Naruto Shippuden Double Recap: Episodes 143 & 144

I’m here again with the Shippuden recaps, and as I did with One Piece, it’s a double recap. Just like with OP, I’ll do the recaps first, and then share my thoughts on both of them at the end. Or I might just do it now. Cause one of the episodes was one of the best Shippuden episodes in this series. The other was …. filler. Yeah, it’s Shippuden alright.

Ep. 143: “The Eight Tails vs Sasuke”

Original Airdate: 1/14/2010

Toonami Airdate: 1/28/2017

The episode begins with Team Taka ready to face Killer Bee. Killer Bee starts to rap again, Karin complains about it. SHUT UP, KARIN!! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TELL KILLER BEE TO STOP RAPPING, YOU THIRSTY WHORE!!! Sasuke attacks, but Killer Bee counters with Suigetsu’s sword. Sasuke stops Killer Bee with his own sword, just having it go through the hole that’s in it. Real useful weapon. Bee takes notes of this, as Sasuke throws the sword back to Suigetsu. Bee is still taking notes on this. Actually, no. He’s writing new rap lyrics. Better than nothing.


Cause the new lyrics, it gets Bee all fired up. He gets all his blades out. All 8 of them. His stance confuses the group cause of how weird it looks.

Suck it, Zoro! Try being as awesome as Bee is with his swords

Bee launches his attack on Sasuke, as Sasuke tries to defend with his own sword. But Bee is really good with 8 blades, and gets Sasuke a few times with them. Sasuke tries to see his moves with the Sharingan, but Killer Bee’s moves are so fast and unpredictable, he can’t keep up. Killer Bee lands a blow on the emo, so he gets out his Chidori Blade. However, Bee counters with his own lightning blade, and as he says, it’s time to “Float like a butterfly, and sting like a Killer Bee!”

Image result for sasuke vs killer bee

He kicks Sasuke’s ass good, and as he’s down again, Bee launches another attack. But Suigetsu steps in and defends with his returned sword. But Bee is so powerful, he cuts through Suigetsu’s blade. Lightning-style is Suigetsu’s weakness, after all. Jugo comes in all Curse Mark-y and punches away. Karin takes Sasuke away from the fight, and a big explosion of power occurs from the two big guys fighting. Sasuke is almost out of chakra, so Karin has a plan. She shows her arm, full of bike marks, and tells Sasuke to bite her. He does, and …. I’m sure she had a fucking orgasm. She literally came from him doing that. Kill me now. Just kill me now. Or her. Please kill Karin. Killer Bee looks at this and sees that Sasuke did get chakra back from her, so Karin possesses the power to heal others in THAT way. The 3 Taka dudes go all out with their attack, as they all combine to attack him, even as Bee counters back. Sasuke lands a Chidori on him, and Jugo does launch another punch. But Bee gets away, as he sees these guys are very annoying.

Karin, actually being useful, senses Killer Bee from the distance, and Sasuke goes out to attack him again. But with a big “WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!”, Bee decides enough is enough, and decides to use the “8-Tails chakra” (The kind of chakra seen before when Naruto was transforming, to give ya a little refresher) and gets even faster than before. Sasuke barely dodges it, which is something to Bee, cause only his brother could dodge it before him. He attacks the other Taka members with his speed and power, causing alot of damage, but Sasuke saves the group in time. Even though he’s good, Sauske can see he moves in a linear motion. So, as Bee attacks the emo again, he uses the Mangekyo Sharingan to paralyze Bee. It looks like it’s over, right? WRONG!!

Image result for killer bee lariat sasuke

Bee uses his Lariat on Sasuke, crushing his neck and chest good. Sasuke is beyond Karin’s help now, so Jugo decides to heal Sasuke himself by merging his own chakra with his. He’ll use the Curse Mark’s energy to work. But during this, Bee decides to bring out “his partner”. AKA, The Eight-Tails. He starts to transform and turns into his true form,  a giant monster ox.


The group can’t believe what they’re seeing, as Jugo gets done with his chakra transfer. Sasuke is up now, but sees that Jugo is a bit different. As in, he’s a kid now. Who does Jugo think he is, Luffy? The 3 have to run now, but the Eight-Tails won’t let him. Suigetsu turns into a giant water beast, as he tells them to run as he sacrifices himself for them. It’s noble, yeah. But the Eight-Tails still won’t let them go. He makes a Chakra Bomb, and unleashes it on the group. A big explosion occurs, alerting the Cloud Ninjas. They see Bee in his form, knowing Lord Raikage forbid him from doing this. They also see Sasuke and co. in the Akatsuki cloaks, thinking it’s the actual Akatsuki themselves. For Team Taka, they’re out of options. Suigetsu, trying to protect the group from the explosion, is nothing but jelly now, Jugo’s a kid, and Karin is Karin. So as Killer Bee attacks, Sasuke decides to launch one last attack: The Amaterasu.


The black flames appear on Bee, causing him to catch on fire and be in agony. Some of the tentacles are on fire, and one is about to hit Karin, but Sasuke cuts it away (BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!) However, more are on fire, and one does hit her, catching her in the black flames (YAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!) Even though Jugo tells him to leave her, Sasuke won’t. He decides to use the Mangekyo Sharingan on her flames, and it somehow extinguishes them. She isn’t on fire anymore. As he deal with a headache, Jugo picks the red-haired bitch up. Sasuke then uses it again on Killer Bee, and the flames disappear from him. He is back in his human form, and still alive. He picks him up, and they decide to leave now. The Cloud Ninja see this, and sees the Uchiha crest on the back on Sasuke (His Akatsuki cloak isn’t on him anymore.) They know the Raikage isn’t going to be pleased with this as all. Sasuke is exhausted and didn’t expect this fight to be so tough. Because fuck you, you’re special aren’t ya, Sasuke?


