Naruto Shippuden Episode 141 Recap: “Truth”

Original Airdate: 12/24/2009

Toonami Airdate: 1/14/2017

As seen with last week, it was boring. A very boring history lesson that just wouldn’t end. We got all this stuff, but it just made you tired as hell, wanting to go on to a better, exciting class. Was this week any different? SPOILER!!! No.

As we begin with Itachi’s enteral suffering, Sasuke knew nothing of the coup cause he was too young. Plus, his dad started the coup to begin with and had Itachi enter the ANBU on his orders. Except the opposite happened. Itachi gave the Leaf info on it, and became a double agent. Sasuke doesn’t understand why Itachi would be betray his clan. Cause he ever saw war as young as Itachi did. Itachi became a pacifist cause of war, and his love for the Leaf Village was exponential. However, the Village Leaders exploited his love for his village, and made it his mission to kill his clan. Itachi was torn between his own clan and his love for the Leaf. So if Sasuke was in Itachi’s place, what would he do? Itachi did it, and would shoulder the blame, but yet he’s not to blame. Madara himself was also plotting to destroy the Leaf, but Itachi knew. Itachi made a pack to not attack the Uchiha, and the 3rd Hokage tried to help the Uchihas themselves, but time ran out and Itachi’s fate was decided. He would become a Rouge Ninja and shoulder the Uchiha massacre for the Leaf. Except for one tiny mistake: He left Sasuke alive. Itachi made a pledge to the 3rd Hokage and Danzo: They wouldn’t harm Sasuke, and he wouldn’t give any important info to other nations. As it flashes back again (UGHHHHH!!!) to the Uchiha massacre, Itachi gave all this info on why he killed his people to Sasuke to protect him and be stronger in the future. He also hoped the 3rd Hokage would never tell him any of the truth, ever. This, to betow all of Sasuke’s powers, is Itachi’s truth.


Sasuke can’t believe all this. He points out how Itachi tried to kill him, but if he did, he be dead by now. Sure, he used the Mangekyo Sharingan against Sasuke, but as seen with Itachi taking Orochimaru out of him/freeing him of the Curse Mark, this helped awakened Sasuke’s own Mangekyo Sharingan. Itachi set this all up to avoid the actual truth. He still thinks Madara is lying, as he is a loser (Itachi’s words), but Itachi was the one who lied. All so Sasuke wouldn’t know this. Itachi put the burden on himself to not only protect Sasuke, but to protect his beloved village. He also came back to the village after the 3rd’s death to remind Danzo and co. he still knows everything. After more flashbacks, Sasuke can see the light now. His eyes didn’t see the truth. Itachi did kill the clan to help protect the village. But he didn’t kill Sasuke. Why? Cause Sasuke was more precious to him than the village was. He even prolonged his death with meds for his brother. He did it so Sasuke could not only avenge the clan, but save his village. Itachi wanted to die a traitor, but died with a smile on his face, cause he loved his brother.

As Sasuke stares at the sea, all sad, the show flashbacks again to another part where Sasuke is even smaller, and Itachi is also younger. Because why not.


It shows Sasuke wanting to play, and Itachi doing it with him. They play hide & seek, Itachi uses a Clone to trick him, and he tells his dad, who is impressed by it. And then we get more flashbacks OF THE SAME DAMN THING WE SAW A FEW EPISODES BACK!! I would go on, but I already said it in my notes I took.

Do I really want to waste mine and your time on this? Nope. Moving on, as Team Sasuke watch Sasuke cry alot, he announces that they aren’t the Hebi anymore. For now, they will be Team Taka. And they got a new mission. They will help out Naruto and co. by stopping the rest of the Akatsuki and bring about peace for all ninjas.

I’m joking. He’s gonna destroy the Leaf.


Just like I did in the last recap, I’ll continue on with the school analogy. If last week’s episode was basically a boring history lesson, this one was what happens when you do a multiple choice math problem, know the basics of what to do already, get your answer, and it doesn’t match up at all with the choices. For real Sasuke, HOW IN THE HELL DID YOU LISTEN TO ALL THAT, AND THINK DESTROYING THE LEAF WAS THE EXACT ANSWER?!?! It be one thing if he said “I’m taking out Danzo and those two old bastards to get revenge for my brother.” That I understand. But this? It’s a stupid answer that only complicates things. But then again, it’s Sasuke. Did you expect anything else? I think this picture sums it up best.

And it wasn’t just Sasuke being an idiot too. This episode was littered of stupid flashbacks again, had the truth of all truths that had basically re-written the whole narrative of what was the actual truth in the first place, and oh man, my brain really hurts just typing this crap. If you’re gonna do all this, at least make it interesting. Don’t waste the last 5 minutes on flashback bullshit we seen. And even after all of this, the next episode is gonna be so much better than this. Why? Because one of the best characters is finally making his appearance, and I can’t wait. Killer bee is here, and he’s gonna rap your way into your heart.

Okay, maybe not that soon. But he’s gonna be great, as he takes on Sasuke and co. As for this episode? A big waste of time, yet again. 0.5 Actual Truths/5.


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami


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