One Piece Ep. 373 Recap: “The End of the Battle is Nigh! Pound In the Finishing Move”

Original Airdate: 10/5/2008

Toonami Airdate: 12/17/2016

After the thrilling, kick-ass spectacle that was last week’s episode, this one had alot to live up to. And it did, in some way. While we won’t have Luffy going all out by himself in his Nightmare Luffy form, this one may have been a bit better since it did show the one thing that One Piece does well: Highlight the Straw Hats and how they work together. Time to start my last recap of 2016. *Mention new OP too at end*

As both Oars and Moria are still down, the Rolling Pirates celebrate this victory. Luffy is still out as well from losing all the shadows. The Rolling Pirates will try their best to get the shadows Luffy lost back. But since the sun is coming up soon, the question now is how will they get their own shadows back? Luffy knocked out Moira, and in order for the shadows to return, they need to have Moria give the orders to make them return. Easy, right? Only one problem: The big red guy woke up, and is back on his feet. Oars is still not done yet. This freaks the Rolling Pirates out, and they think that they’re done for now since most of the Straw Hats are defeated. The shadows were their last shot, and even that couldn’t stop him. Since they got no other options left to fight the “demon”, they decide to retreat in the forest and just stay in the darkness forever. However, one of the Straw Hats won’t give up. It’s Zoro. He’s back up and ready to fight. The others can’t believe he is up. And then the Rolling Pirates notice that the other defeated Straw Hats are gone, along with Usopp and Nami, the only remaining Straw Hats that didn’t get hurt.

Then Luffy himself gets up, shocking the Rolling Pirates more. He believes one more punch will take out Oars, and ask for Robin’s help. She’s up, and will help in anyway she can. Brook is up too, and Nami is on top of a building. They’re ready to help their captain out in any way. The Rolling Pirates suddenly realize it. As soon as Oars got up, the Straw Hats planned out their next attack on Oars instead of running away. Chopper and Sanji are hurrying to a part of the mansion, as Fraky and Usopp quickly build something. Robin makes a foothold up the ship for Brook to run up, carrying Luffy.  Clouds start to form around Oars, as Nami gets a Cool Ball to emit rain on Oars. Usopp and Franky constructed an emergency plumbing system, connected to the AC. As Usopp turns it on, the freezing cold, mix with the rain, freezes up Oars’s lower half. He can’t move now.

Image result for one piec episode 373

Chopper and Sanji are at the big chain. Sanji gets on the big chain, and kicks it at the big guy. It wraps around him, as Oars wants it off. Brook is on the top of the mast. Luffy wants him to throw him, and that he does. Luffy goes into 3rd Gear: Bone Balloon, making big arms. It’s Zoro’s turn now. He uses one of his ultimate attacks: 3-Sword Style: Three Thousands Worlds. The stuck Oars had no chance to dodge it. Sanji is at the chains’ control, and turns it on. This cause the chain to make Oar’s back straight. He may be a monster, but Chopper explains that Oar’s is still like a regular human. He has a S-Shape spine, and making this spine straight, can have Luffy go in to finish him.

Science is so amazing!

Luffy gets ready with his “Special Bazooka”. Oars tries to move, but it’s no use. Luffy launches a Giant Bazooka on Oars, crushing his jaw, and snapping his straighten spine in the process.


As Oars starts to fall over, the Rolling Pirates can now sense it. Oars is done, and the Straw Hats won. The zombies on the island can’t believe it, as Cindry watches this, Warthog Zombie Lola knew they could do it, and Hildon now regrets bringing the Straw Hats to Thriller Bark. As the Rolling Pirates want to celebrate their savior in all of this, they notice he kinda shrunk cause of the affects of 3rd Gear. Brook looks on from the top of the mast as the sun comes up, feeling a “strange sensation” through his bones.

Now that Oars is done for (He can still talk and not feel pain, but that is what being a zombie is. You can’t feel your spine broken in pieces), now all that is left is to wake Moria up. But no need for that, for Moria is up himself from Oars. The zombies cheer their master getting back on his feet, as the Rolling Pirates demand that he give the order to release their shadows. But Moria ain’t having this. Not when they used his shadows against him and wrecked his island up. He could give their shadows up, but why do that when he can just wait for the sun to rise and they all melt? He also tells Luffy he hasn’t notice the Straw Hats’s one weakness. That is that they’re mortal. Why not have zombie slaves to do all the work, right? So he has all this black stuff come out of him. It goes to the zombies around the island. It latches on them, and sucks the shadow out from them, making them into nothing more than a lifeless corpse. It happens to all the zombies on the island, as the shadows now become Moria’s power. It is Shadow’s Asgard. Plus, Moria is getting bigger. Remember how Luffy took in 100 shadows? The others look on as he takes in not 1, not 2, not 100, not 500. But 1000 shadows. Moria is not pretty to look at.


As we saw last episode, Luffy was the main event with how overpowering he was to Oars in his Nightmare Luffy form. This time, he and the crew took over. As I said in the monologue, this is what makes One Piece good. When the others get a chance to fight and work together as a team, they can do a number on their enemies. That is what they did to Oars. Was he almost out of it cause of the Luffy beatdown? Maybe. But so was the Straw Hats. They didn’t back down. They took the challenge head on and beat the big guy as a team. It what makes for good characters and fun moments. Oars got dealt a back breaker. Which still wasn’t the best back breaker. That still goes to Robin and what she did to Spandam in Eneis Lobby. Now they got another challenge in beating Moria, The Stay-Puff Shadow Creature. We’ll see this in 2017, so stick around. Before I end it, we did get treated to something special.

The 10th opening of One Piece was a remixed version of he first song “We Are!”. There was another version for the 7th OP as that one featured the Japanese cast. This one was the tenth one, and there was almost 10 years of the anime to go with it. It’s actually one of my favorite One Piece openings, and I’m glad Toonami played the full version before it got cut down to save up TV adspace. So enjoy it again, if you want to listen to it full. As for this episode, 4.5 Spine-Breaking Defeats/5. 

One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami


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