JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood Episode 9 – The Final Ripple

On July 5th 2012, during JoJo’s 25th anniversary, a TV anime of Parts 1 & 2 was announced. It took 25 years, but a TV series of JoJo was finally going to be made, with a solid 0% filler. Then again, when you have 25 years of canon manga, there better not be any damn filler. There would be a total of 26 episodes, 9 for Phantom Blood and 17 for Battle Tendency, titled JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: The Animation, because that OVA series already has the name JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. This would start a cycle where at least 12 episodes of JoJo would be released every year. 2012 had Phantom Blood and the first 3 episodes of Battle Tendency. 2013 had the rest of Battle Tendency. 2014 had the first half of Part 3, Stardust Crusaders, with 2015 having Part 2. 2016 had the entirety of Part 4, Diamond is Unbreakable, so it’s safe to assume a new JoJo anime for Part 5, Vento Aureo or Golden Wind, will be released in 2017. That being said it will likely be in Fall 2017 leading into 2018 because David Production has to work on productions that aren’t JoJo. But enough talk, LET’S END THIS!

If you actually thought Count Dio was dead, you are a naïve fool. He rips off his head and then the old merchant dude jumps in like a fucking spider-monkey, takes it, and hops off. We cut to later when we see JoJo and friends burn Count Dio’s body, see Speedwagon destroy the mask, and we ALMOST got to see the full OP with sound effects (yes those videos on YouTube are official, I was skeptical at first), but unfortunately Episode 10 pretty much killed that possibility. So here it is now!

Big shock: JoJo marries Erina. They’re about to leave to America for a honeymoon but more importantly: we see the Speedwagon residence.

Speedwagon barely makes it in time to part with Jonathan and Erina. A couple of guys are putting in cargo, but that’s probably unimportant. What IS important is this is the final time we get to see Speedwagon at a young age.

JoJo and Erina are on the way to their honeymoon. While eating supper Erina tastes some wi-OH SHIT COUNT DIO IS BACK!!! And he’s come back from the Futurama world!

2016-12-20 (2).png
Technically JoJo did it first, but it’s not a reference. Just a coincidence.

Count Dio waits the entirety of JoJo and Erina’s engagement (which is at least a year) to meet up with JoJo and tell him that he wants a new body. Jonathan’s body. Forgetting what eye lasers do, JoJo gets two in his neck, effectively beginning his end on this planet.

2016-12-20 (3).png
And this ends the Joestar line. Or…does it?

The merchant vampire servant dude started a zombie plague on the ship, so the only ones left with humanity are JoJo, Erina, and a baby. Fortunately JoJo uses the last hamon he has to cause Wang Tang to make the ship go down with him. Jonathan orders Erina to take the baby as their own. She is to survive with the child. Count Dio’s head has other plans. It’s too late, as the ship bursts into flames. Count Dio explains out loud that he will take off Jonathan’s head, put his own on the body, and get back in the coffin used to get on the ship in the first place. Jonathan grabs Count Dio’s head, grabs it, and breathes his final breath.

2016-12-20 (4).png
“Farewell, my beloved.”

Erina Joestar got into the coffin, the baby with her, and floats toward America, ending Phantom Blood. We’ll see you again in 50 years.


Much MUCH better than Episodes 5-8 of Phantom Blood. A very satisfying conclusion to this 9-part story. Hell, unless you’re curious as to what happens to Zeppeli, I don’t even recommend those episodes. Just go from 4 to 9. You ain’t missing much.

Final Rating: 9 episodes out of 10.

And now I talk about Episode 10, which premiered immediately after! Well, you see I’m not the biggest JoJo nut on this site. So join us tomorrow when Rob introduces you to the grandson of the baby developing inside Erina and the baby the Joestars kinda stole. A little creepy? Yes. Worth it? You betcha.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure can be seen dubbed online on the official [adult swim] website:
If you want you can also stream JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure at any of the links here.


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