10 Favorite Anime of 2016 Thing

Hello guys its meowth900 its been a tough year mostly because I took a bunch of hard classes. There was also a bunch of election based drama, and bad videogames, and a lot of deaths. But who cares I can legally drink now, and I have two nieces who came out this year. Also the anime stuff was good so I’m gonna do one of these 10 favorites lists.

Honorable Mentions

Shonen Ashiba Go Go Goma-chan

Image result for GOMA CHAN

This features a little boy and a cute seal pet. It’s a short show at only 9 minutes but it was a good show to watch on Tuesday mornings. A cute little seal having big adventures around cute people and other cute animals this show is a burst of cuteness equal to the likes of Sweetness and Lightning and Poco’s Udon World. You can find it on Crunchyroll in Japanese with English subtitles.


Image result for TO BE HERO

Oh boy another super hero anime. But this one is also good and 10 minutes long. It features a toilet sales man taking a big poop and falling into the toilet and becomes a super hero. It’s a really odd concept that only tops itself up in terms of bizarre. The craziness goes up and up. This kinda like the show people would probably praise it to the high mountains it was by the same group that did Gurren Lagann and Kill La Kill. You can watch this show on Crunchyroll in Japanese with English subtitles.

YuGiOh Arc V

Image result for yugioh arc v

I haven’t watched a Yugioh anime since my disappointment with Zexal, and I’ve been watching the subtitled episodes of older series like Yugioh with Yugi and Yami, GX, and 5Ds on Crunchyroll. They were good times and made me remember it was a good series. I just wasn’t going to watch modern Yugioh stuff anymore because of Zexal. Then this year Crunchyroll announced they were going to stream Yugioh Arc V. I did some lookups on the show and liked how the main character reminded me of Yugi. I gave this show a shot and wasn’t impressed at first but I liked the opening song. As I kept watching it there was a story shift towards inter-dimensional travel. They also bought back old characters like Crow and Jack Atlas. I doubt Yusei Fudo will show up but this is making Yugioh Arc V into an honorable mention. I also doubt this show will end Crunchyroll distribution until 2017 or 2018. If you dropped Yugioh or haven’t watched it since 5Ds I suggest checking this one out. Although the dueling mechanics are very confusing. I’m just watching for the characters and story. This show is on Crunchyroll in Japanese with English subtitles.

Food Wars The Second Plate

Image result for food wars the second plate

It was only 13 episodes long and felt really fast and slow at the same time, but it wasn’t bad. If you liked Food Wars season 1 I recommend watching this one, if you haven’t or forgot about it. You can watch it on Crunchyroll with English subtitles. Or if you haven’t watched Food Wars you can watch season 1 on Crunchyroll with English subtitles, or wait for the physical DVD/Blu-Ray release with a dub from the people at Sentai Filmworks.

Haikyu season 3: Karasuno vs Shiratorizawa

Image result for Haikyuu season 3

Like Food Wars The Second Plater Haikyu also ended with a short amount of episodes. Except this time it only had 10. With this season being primarily focused on the big game it makes sense. If you loved Haikyu season 1 and season 2 check this one out. I recommend Haikyu as a great sports anime and shonen anime. You can watch all 3 seasons of Haikyu on Crunchyroll with English subtitles. If you prefer manga like I do you can buy this series from Viz Media through Righstuf Anime physically or Amazon physically or digitally. You can also buy it on Kindle, iBooks or wherever you get your digital mangas. You can also read chapters for free on Viz’s Shonen Jump website. Yes you heard right, for freeeeeeee. Check it out!



Image result for nanbaka

It’s currently airing right now on Japanese TV and got green lit for more episodes in the winter 2017 anime season so it cna’t be on the top 10. But it is funny enough to make it an honorable mention. This show features 4 cute prison boys aiming to escape Nanba Prison, which is basically Alcatraz times 1000. Features Jyugo the leader who loves to escape prisons, Uno the guy who loves to gamble and bone ladies, Rock the tall not smart guy who loves food, and Nico the girly looking boy who loves videogames, anime, and manga. There’s also a grumpy guard guy named Hajime who’s always trying to bust their prison escape plans. This is a funny show that also takes an interesting turn once the tournament arc starts. It’s streaming for free on Crunchyroll in Japanese with English subtitles. It’s also streaming on Funimation Now in English which is the version I’m watching. You can also read the manga on Crunchyroll, but you will need a premium membership to read it.

