One Piece Ep. 375 Recap: “Not Out of Danger Yet! Orders to Annihilate the Straw Hat Crew

Original Airdate: 10/19/2008

Toonami Airdate: 1/14/2017

Moria is finally beaten, the shadows are returning, and everything looked good. Until the crew started to catch on fire in the sun. It doesn’t look like they made it in the end, does it. Well, did they? Here’s the recap.

As the sun shines and the shadows leave, the crew is freaking out. They thought they were on time as they beat Moria. But maybe not. Everyone without a shadow is turning into ash, including Luffy, Lola, and a bunch of others.


As the shadows go out, we meet up with a random crew on the Grand Line. The pirates awake their captain with news, as they want him to come on deck. He doesn’t want to, but they’re too excited. They tell them to check their feet, and he sees their shadows are back. The captain also sees his shadow back, and they all become happy. They don’t believe someone beat Moria, a guy who took on Kaido, who is one of the 4 Emperors. A Marine guy, some more people, and even a Mexican(?) pirate crew celebrate getting their shadows back. At a mansion, a maid drops her plates. She sees her reflection in the mirror. Her name is Margarita, and her lord sees that she got her shadow back. She apologizes for the plates breaking, even though she “hated plates” before. She’s about to pack and leave for this, but the lord is nice and says he’s happy she got her shadow back, making her cry.


Back on Thriller Bark, Usopp and the others are shocked. Why? Cause Zoro, Robin and the others without their shadows are back to normal, even laughing it off. This nearly gave Brook a heart attack, even though … well, you know. As the Rolling Pirates celebrate, Robin explains that the shadows got back in time as the sun was about to kill them, and must have followed Moria’s rules like all shadows do. But they ain’t questioning this now since they’re all back to normal and Moria is beat. Now they’re all tired from fighting this bad nightmare. Elsewhere, Hogback wakes Absalom, and he wakes in terror cause he thought Warthog Lola was still kissing him. He doesn’t know what happened, but Hogback tells him Moria got beat. And since Thriller Bark is a mess now, there’s no point staying there.

Luffy is back to normal, but still unconscious. Seeing what 3rd Gear does makes the crew worry for him, and knows they will have to get stronger as well to keep up. Then a zombie appears before them. Actually, no. It’s the Old Man with Serious Injuries. The Rolling Pirates know him since he was the chairman of the group he was in. He thanks the Straw Hats for getting their shadows back, and so do Lola and her group. They apologize for getting them in this mess, owning their lives to them. Then Lola asks the guys in the group to marry her. All 5 refuse, making it 4,449 rejections. Also to thank them, the crew wants to give the Straw Hats a bonus reward with Moria’s hidden treasure. Zoro says it’s not needed, to which Nami does this.

Nami IS the strongest Straw Hat. At least when you get in-between her and treasure.

Nami is happy about getting the treasure, until she remembers about the one thing she forgot to tell the crew. She was about to, until said memory appears talking on a Transponder Snail. It’s Bartholomew Kuma. He’s talking with a Navy higher-up, and this freaks Nami out. She tells them he is one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. Usopp and co. can’t believe it. The Navy higher-up asks if Moria is still breathing, which Kuma can’t tell. He’ll have to recover him for the Warlords’ sake, since they don’t want another shake-up like with Crocodile. Lola does know who “Tyrant Kuma” is, since he is famous for his brutality. The higher-up gives an issue from the World Government to Kuma: Obliterate the Straw Hats and anyone else involved on the island. As Kuma gets up, the others can’t believe the words just spoken. It took everything it could to beat Moria. Now they have to deal with another Warlord. Zoro, even though he is out of it, will still fight Kuma. Nami warns of his strange abilities, as they are shown in flashbacks. From him making people vanish with his paws, to teleporting instantly. She warns them not to let Kuma touch him, as he takes off his gloves, and teleports right next to the Rolling Pirates. All, except for Zoro, all caught off-guard by this. The group won’t back down from Kuma. They had to deal with all the crap without their shadows for years, only for this to now happen. Lola warns them not to, but they attack Kuma. Kuma uses a Paw Attack that hits one, then sends a paw shockwave through others, causing a lot of damage.


He then teleports to Zoro, who saw, or felt, him do it. He faces off with the big guy. Kuma decides that the annihilation of Straw Hats will begin with their 2nd-in-command.

This episode was a good episode showing just about every emotion from beginning to end. To shock in thinking they’re losing their friends, to the joy and relieve of everyone getting their shadows back. And to now dealing with another threat in the Warlord Kuma. Thinking you are fine and are going to just be able to celebrate a win, to dealing with another (and literal) big baddie in a span of minutes can set emotions high. This arc is now moving alot faster than it has as it speeds up to the thrilling conclusion. Other facts include the World Government now seeing how big a threat the Straw Hats are becoming. By just issuing this kill order alone shows you they are becoming a throne in the sides of the Government. Plus, there was that great callback to Cindry with Margarita. That’s her only appearance, but it was fun to see where Cindry got her hatred of all plates from. Next time, it’s Kuma vs Zoro as the Straw Hats battle their 3rd Warlord. Stay tuned for it. 4.5 Paw Blasts/5.

One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami




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