2016 Adult Swim Singles Program, Week 31: Masta Killa feat. Method Man & Redman – “Therapy”

<—- Week 30: Krallice – “Hate Power”

Hey everyone. RobBarracuda here, and it’s time to talk about the newest and final release from the 2016 Adult Swim Singles Program.

The Adult Swim Singles Program has now come to a close this week, but it’s gonna go out with a bang, giving us a banger of a rap track from members of one of the genre’s most seminal crews: THE WU-TANG CLAN! Specifically, we get the single “Therapy” from Wu-Tang emcee Masta Killa alongside fellow Clan member Method Man and frequent Method Man collaborator Redman. The track comes off of Masta’s upcoming long-delayed album Loyalty Is Royalty, and it’s a pretty “killa” jam (I refuse to apologize for that pun). Working with a beat from PF Cuttin that’s as old-school hip-hop as it gets, Masta Killa kicks things off with a very contemplative verse which, as the title implies, is about the cathartic and therapeutic effects of doing the music he does for a living. Method Man’s verse comes in next, expanding on what his life is like, having been doing this for as long as he has, and then Redman closes things out, bringing a different kind of lyricism and attitude that’s more focused on witty punchlines and a snarky confident attitude than the previous two. It’s a damn good song and a great way of closing out the program for the year. You can stream “Therapy” down below, and be sure to download it and the entire 2016 Adult Swim Singles Program right here.


Let us know what you think of the song down in the comments below, or tweet us @SquadSwim. Follow me on Twitter: @RobBarracuda.


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