One Piece Episode 371 Recap: “The Straw Hat Crew Gets Wiped Out. The Shadow-Shadow’s Powers in Full Swing”

Original Airdate: 9/21/2008

Toonami Airdate: 12/3/2016

To quickly recap what happened last time: Luffy got stuffed with shadows, Oars can stretch, and I found a nice pic that can be used for purposes now. On to the recap.

I just mentioned that Oars can now stretch. And he’s using it to his full extent. He uses Gum-Gum Bell to launch his head, then Gum-Gum Stamp to nearly crush the group. This is fun for Oars, but not the Straw Hats. They think Moria is behind Oars’s new stretchiness, and he admits to it. It’s his Shadow-Shadow Fruit’s power called “Shadow Revolution”. Basically, all shadows have to follow and mimic the laws of how a person moves. But, because of Moria’s powers, he can control any shadow, change its shape, and allow the zombie body it possesses to do whatever it wants. For example, if Moria wanted to turn Oars into a giant ball, then damnit, he can turn Oars into a giant ball.


Yes, Oars is now the “Oars Ball”. As he starts rolling towards them Indiana Jones-style, Oars stops himself. Oars hates that Moria is having all the fun in his fight, so Moria agrees to just assist for now. As for Nami, she wonders where Luffy is, and because of this fight, can’t tell the other just yet that Warlord Kuma is also on the island. As Zoro launches into another attack, Brook gives his own idea on what might work. He gets on the Stag Beetle, and with Nami making some clouds, he is gonna launch into Oars. Brook is doing this cause he hates repaying debts more than death.


He launches as Robin uses her powers to spin him, Nami’s Thunderbolt Tempo gets him all electrified, and Brook unleashes his Lightning Bolt Sword. He goes through Oars and into a building. Zoro then uses Tower Climb to attack Oars, but Oars is too annoyed with Brook’s attack that he uses Battle Axe to crush him. Usopp fruitlessly tries his attacks on Oars, and this makes him Oars’s next target. Up next is a Gum-Gum Bazooka, and it is all over for Usopp. Except Oars’s arms didn’t stretch. Why? Because of Robin. She has a hold of Moria with her own Devil Fruit powers, and will snap his neck. He uses Brick Bat, which has all the shadow bats attack her. Sanji does kick them away, to which Doppelman forms again. They believe that if they take out Moria, the shadow will also go away. So with Quantro Manos and a Clutch, she snaps Moria’s neck.

It’s over now. And they can now all get their shadows back. Except, it isn’t. Moria’s shadow is behind Robin, and its head is now Moria, who is laughing away. How is this? Why, he just switched places with his shadow. The person now in Oars is Doppelman. Oh, you can smell the bullshit plot conveniences from miles away. Because of this, he takes a hold of Robin’s shadow, and like with Luffy and the others, you know.



She has her shadow taken, and with Brook and Franky done, that is 3 Straw Hats down. Sanji is very pissed, to say the least. He spins around, and forms his Diambe Jambe. He attacks, but Brick Bat gets him, and Moria switches spots again with his shadow. Oars is getting mad again that Moria is interfering. Moria couldn’t help joining in on the fun himself. Oars decides to squish Robin, and uses Gum-Gum Bazooka. Sanji counters with another Diambe Jambe, and blocks the attack. This allows Usopp to get Robin to safety.

Out of all this mess, Chopper has actually gotten himself on Oar’s right shoulder. He’s looking at Oars’s official cause of death. He sees that his right arm isn’t his real one, as Dr. Hogback most likely was the one to replace it. Chopper says Oars died 500 years ago. The cause of death was frostbite. But why did Oars die in the cold? Because Oars was fucking naked, that’s why. This gives Sanji and Zoro more motivation to not to lose to Oars. Chopper tells them to attack his replaced arm, only for Oars to attack it to smash Chopper. Chopper becomes small again to dodge the attack, and eats one of his Rumble Balls to transform. With Sanji’s help, they both attack the replacement arm. Oars can’t feel pain, but Chopper assures the big guy that he took alot of damage. But Oars doesn’t give a shit. He jumps up, and uses Gum-Gum Gatling to take out both Sanji and Chopper. The Straw Hats are now down to Zoro, Usopp and Nami, as Moria laughs yet again.

This episode had the elephant in the room, which took points away. But ffirst, the good stuff. it was fun seeing Robin, Chopper, Brook and the others all fight with their own strengths and try their best. It may have almost worked, but it’s good to see all of them work together as a team and get stuff done. And yes, even with Moria’s explanation of his powers, it is also fun to see Moria go all Luffy, while turning himself into a giant ball for the hell of it. But Moria’s powers is also why this episode didn’t get as good a grade as it should. It is never explained how Moria can just switch spots in an instant with his shadow. Just like with how he showed up unexpectedly in Oars, we really should get some info on how and why he is able to do this. And cause of this, we saw what should’ve been a big moment for Robin, go completely down the drain. Sure we know this is just a stall till Luffy arrives, but really? Snapping the neck by Robin  would be one of the best way to get rid of this giant laughing buffoon. Moria’s switching bullshit gets this from me.


But again, it’s Luffy’s fight to win. Speaking of, he shows up in the next episode as it’s him vs. Oars. His look is gonna be so much different that usual. Be ready for that. As for this episode … oh man, it tied for Shippuden in my grading department this week. That almost never happens. 3.5 Oars Balls/5.


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday On Toonami 


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