Poco’s Udon World

Image result for poco's udon world

I don’t usually watch much cute shows with little children but this one was interesting. It featured a man named Souta who closed up his udon shop finding a lost little boy who loves udon. Only to discover the little boy is secretly a tanuki (Japanese animal) who can transform into a little boy. It follows the usual troupes that were found in Sweetness and Lightning but also had something different to say about it. It’s not the most mind blowing show, but it’s a good show to check out if you weren’t into Sweetness and Lightning.

Yu Yu Hakusho

Image result for yu yu hakusho

Ok look I know it didn’t come out this year but I have  been watching it this year so it still counts to me dammit. I haven’t saw all of the show, so I’ve been binge watching it on Funimation Now for a while now and I’m not done yet. But it’s a really great show for something that’s in the same genre as freakin Naruto Shippuden. Features a grumpy bad boy named Yusuke being a spirit detective. I don’t want to spoil much but I must say if you like shonen anime this one is worth your time. It’s streaming on Funimation Now both in English which I am watching and Japanese with English subtitles.

Well that’s all the honorable mentions out of the way. Now for the 10 favorite anime part.


Re:Zero: Starting Life In Another World

Image result for re zero

In a world where the Sword Art Onlines and Irregular At Magic Highschools exist it’s almost a reflex to dismiss something involving a boring looking black haired guy being surrounded by a bunch of anime girls. I mean look at this cover, it looks like it’ll be another SAO doesn’t it? That’s what I thought, and as it was coming out I saw people hyping up the maids and the white haired girl and thought I made a good decision. Then like during the summer I kept seeing stuff like this

Image result for re zero deaths

and this

Image result for re zero deaths

And this!

Image result for re zero deaths

I figured it was just overrated and probably not great but I do like deaths in anime so I’d check it out and probably shit post about it. The show was actually surprisingly good. It had the main guy Subaru (I know it’s a car name) getting transported into a fantasy land while he goes to get food at a convenience store. After he gets to an apple shop he gets some apples or something. He then meets a pretty girl named Emilia and wants to bone her because anime logic equals first girl met is a potential girlfriend. They get attacked by a thief, they hunt her down to get Emilia’s princess item back, and then they both die at the hands of a black haired woman. Subaru wakes up back at the apple shop, and it is revealed that he has an ability to restart somewhere when he dies. Nobody remembers him, and he must clear obstacles in order to get a new spawn point. Kinda like a videogame. His enthusiasm and desire to be another Kirito or Tatsuya keeps him going as he has no weapons, or smarts, or deus ex machina writing to save his ass. He dies a lot, and I like that. ReZero was a fun time. You can watch it on Crunchyroll in Japanese with English subtitles, and maybe there will be a dub in the future? I have no idea. Oh also you can buy the manga and light novels from Yenpress.




Image result for Orange anime

I don’t usually watch anime that induce those crying feelings, mostly because they do the whole thing with middle schoolers and high schoolers and make them have adult personalities. Orange does a weird thing where it has adults who already married and had babies send their letters into a black hole that goes  back in time to their high school years. The black hole part is really dumb stuff you’ll only find in anime but other than that it featured real problems for high school kids like family deaths, depression, and suicide. If Your Lie In April didn’t impress you maybe this show will do it. You can watch this show on Crunchyroll in Japanese with English subtitles, and English on Funimation Now. You can also read the manga on Crunchyroll but you will need a subscription to read it all. You can also buy it physically or digitally on Rightstuff Anime or Amazon thanks to Seven Seas. You could also buy it on iBooks and Kindle.




