One Piece Episode 372 Recap: “The Incredible Battle Starts! Luffy vs. Luffy”

Original Airdate: 9/28/2008

Toonami Airdate: 12/10/2016

Remember two episodes ago when the Rolling Pirates used all those shadows to fill up Luffy to use Moria’s own power against him? And then Luffy went off on his own and he kinda looked different? Well, he’s finally here, and yeah, it is as awesome as One Piece can show it can be.

To start, Moria is still laughing away as he got Robin (with her shadow being taken), and both Chopper and Sanji (with them getting pummeled by Oars). With only 3 Straw Hats left, Moria tells Oars to stomp them all. As Oars gets closer, Zoro tells Usopp he’ll make an opening for him. Usopp understands, and runs. Zoro and Oars start to fight as Oars gets the best of Zoro, making him dodge all of Oars’s attacks. Zoro is already hurt, and he knows one hit and he’s toast. Zoro also wants Oars to pay attention to him, as Usopp gets the giant sling shot ready to go. Zoro could fight Oars forever if he wanted to, cause he’s stubborn like that. But there’s only so much time left. Moria gets angry at this, but Oars assures him he’ll beat him his own way. As Oars jumps for another Gum-Gum like attack, Zoro gets his arms all muscular for a Gorilla Slash. Oars launches a punch, which Zoro dodges, and it gets Oars’s arm stuck in the ground. Zoro hits Oars with a Demonic Raven. But Oars counters by vanishing at first, then straight up kicking Zoro with full force into a building.

With only 2 left now, Usopp calls Oars his way, and launches the slingshot. Something flies right into Oars’s mouth, and the big guy swallows it. Usopp reacts happily to this as Moria can’t believe what he did. Usopp shot that big bag of salt Brook got earlier. This confuses Nami, as she no idea what is happening. Usopp informs her of a zombie’s weakness, and he thinks it’s over. Oars does react at first, but then stops. Why? Because Doppelman caught the bag of salt. Even though Moria was pissed at first, it was all an act. He knows all to well about his own power’s weakness, and had his shadow guard the mouth. He tosses the salt right back at Usopp, as it goes all over the ground. He tries his best to gather all of it back up since it was their one shot at taking down Oars. But Oars launches a Gum-Gum Stamp on Usopp and commences to stomp on him. Nami is in terror, thinking she’s seeing her friend get smushed. She yells at him to stop, only for Moria to have Oars crush Nami now. He goes and starts to stomp on her. This pleases Moria, as he thinks there is nothing left of the two. But then someone calls Oars out, telling him what he’s stomping on. Cause he’s not stomping on either Nami or Usopp. They’re alive and Usopp thinks the stranger for saving them, until he looks up and sees who did it. Usopp ask who this guy is. The guy answers: Monkey D. Luffy.

Luffy skipped only leg day.

Luffy has a giant blue form from all the shadows taken in. Plus, he’s mad for what Oars and Moria did to his crew. Usopp does ask if Luffy is who he say he is. He is, so stop asking Usopp. Usopp warns about Moria’s power and Oars’s new stretching prowess, only for Moria to tell Oars to crush them all. Oars launches a Gum-Gum rifle at Nightmare Luffy. Only for Nightmare Luffy to stop the massive punch with ease with just one hand.


Luffy tells Oars there is only one of him. And then proceeds to punch Oars square in the face. It’s powerful enough to send Oars flying, right to where a bunch of the zombies are. This impresses Usopp alot, still having him and Nami wonder if it really is their captain. Nightmare Luffy then jumps, destroying the land around on contact, and goes to Oars, grabs him by the horns, and suplexs him into the ground. As Usopp can’t believe what he is seeing, he and Nami notice that there are a bunch of people below them. They can see they’re not zombies It’s Lola and the Rolling Pirates, and they come to help find the badly beaten Straw Hats (They even thought one of them was turned into nothing but bones. But it was just Brook.) and find a safe place for them. Usopp and Nami go down to join them.

As Nightmare Luffy still kicks Oars’s ass, even grabbing his hair and throwing him around, the zombies around Thriller Bark can’t believe this. They think Oars is invincible. Seeing him get tossed around like a ragdoll makes no sense. As Nami and Usopp get the info from the Rolling Pirates on what they did to Luffy, they also tell the two he can only do this for 10 minutes. Morning is almost here, as Nightmare Luffy is now their only hope.


Nightmare Luffy twirls Oars around by his hair, and throws him into the mansion, destroying it. The zombies there run, as Kuma just watches this all unfold. Oars gets back up, and tries to launch a Gum-Gum Bullet at Luffy. But Luffy takes out the big sword the Rolling Pirates gave him, and slashes Oars with it, making a giant cut. As Moria wonders where this power of his came from, Nightmare Luffy launches a Gum-Gum Pistol. Smacking not only Oars in the stomach, but smashing Moria’s face in good.


Oars throws a Battle Axe at him, but Nightmare Luffy uses Gum-Gum Balloon to inflate, dodge, then twist his body up. He untwists and launches his finishing move: Gum Gum Storm. He throws at him a multitude of punches and kicks Oars’s way, landing big blows on him that also affect Moria. Oars goes right into the building from this. The others see this, then wonder where Luffy went. He lands right next to them, and all the shadows start to leave him. He returns back to his normal self and collapses. Luffy did it though. Oars is down, and Moria is knocked out. The battle is over.


Before I get to the good, let me point out the only flaw from this, other than the fact we still need to see the other zombies for some reason. Moria and his damn shadow tricks. Can there not be a more annoying thing than the shadow just vanishing then re-appearing wherever the hell it wants to? Because yeah, call BS there. “Oh you thought you won with this salt? Well fuck you, here’s my shadow!” It’s getting real old with no explanation for how he does it so fast. But other than that, this fight. HOLY FUCKING GODDAMN, YES!! YES TO ALL OF THIS!!! I seen this episode a few times now, and this fight is still as great in dub form as it is in sub form. I love how powerful Nightmare Luffy is. I love how he can do all of that to Oars as he shows him who’s boss. I love this form of his, and wish we could’ve seen it one more time. But alas, this is the only time we will ever see Nightmare Luffy, and it’s a shame. I know because it’s all the shadows he taken in, but just like with Afro Luffy, you want to see this again. Just one more time, because it’s so awesome. At least that is how I feel. Oh well. Thank goddess for video games that can have us relive this character. Just seeing Luffy land all those punches on Oars is awesome. Seeing him land that punch to the face on Moria was basically everyone watching finally saying “Fuck you!!”, because we all wanted that to happen to him. This was an awesome fight, and helped from that terrible bullshit fight ending in Shippuden beforehand. Oh, and seeing the One Piece Film Gold trailer also during Shippuden was fun too. Overall, a very fun night of One Piece5 Monster Luffys Kicking Ass/5. 


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami 





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