JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood Episode 7 Recap – Sorrowful Successor

Hello, and welcome to another recap of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure! I legit do not have an intro with cool Phantom Blood related shit because there’s only so much you can do with Phantom Blood. Last two will have intros, I promise.

We start this episode with a flashback featuring young Zeppeli training with his master in God knows where. He asks how he dies, and Tonpetty tells him. I would tell you what he says, but it’s just a vague version of what I’ll say in a paragraph or two. It’s time for Zeppeli to battle Tarukus. You know that one trope where a character is getting choked or crushed (Nah, that’s not the right word. Squished? You get what I mean.) and right before any significant damage can be done they’re saved? Well…

2016-12-10 (1).png
To be fair, getting chopped in half is a pretty badass way to go out.

Until you take out the brain, the human body still lives. And as such the top hat, I mean, top half of Zeppeli gives to JoJo 37 years worth of Hamon. If you’re extremely curious as to how, Japanese culture probably isn’t for you. This turns out to be the equivilant of Piccolo absorbing a Namekian, as JoJo’s strength multiplys! It also causes his shirt to disinigrate because at this point fuck it. Unlike Blueford JoJo shows no mercy unto Tarukus and melts his face off.

Oddly enough Zeppeli is still alive, what with suddenly becoming an old man and, oh you know, being chopped in half. He doesn’t last much longer, as he passes in the arms of shirtless JoJo. BUT ENOUGH OF THAT LET’S HAVE SOME FUCKED UP SHIT, as Count Dio kills a mother, requesting Count Dio to not kill the baby she holds. He swears on his life not to.

2016-12-10 (3).png
Cannot say the same for whether or not she will.

So JoJo, Speed Weed and Poco head out to Poco’s house. They come across a man named Mr. Adams, who implies that no one was attacked by zambies. That’s a clever thing to say…for a zambie! Specifically a zombie frog man. Super Jonathan is nothing for him though. Immeadiately after he is met by Tonpetty and two of his students. Once Tonpetty realizes that Zeppeli has died, he gets a revelation as to how powerful Count Dio is. Speaking of which, he’s stooped to the lowest of lows and kidnapped Erina! No? It’s not Erina? It’s Poco’s sister? It’s clichéd either way.

2016-12-10 (5).png



I actually found this episode to be the worst one so far. I mean, it’s still JoJo, so I can’t legally give it lower than a 5. So that’s what I’m giving it. I’m sorry, but this episode spent too much time on Zeppeli, especially his death. It felt like scenes were spread out to fill a 23 minute running time.

Final Rating: 5 out of WHAT THE FUCK ARE THOSE?!?!

2016-12-10 (4).png
This is a new low for you Count Dio. At least for the next few frames.

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