My Hero Academia

Image result for my hero academia

This anime is getting a second season next year, but it’s in spring so it’s a little while before it happens. It features crybaby underdog Izuku Midoriya wanting to be a superhero in a world full of people with quirks. The only thing is he doesn’t have a Quirk. He also idolizes this superhero named All Might, who looks like Superman and Captain America went into a blender. Izuku has a rival named Bakugo, and Bakugo hates Izuku. When a big scary monster attacks town and traps Bakugo Izuku goes to save him despite having no Quirk. All Might saves them both and All Might sees potential in Izuku, and decides to give Izuku his Quirk “One For All”. Now Izuku goes to U.A Highschool to learn and master his new founded abilities. This anime starts off very slow, and a lot of people didn’t like Izuku because he cries a lot. While I don’t think it’s as bad as Shinji from Evangelion I must let you know that as a warning. I thought the animation was good, and I’m looking forward to season 2. You can watch My Hero Academia on Funimation Now both in English and Japanese with English subtitles. You can also buy the manga physically or digitally through Righstuff Anime and Amazon. You can also buy it on Kindle and iBooks. If you want to be up to date on the My Hero Academia universe you can subscribe to Viz’s Weekly Shonen Jump for a year and read new chapters of it and other popular manga like Food Wars and One Piece every Monday afternoon.




Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

Image result for haven't you heard i'm sakamoto

(Is he Bayonetta’s love child?)

Yes this show is pretty great. It’s almost like One Punch Man in highschool but everyone loves him. Men, women, animals, everyone loves Sakamoto. He’s the coolest guy around. There’s bizarre situations in high school that Sakamoto can always solve. Lose a pencil? Sakamoto’s got you. Need help getting a job? Sakamoto’s got your back. Just make sure your mama doesn’t fall in love with him. You should watch this show because he’s Sakamoto and he’s the coolest. You can find the show on Crunchyroll in Japanese with English subtitles. Sentai Filmworks has the distribution rights but no word on a dub of it. You can also buy the manga physically or digitally on Righstuff or Amazon, and you can buy it on Kindle and iBooks all thanks to Seven Seas. It’s a pretty short manga by the way, I think it’s only 4 volumes long.




Tanaka-kun Is Always Listless

Image result for tanaka-kun is always listless

I get tired in school, and I almost fell asleep in some classes. Tanaka-kun on the other hand is always sleepy and lazy. He can sleep anywhere, he even fell asleep in a fast food place. This show isn’t as crazy over the top like Sakamoto is, but it’s just about as funny. The chemistry between Tanaka and his buddy Ohta is great, and the other characters are good too. I hope it gets more episodes, or at least we get the manga. You can watch the anime on Crunchyroll in Japanese with English subtitles. Sentai Filmworks has the distribution rights like they do with Sakamoto, and also no word on whether they will dub it or not.




Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure part 4: Diamond Is Unbreakable

Image result for jojo's bizarre adventure diamond is unbreakable

Can’t be a good year without Jojo’s right? While there is no Dio Brando this show is good in it’s own way. It had a slow start for me at least until Kira the big bad shows up, but it was still an entertaining show! Not a lot of anime can be entertaining when it has a slow start. Jojo’s is magical in that way. Josuke Higashikata (what a long name) the illegitimate son of popular Jojo Joseph Joestar lives in the town of Morioh and has stand powers. Jotaro Kujo the grumpy guy from part 3 hunts him down, to get some help in finding a magical arrow. There’s other quirky characters in part 4 like Koichi Hirose and Okuyasu Nijimura. Honestly this show feels like it is a combination of Diamond is Unbreakable with the crazy stand powers from Stardust Crusaders. Also I love the villain Kira, but not in the same way as I love Dio Brando. Honestly part 4 isn’t my favorite Jojo part, but it is still awesome regardless. I really hope Japan makes an anime of part 5 and future Jojo parts.



