Naruto Shippuden Episode 138 Recap: “The End”

Original Airdate: 12/3/2009

Toonami Airdate: 12/10/2016

Well, my friends. It’s been a long journey. We finally are here. It’s finally done. We are finally at the end of Shippuden and all that it has put us through. It’s been a nice journey for the orange-jumpsuit kid and his adventures with his ninja pals. A nice way to end this would be t-Wait a minute. *Checks* Oh, nope. The episode title is “The End“. Not the show. Aww, fuck. Okay, since I just wasted your time with this bullcrap, let’s me recap how this episode finally concluded the Sasuke vs. Itachi fight, and basically wasted all that time and effort, through all these years, with all Sasuke doing just wanting revenge on his brother and to kill him. Only to end like *THAT*. I think my friend said it well through a kinda take on it through Itchy and Scratchy.

Gather round people. This is gonna suck.

The episode starts with … ANOTHER FLASHBACK!! WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU START WITH ANOTHER FLASHBACK?!! For the love of … ANYWAY it starts with young Sasuke going back to the scene of the Uchiha massacre, and it’s cut off with police tape. Weird that it is, since the police force was the Uchihas also, so basically … yeah, I have nothing. He goes through and makes it to his home, as it starts to rain. He sees the chalk outlines of his parents, and he breaks down. He goes to the shrine, following Itachi’s words of finding the secret clan stuff. He goes to the tiny lake they have, and starts to think of his dad and all that and …. OH MY GOD, IT’S A FUCKING FLASHBACK WITHIN A FLASHBACK!!  WHY IS THIS A THING?! JUST WHY?! WHY WHY WHY WHY WRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!!!!!!


Okay, I calmed down now. Sasuke wants to know what his father sais to his mom that got praise for him. And he sees Itachi in the water and for some reason, jumps in the lake. Kill Itachi, get powerful, blah blah, back to the present. There, it starts to rain too, as Sasuke still goes on about “Making Itachi’s Death Reality” again. That jutsu Sasuke said Itachi couldn’t avoid? Well, lightning starts to gather up above him in clouds. Zetsu notices, and comes to this conclusion: Sasuke’s Fire Style: Dragon Flame earlier wasn’t actually intended for Itachi. Instead, he fired it up in the air to react with the temperature and air currents to form a thundercloud. (So he thinks he’s Nami now? You’re not special or cute, Sasuke.) Also, this thundercloud doesn’t use his own chakra, so he doesn’t need to worry about losing anymore chakra. Plus, he lured Itachi outside for this reason. The jutsu is called “Kirin”, and in the clouds, he forms a lightning dragon. With the lightning in hand, he has it go back in the cloud, and come raining down on Itachi.



The lightning dragon causes a big explosion, leveling the hideout. As things clear, Itachi is down, thinking he is dead. The lightning aorund Sasuke’s hand fades, as does his Sharingan. So it looks like it’s over. But then Itachi talks. And gets back up. This makes Sasuke mad, and go into Curse Mark form. Itachi says that if it weren’t for this, he be dead. What is this? Well, Itachi has something start to form. And from it, it’s a big, red skeleton. No, it’s not a Super Saiyan God form of Brook. (Which, thinking it now, would be fucking awesome.) It’s another form of the Mangekyo Sharingan. It’s Itachi’s final trump card: Susanoo.

Dis is two spoopy 4 me

This only awakens when an Uchiha posses both Mangekyo Sharingan eyes, and since Itachi has both, BOOM Big red dude. The real battle is about to begin as Sasuke is out of tricks now. The skeleton starts to form skin and battle armor, as the Susanoo is ready to go.


As Sasuke is out of options, a voice tells him that he can lend him power. It’s Orochimaru, and he’s still somehow around, and now inside Sasuke. Gross, even though it’s what he always wanted. He tells the emo to let him out, and well, he gets out. A bunch of big ass white snakes sprout from Sasuke’s left arm, as Orochimaru’s 8-Headed Snake Jutsu is let loose. Orochimaru only appeared again because Sasuke ran out of chakra. He tried to suppress him, but it didn’t work. It’s now Orochimaru’s Snakes vs Itachi’s Susanoo. They attack, as the snakes wrap up Susanoo, but Itachi has the thing cut off a bunch of the snake heads. Did I forget to mention the big red thing has a sword?


