Recap: “Amaterasu!”

Original Airdate: 11/26/2009

Toonami Airdate: 12/3/2016

We have been in mostly just flashbacks for the last two weeks, and it really dampened what has been shown on here. But luckily for us, no flashbacks this week. It’s a damn miracle! What there was was plenty of action, a bunch of genjutsu, and a really “What the fuck was that?!” moment in the middle of this. Here’s this weeks recap.

As from where we left off, we had Itachi pulling out Sasuke’s left eye, and him screaming from it. Itachi has it now, as Sasuke is bleeding bad. He looks at his hand, covered in eye blood, and freaks. Itachi decides to next take out the other eye, as he puts the first eye in a jar full of unknown liquid. Sasuke, very mad, goes into Curse Mark mode with his giant hand wings. He tries to escape, but Itachi has a Shadow Clone ready and stops him. As Itachi is ready to pull out Sasuke’s other eye, Sasuke has the Curse Mark cover up his remaining eye. And then unique black-and-white animation happens, and shit starts to break. We then see Sasuke all tired out and he has both eyes still. It was all a genjutsu. In fact, it was a powerful one. It was the Tsukuyomi. White and Black Zetsu explain it to us, because they have nothing better to do. Sasuke didn’t just escape the Tsukuyomi. He broke through it. It is something that shouldn’t be possible with an ordinary Sharingan. Unless of course that person is powerful enough to use and master it, then they can do it. Which Sasuke is. He will use his hatred to turn fantasy into reality.

And then the weird shit happens. You know how Shippuden fans have been clamoring for Toonami to show the opening because the other shows get them, but Shippuden doesn’t? Even if it’s for only 10-20 seconds of a bad edit? Well, they finally showed it. It looked like we finally got an OP on here. And then, it abruptly ended after only 10 seconds or so.

This left me very confused. And I wasn’t the only one confused about it.

I really have no idea what the hell happened. Was this Toonami’s doing? Was it Viz’s fault? Either way, this made for one of the most weirdest Toonami moments ever, and it only lasted a few seconds. Also, it probably gave Naruto fans so much hope of seeing an opening, only to have reality come crashing down on them from that moment on. Speaking of reality crashing down, let’s get back to the recap.

Zetsu says they’re gauging each other out, but Itachi looks like he is gonna step up his game with the Amaterasu, which Zetsu can’t wait to see. As Itachi closes his eye, and makes a hand sign, it looks like another genjutsu battle. But Zetsu tells us the Amaterasu is all physical attacks from here on. When used, the Amaterasu produces black flames. Sasuke attacks with the big shuriken again, and uses the Shadow Shuriken Jutsu. Itachi dodges, but Sasuke has strings attached to it. He has it come back, split up, and get Itachi good. Itachi pulls out the shards, as Zetsu said Itachi should have dodge even that, but didn’t. Itachi vision is fading, as it is the affects of using Tsukuyomi. Sasuke seems in control now, and uses the Fireball Jutsu. Itachi dodges that, but Sasuke uses Chidori on him next. The attack opens a hole in the ceiling.


As they both get on the roof, Itachi uses his own Fireball Jutsu on Sasuke. Sasuke’s giant hand wings shield him, knowing wounds won’t slow him down. They then both use Fireball Jutsu. At first it looks even, but Sasuke has the upper hand as it takes over. Then, we see Itachi’s right eye bleed and open up. The Amaterasu is ready. Black flames appear, and engulf the flames Sasuke made. Itachi closes his eye, and the black flames vanish. He put out fire with his own fire.

It’s better not to think about it too hard. Especially since this show has said before there was only 2 versions of Sharingan. It’s true. Said it in the original. Also, according to Zetsu, the black flames can’t be extinguish. It will burn everything until it turns to ash. And yes, that includes fire. As Sasuke begins to move, Itachi uses the Amaterasu again. It burns everything, including the forest surrounding the place. He has it go after Sasuke, and after awhile, it finally catches up to his giant hand wings. It burns Sasuke, as Itachi drops from exhaustion.



As it looks like nothing but charred Sasuke remains, Zetsu thinks Itachi won. But when Itachi goes to take his eyes, he sees that a hole through the roof was made. Sasuke used a substitution jutsu and Chidori to open up the roof. He then used one of Orochimaru’s snakes to puke him up.

Sasuke goes into full Curse Mark mode, and uses a new jutsu. Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu. This makes a big flame dragon appear through the roof. Itachi dodges the attack, but more flame dragons come out as all he can do is get out of the way. Zetsu is also in the way of the attack, and the last one caves in most of the roof. As Itachi can see Sasuke below now, they are both almost done. Itachi is tired out from using the Amaterasu. While Sasuke used up all of his chakra by using Orochimaru’s Substitution Jutsu to escape being burned to death by the black flames. However, as Sasuke Curse Mark goes away, he says he has one more jutsu to use to finish off Itachi. It’s a move that only last an instant, but it can’t be dodged. It will make Itachi’s death a reality.


So this one was a bundle of ups and downs. The good news: It was finally filled with the action we expected from the Sasuke/Itachi fight. We finally got to see the brothers fight, and it was pretty good. Both going back and forth, giving it their all. This is what we should have for Shippuden. Not some stupid flashbacks about why the Uchihas are all batshit crazy or why the Sharingan can produce black flames. Which, come on, you expected it to happen, right? Also, that Amaterasu can be pretty deadly. Or at least make deforestation even worst. Now the bad. Zetsu, okay I get it, you just want to watch this shit and don’t want to be involved. But dude (or dudes), you aren’t Speedwagon. You will never be as good at narrating a fight as him. Then again, who is as good as Speedwagon at narrating a fight? But the point is, you’re in the way big time, and just let us watch the fight. Then there’s the issue of the genjutsus themselves. My pal Digi explained it alot better than I could through it all.

That’s a real problem. We all thought Sasuke got his eye pulled out, but then it’s revealed that he’s fine and it’s all “Oh haha genjutsu. Got ‘cha!”, it gets really annoying and frustrating. Kishi should’ve kept the reality that Sasuke got his eye pulled out, and stuck with it. And of course, the last thing with the OP. I’m just gonna say someone messed up badly, and that’s it. Even with all that said, this was the best Shippuden episode in awhile. Was it perfect? No. But was it at least satisfying? Well, compared to the last two weeks of flashback hell, definitely.  So like with the last One Piece recap, I can use this pic to express my thoughts on this episode.


Yeah, it was a good episode. 3.5 bloody eyes/5. 


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami


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