Naruto Shippuden Episode 139 Recap: “The Mystery of Tobi”

Original Airdate: 12/10/2009

Toonami Airdate: 12/17/2016

Well, last week happened. Itachi and Sasuke’s fight ended. Itachi died of a failed heart or some disease. Sasuke feared about Itachi’s new Sharingan Titan thing. Orochimaru was there. Yeah, it was a fight, but it was a whole mess that had a bullshit ending which wasted all those years of Sasuke being Sasuke. Now, we move on from that onto the last Shippuden recap of the 2016 year. On to Tobi and what it is about him.

As the episode picks up where we last saw it, Itachi is still dead, Sasuke is still out of it from the fight, and blood and rain and whatever. Back with Tobi and the Leaf, he is still messing with them. Kiba and Akamaru try to get him with a Fang Over Fang attack. It’s a decoy though for Naruto to use the Rasengan on Tobi. The attack again goes right through him. Yamato uses his Wood Style on Tobi. He gets caught, but escapes cause he’s “flexible”. Tobi then releases a new jutsu, causing the Leaf Ninja to scatter. The jutsu? Hidden Jutsu: Frill Neck Lizard. Yeah, still messing with them.Why couldn’t they hit Tobi, even though they landed direct hits on him. Was it a clone? An illusion? They it just pass through even though it was plan as day it did and why are you question this? (Hinata answers this by actually seeing this all happen with her Byakugan.) So to beat him, they need Shino, who doesn’t want to be like Sakura. AKA Useless. He’s still peeved from being left behind on the Sasuke rescue mission. Hey Shino. THAT WAS OVER 200 EPISODES AGO!! Get the fuck over it, you buggy bitch. Speaking of the bugs, he releases his bugs, which grosses Tobi out. Tobi tries to dodge, but they surround and get on him. It looks like his Beetle Spear Jutsu will work, making Shino not a Sakura. Hinata can see Tobi is in the bugs too, and Shino can feel his bugs suck Tobi’s chakra.

As Yamato gets ready with his wood, Tobi suddenly escapes the bugs without warning. His bugs lost him, and then another thing with talking. Was it teleportation? Transportation? Traveling through space and time? Did he erase his presence? Was it time travel through a banana? D A N K M E M E magic? Was it just something to get everyone to talk, and focus on this boring shit? After all this, Hinata and Akamaru find Tobi on a tree nearby. Kiba uses Tunneling Fang on him, but it goes through Tobi and Kiba crashes in the dirt. Then Sakura bitches at him.

After the annoying, useless, sack of space shuts up, Zetsu appears before Tobi. They know him from the Akatsuki files. He tells Tobi that Sasuke won and that Itachi is dead. This shocks Naruto and the others, as well as Tobi. Until he decides to switch his voice to a more darker tone. Yeah, bye funny Tobi. Again. Naruto wants to know where Sasuke is, but Tobi tells them they’ll finish their fight later. Kakashi looks at Tobi, and sees that he, too, has a Sharingan. Who is Tobi? Well, they’re not finding out since he and Zetsu both leave. The group has to find Sasuke now. Kakashi looks, and sees a cloud from a distance. Hinata scopes it out, and sees the Amaterasu forest fire. They all follow Kakashi to it.

Back at the scene of the fight, Sasuke is still out, and Tobi asks if Zetsu recorded the fight. He did, so Tobi will review it later. (SPOILER Tobi!! It sucked.) Also, they’ll take both Sasuke and Itachi’s corpse. Cause why not? Kiba can sense the duo is there, but they see the Amaterasu blocking their path. Kakashi warns them not to touch it. Which sucks, cause why not warn them at all and have Sakura get close to the flames? Yamato uses Earth Style: Planet Splitter to carve a path for them. Back with Team Sasuke, Zetsu tells Kisabe to stop their fight since Sasuke “won”. He tells the group Sasuke is at the Akatsuki Hideout in the East, and should get there before the Leaf does. And what will Kisabe do since his partner is now dead? Why “spread his wings” and do whatever he wants now. The Leaf arrive at the site of the fight too late. They see all the destruction caused. Sasuke isn’t there, and they get out pouty and sad they couldn’t get to him on time.

At the Akatsuki Hideout, Sasuke is there and he wakes up. Tobi is in the background, and tells him that he can’t move since he hasn’t healed yet. Tobi reveals himself, causing Sasuke to remember them meeting before. Since they’re not enemies now, Tobi is there to tell him something, which Sasuke isn’t interested in. Except it’s about Itachi, and it will change what little he knows about him and will tell the truth about Itachi. Before that, Sasuke’s eyes start to bleed, and his eyes turn into the Mangekyo Sharingan. Tobi sees this, and then immediately gets hit with the black flames of the Amaterasu.



Tobi is on fire and goes away. Sasuke has no idea what just happened. Somehow, Tobi returns, and believes Itachi implanted the Amaterasu in Sasuke to set a trap for Tobi. He planned ahead by placing this jutsu in Sasuke to kill Tobi himself, to keep him away from Sasuke. It also activated when Sasuke saw his Sharingan. Tobi doesn’t know how Itachi did this in the first place, but that the final trick of Itachi’s didn’t work.

After the disastrous end of last week’s episode, we get this one. In which case, we just got talking. The whole good part was Tobi being funny as hell with all his jutsu and dodging. We need more funny Tobi. Funny Tobi makes it good. However, that doesn’t last. Instead, we get long ass talks about “Why isn’t our attacks working” when it was plain as day the attacks are going through Tobi. Or even better, why Shino is so pissed at being left behind all these years later, why we miss Sasuke still, and the best one of all, Sakura just talking. And that’s the problem. I wouldn’t have a problem with this, if you just build the character(s) up and or have the conversation just lead it to where we actually get to know how this power works in some ways with the characters. Which brings me to the anime shown before this, Hunter X Hunter.

That episode had half the episode only focused on Hisoka and his Phantom Trope member talking about his powers he used to beat his silver-haired opponent. Why was this better? It showed how far along Hisoka was in his plans with his powers. It showed he can lose an arm (SPOILER!!) to beat an opponent, and how he could use it to his advantage. It showed he can be more than just a person who gets off of strong opponents. He thinks ahead, he plans, and he can be very good in any battle. Plus, it was a great conversation as he was getting his armed fixed up, and knowing what his Nen powers can do. This is what Shippuden didn’t do. It had all this talk where we already know what happened. Instead of building a character like Tobi up, we just got crap. We just get Shino being whiny. We get Sakura bitching at another, even though she has done LITERALLY NOTHING! And we get more “Bring Sasuke Home please!” bullshit. We seen this all, and it’s just doesn’t add anything new or poignant. In short:


That’s it. That’s all. And that’s all for Shippuden in 2016. See ya next time as hopefully, it will be better. 1.5 Different Tobis/5.


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 2 AM Saturday On Toonami



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