There’s one snake head left, and out from its mouth comes Orochimaru. Who out from his mouth, comes a sword. It grosses Zetsu out. This is now Orochimaru’s chance to take over Sasuke’s body. However, Itachi uses the blade to stab Orochimaru, and light him on fire. At first, it doesn’t affect him. But then it starts to suck in Orichimaru. The blade Itachi used is called the “Totsuka Blade”, and whoever it stabs, it seals them away within a sake bottle. I can’t make this shit up myself. Orochimaru comes off of Sasuke, and away with him into the sake bottle. Zetsu sees Itachi cough up a little blood, knowing now how risky Susanoo is. Since Sasuke is now out of chakra, his eyes are for Itachi’s taking. Only then, Itachi pukes up a whole lotta blood, and most of Susanoo goes away. However, even as Itachi is all bloody, Sasuke throws a kunai at him, and Susanoo deflects it, meaning the battle isn’t over yet. Itachi gets up, and starts walking to Sasuke. Sasuke throws some paper bomb kunais at Itachi. They explode, but still do nothing as Itachi keeps walking. Zetsu says why everything is repelling is cause of the “Yata Mirror” that Susanoo also possesses. Sasuke tries one more time to attack, this time head-on with his blade. But again, nothing. He gets trapped by the wall of the leftover hideout, as Itachi is reaching out with his hand. Sasuke is in fear now. As his hand gets closer, Itachi says something. As Itachi’s hand finally touches Sasuke, his bloody fingers run down Sasuke’s forehead.


Itachi collapses to the ground, and Itachi’s Susanoo vanishes. Sasuke is in total shock, as a white snake slithers away. However, the Amaterasu is still around, falls on the white snake, and it burns to death. As the rain starts to fall, Zetsu can see what we all can see: Itachi is dead. Even though Sasuke is the winner, Itachi was stronger, according to Zetsu. But was moving around strangely. Was it cause he sustained damage of some sort?

As we see Sasuke lost in all of this, he himself finally collapses next to his dead brother. The episode ends with all the rain and black fire ongoing.

This was it. All of that, right here. Right in front of your eyes. This was the conclusion to everything that has been building up for all those seasons. All those episodes. All everything. Sasuke’s hatred of his brother, and wanting revenge. Wanting to kill him. And what happens? Sasuke. Doesn’t. Kill. Him. Nope, it’s not Sasuke who kills him. It’s a fucking illness (some have said it is cancer) with his stupid powers combining to make it go quicker that does Itachi in. That’s it. I mean, REALLY?!! This was mostly what Sasuke moaned and bitched about. It’s what he envisioned. It’s what he dreamed. It’s what he did all that shit for and what we had to sit and listen to for YEARS!! And to end like *THAT*?! Are you serious, Kishimoto?!  You know, this would have been good if you just did what Sasuke did. With all the flashback within a flashback, the Sharingan getting another goddamn power level boost of plot bullshit (SPOILER!! It’s not the last one we see either.), to Zetsu just narrating because he has nothing better to do, to even having Orochimaru appear again for one last fruitless effort. I would have been okay with this all. If you just. Let. Sasuke. FINISH THIS OFF HIMSELF!!! But no, plot twist with him dying by disease, because why not? It won’t be revealed until later about why this fight ended as it did, and there are worst endings to other fights than this on here. But hey, I said my part. I’m not the only ones who share this.

And hey, I can’t just end this without also having one of my Squad members also have something to say.

All of this. And it’s for naught. Shippuden, nay, Kishimoto, you fucking did it. You turned what should have been good and finally give closure to this rivalry. Instead, you gave us dog shit. You get a gigantic thumps down for this piss-poor excuse of a ending to a fight.


Farwell Itachi. You deserved better than this. And also to Orochimaru too. Cause he died. Again. But who fucking cares about him. This sucked. I wish it wasn’t like this. 1.5 Bullshit Endings/5.


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami




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