Mr. Osomatsu

Image result for mr. osomatsu

What the heck is this show? It’s like Gintama times 100 in terms of crazy comedy. It is a sequel to a manga and anime series from the 60s named Osomatsu-kun and it has 6 brothers. They all have Matsu in their names. You got Osomatsu the older brother and leader, Karamatsu the self proclaimed ladies man, Chromomatsu the voice of reason who gets weak around girls, Ichimatsu the emo who’s also evil, Jyushimatsu the dumb happy yet crazy guy, and Todomatsu the youngest brother and the feminine looking brother. It also has other crazy characters. I can’t explain why I love this show without spoiling some of the silliest moments. Look, if you love Gintama you should check this show out. It’s really funny, and it’s crazy popular in Japan so it may get more episodes. Also hilarious fun fact, the guy who voices Jyushimatsu voices Jotaro Kujo. Mind blown right? You can watch this show on Crunchyroll in Japanese with English subtitles. Nobody is distributing it on home video in English whyyyy? Oh wait I know why it’s because North America doesn’t like comedy anime.




D Gray Man Hallow

Image result for d gray man hallow

I’m a D Gray Man fan so my excitement was through the roof when I saw there was going to be another anime. I was also excited for Berserk but that one didn’t end up so good. Thankfully D Gray Man Hallow came out okay. I watched all of D Gray Man through other means. I’m not proud of that, but I’ll rewatch it whenever Funimation will put it out on their servers. I watched this show in Japanese until the broadcast dub came out, then I waited until the dub was up to where I was at in Japanese. So you can say I watched a little bit of both versions. I liked the dub better, but I was disappointed when Kanda’s VA couldn’t come back but his replacement did a good job. The story pacing was good, and some of the fights were good and the emotions were real. D Gray Man is still ongoing in manga form, going through hiatuses like Berserk, and Hunter x Hunter but it is a good show. It’s not in everyone else’s radar and mind but it was for me. You can watch this show on Crunchyroll and Funimation Now in Japanese with English subtitles, and you can also watch it in English on Funimation Now.




91 Days

Image result

It’s not every day you get an anime that’s about the mob set in the prohibition era right? This anime follows Angelo Lagusa’s trail of revenge. When he was a kid his parents and younger brother were murdered, and he narrowly escaped. Under the name Avilio Bruno he sets his eyes on the Vanetti Family. I don’t want to spoil what happens but this show is really great and everyone who likes mob movies and anything set in America should definitely check this anime out. It’s an original anime that isn’t adapted from a manga or light novel too. Very rare. You can watch this show in Japanese with English subtitles on Crunchyroll and you can watch it in English on Funimation Now.



Mob Psycho 100

Image result

If you like animation this show is for you. If you like One Punch Man you may like this one too. It’s not a given though. Fortunately I love this show, and if there’s only 3 shows I’ll remember from this year it’ll be Mob Psycho 100, 91 Days and Yuri On Ice. Anyways this show focuses on Shigeo Kageyama, a soft voiced middle school boy who lacks a sense of presence. He also has really powerful psychic powers that are tied up to his emotions. To counter these dangerous psychic powers Shigeo lives with no emotion. He goes to middle school and the show starts when he’s in 8th grade. Mob is his supposed nickname. It can either be because his powers are suppressed together in a mob, or because his hairstyle can blend in with a mob of people. Mob works for a exorcist con artist named Reigen Arakata. Reigen’s awesome enough said. The story follows these two doing various jobs involving exorcisms, and follows Mob’s journey as an 8th grader with psychic powers. It’s also a show with some crazy animation levels. It’s hard to explain so I’ll just have a gif of something.

Image result for Mob Psycho 100 anime gifs

So intense look at them black lines and bright colors!

This is just one event of crazy animation. If you’re an animation junky you’ll love Mob Psycho 100. Personally I’m not a big animation junky but I do love looking at how crazy it can get. The story is also pretty great and are the opening and closing song. I really hope it can get a season 2. Best anime of the year at least for me. You can watch it in Japanese with English subtitles on Crunchyroll and in English on Funimation Now. Go watch this show!



Well I’m watching the dub so I haven’t saw the ending yet. It’s still a favorite though.


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