Naruto Shippuden Episode 142 Recap: “Battle of Unraikyo”

Original Airdate: 1/7/2010

Toonami Airdate: 1/21/2017

The last two weeks sucked. Dealing with all that backstory sucked. Dealing with more Itachi flashbacks sucked. Dealing with Sasuke sucked. Everything about that sucked. But fear not anymore. These next two episodes are gonna be great. Cause one of the best Shippuden characters finally made his appearance on this episode, and this rapping guy is gonna be great throughout. He may not seem like it at first, but trust me. Compare to mostly everyone on this show, he’s just the best. Prepare yourself for this recap fool, ya fool!

Naruto and the others are still at the fight scene, and are depressed they didn’t find their boy there. But Kakashi tells them not to give up, and keep looking for his scent. They spread out looking, but even Hinata and her Byakugan, and Kiba and Akamaru’s noses can’t locate him. The rain stops, and the crew decide to go back to the Leaf. As Sasuke is still with Madara, he sees the full moon, which takes back the emo to his memories of the night Itachi murdered everyone. We see this, AGAIN, but there’s more to it than before. Little Sasuke not only faced off for a second against his big brother, but his Sharingan somehow awakened then. As Itachi’s about to leave, Sasuke saw Itachi crying.


He thought he imagined it at first, but that was the truth all along. Madara asks him if he wants Itachi’s eyes, which Sasuke declines. He wants to to see this through with his own, and restore the Uchiha his own way. Tobi this time goes back to Kisame, who thought Tobi was dead. He quickly switches back to Madara, as he finally tells Kisame the truth, which no one in the group told him about. He takes off his mask, and Kisame finally knows it was Madara pulling the strings. He decides to still follow him.

As Kisame meets with Sasuke, he tells of his plans with Taka to destroy the Leaf. They will kill the elders, and that’s it. Anyone else is of no concern. Madara knows they can’t do it by themselves, but that won’t stop them. In fact, it pisses Suigetsu off they’re underestimating them. He still wants to finish the fight with Kisame, and attacks, but Madara stops his sword with one arm. Sasuke knows Suigetsu can’t beat Kisame. Yet. Madara tells of how the Akatsuki are low on numbers, so Taka will work with them. If Taka disobeys the Akatsuki, they will die. If not, their reward will be a Tailed Beast, which the red-haired slut tells Sasuke about. Apparently, the 1st Hokage gathered up a bunch of them, and gave to nations to use for war. They were basically the “Ultimate Chakra Weapons”. The Akatsuki already have 6 of them, with 3 to go, including Naruto. Taka will go collect the Eight-Tails. As they leave, Zetsu meets with Madara again. They can get on with their plan now that Itachi’s dead. Madara makes it point that even though alot of their team died, they will live on with the plan they still have.

We meet a random Cloud Ninja, as Suigetsu meets him and takes him hostage. But Sasuke stops this by using his Mangekyo Sharingan on him. He spills the beans on where the Eight Tails is. He’s training on Unraikyo, and you can’t miss him. He has 8 blades, a steel tattoo on his shoulder, and bull horns too. The team is impressed by how much Sasuke has improved. Especially Karin. ESPECIALLY HER.

God,  I hate this stupid slut. The show shows a hawk going over the majestic landscape of Unraikyo, and it goes in a cave where we find the Eight-Tails transforming back into its Jinchuuriki. He gets out and starts rapping, as it’s noon already. He sees that Team Sasuke is there to greet him. Sasuke ask if he’s the Eight-Tails. Shut up, Sasuke, address him as either “Lord Eight-Tails” or “Sir Lord Jinchuuriki”.


Taka take their positions, and attack him as he raps. Suigetsu goes first as it looks like he lands a clear hit on the big guy. But, he blocked it with his strength, and sends his sword flying. He does mention his name, which is Killer Bee. It’s Jugo’s turn, as Killer Bee takes the sword and wears it on his neck, spinning it around and rapping. Jugo attacks, but he beats him with the sword. Jugo goes into Curse Mark form, but it’s still no use as Killer Bee crushes him good. He raps some more, but bites his tongue doing so. It’s now Sasuke’s turn. Killer Bee ask who this fool is, and why they want to fight/capture him? It’s to obtain power. Sasuke wants to confirm that they can get a Tailed Beast, so they can use the Akatsuki to their own advantage. This makes Karin very wet, again.

So we finally met him after all these weeks. Killer Bee is finally here, and I’m telling you, he is one of the best things to happen to Shippuden. He saved this episode by being himself, as he already showed what kind of power these guys are gonna face from him. He’s strong, he’s fun, and he raps too. Sure, they might be a bit … eh, at times. (Although, they do appear to be a bit better on the dub than the sub.). But still, don’t interrupt his rap. Ever


Killer Bee saved Shippuden from another bad episode, because the first half was bad. And he’s probably gonna save this one next week, as we see him fight against Taka in full strength. It’s gonna be fun to watch. Before I go, there was a weird thing that happened with the ratings of this Shippuden episode as well.

As you can see, it got a weirdly rated TV-14 DLSV rating. Even though the whole episode was, at most, a TV-PG V episode. There was no language. There wasn’t any weird/foul dialogue. And the only thing sexual was Karin being the wet bitchy slut she is. Maybe that should qualify it for a TV-PG SV? I don’t know. And I don’t know why the FCC would give this rating out. They’re weird at times, and this just proves it. But overall, this episode should be lower than it is. But it gets a high grade just cause of Killer Bee’s presence. 3 Rapping Jinchuurikis/5.


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami


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