NEWS: Full Trailer for Samurai Jack Season 5 Revealed

Following a series of bumps and 10-second teases revealing a March 11th premiere date at 11 PM, Adult Swim has posted the first full trailer for its highly anticipated revival of Samurai Jack. Expanding on the previous teases about the plot and setting, it shows Jack 50 years after the end of the original series run, not having aged at all due to having traveled through time. With all the time portals to the past destroyed, Jack has no choice but to fight and survive in the future he’s been stranded in. The trailer also reveals a team of female assassins (presumably tied to Aku) who play a major role in this final run of episodes. Check out the full trailer below, and be sure to head over to Adult Swim’s website, as they have put up a 24/7 marathon stream for the series for anyone to catch up before the premiere date.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited to see Jack’s epic tale finally come to a close? Let us know down in the comments or on Twitter @SquadSwim.


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