Ep. 144 “Wanderer”

Original Airdate: 1/21/2010

Toonami Airdate: 2/4/2017

At a place, there is some bubbles being blown, and a big-boobed girl named Hotaru is blowing them, with a guy named Utakata watching over her. Some ninjas attack their home, as an old men sends some birds to alert the Leaf for help. There are explosions everywhere and traps being set off, as the group is after the forbidden jutsu they posses. The enemy is one guy who doesn’t talk a whole lot, another guy voiced by Vic Mignogna, the leader who has a scar on his head (Can you tell it’s filler? I’m not going to learn their names), and another guy(?) who is named … wait, you can’t be serious? His name is Benten?! PFFFTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!! They couldn’t come up with any other actual name, so they had to go with the once popular Cartoon Network show for this dudes’ name. Okay, whatever Pierrot. To be honest, I would rather watch Ben 10 now than this filler crap. But, I digress. Moving on, Scar Leader guy uses some jutsu to undo the barrier around the place, and Ben 10 and the rest attacks. The old man gives Lady Hotaru, cause she’s special, something and tells her and Utakata to go to a nearby hideaway village, and he will follow soon after fighting these guys. Hotaru tries to argue, but he ain’t having it. The two escape through an underground tunnel, as the old man blocks it off, and starts to fight with his skill and traps he has.

In the Leaf, Tsunade gets word of the place getting attack, and as Naruto and the group are still thinking of the emo asshole, Lady Katusu gets summoned to them. The slug is there only for emergencies, which Shino tries to explain, but gets interrupted for. He gets angry at this. (For real, bug boy has some issues.) There’s some stuff told about that place and how another old man once wiped out a village by using a nuclear-like jutsu on it, which then got classified as “dangerous” by the 3rd. Kakashi has to leave them to get the run down, so the others go with Yamato to lead them. The enemy ninja beat up the old man, as Naruto and co. make it to the village outskirts to find all the traps that’s been activated by the enemy. They follow the trap path the enemy triggered to avoid other traps. The enemy wants the forbidden jutsu, but the old man won’t tell them. The not-as-talky, big guy thinks the granddaughter has it, and know where to find her. They can sense the Leaf coming, and they hightail it outta there. The Leaf gets there, and scout the area to see if the enemy is still around. Sakura heals the old guy, as he tells them his name is Tonbei (Sorry, I just remembered his name. Again, filler, so I’m gonna call him old man.) Sai finds the escape route the two took off in, and the old man tells them where they’re going. Sakura will stay and heal him, as Naruto and Sai go find them with Yamato.

Utakata and Hotaru are in the forest, and Hotaru asks him to teach him some jutsu at the hideaway. He tells her that when they get there, he’s leaving. She doesn’t want that, as the show flashes back to when they first met. She was attacked, and Utakata saved her by killing the enemy with his bubbles. Yes, he killed them with his BUBBLES!! Although, they were after him, not Hotaru, and was just protecting himself. He was injured in that, blacked out and she took him in. Hotaru still wants to be like him, because he’s strong. In fact, he looks to him as “her master”, which Utakata hates being called. Then, Naruto comes in, and thinks that Utakata is the bad guy without thinking. They fight, as Utakata beats his Shadow Clones with the bubbles, Hotaru tells him to stop as he isn’t the enemy. Yamato arrives and tells her the old man is alive, and they’re here to protect her.


Naruto apologizes for stupidly attacking, but Utakata leaves them for they are now Hotaru’s protectors. She still wants him to stay, and will even stop calling him Master to have him stay. But he makes a bubbles, gets in it, and flies off, for he is “too foolish to be called Master.”


The first episode was basically all that I love about Killer Bee, and why I told y’all how you would love him too. He is a badass, he will beatdown the enemy with either 8 swords, neck-crushing moves, big ass ox-octopuses, or with his rhymes. He is everything that I said he would be. He is goddamn powerful, and a blast to have on whenever he is on-screen. But of course, this isn’t his story. It’s Sasuke’s. So OF COURSE, he could have his neck snapped, have most of his team be turned into Jell-O, a kid, or just be a useless waste of fucking space. And then we can use deus ex-machina to fuck the best character up, cause Kishimoto loves Sasuke more than anything. Killer Bee didn’t deserve that. We didn’t deserve that. We didn’t deserve to see Sasuke pull that crap out his asshole to beat Bee. Bee should’ve won, and I’m still mad at this. I’m also mad at why Karin is even a thing. Like, she can heal, congrats. But does it have to be THAT way? You couldn’t just have her heal normally like Sakura or Ino, with maybe more power her way? Nope. We have to bring out her thirsty whore prowess in the worst way imaginable. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Karin, you are WORSE than Sakura in every way, and I just want you gone. I know that’s not possible, cause there’s another thing about her that won’t be answered till way later, making her even more insufferable. Other than bullshit Sharingan powers, and stupid red-hair bitches, this was one of the better episodes of Shippuden.

And then there was the other episode. Which was …. well, filler. The story is gonna basically involve around Utakata and this girl, Hotaru.


Of course, this big-boobed Hotaru isn’t anywhere near as good as this Hotaru is.

Image result for hotaru dagashi kashi

Oh, Hotaru. How I still love you and your crazy candy addiction. Anyway, this is another filler arc that involves these two, their relationship, a forbidden jutsu, and a secret that Utakata has. What is it? Find out later, or find out online cause some will tell you who Utakata actually is. He actually should be a canon character, but Kishi didn’t really think ahead with this, so he’s in a filler. As you can tell, I really am burned out by filler. Especially Shippuden filler. And we have this filler arc till April. Damnit. But hey, we get to see Ben 10 on Toonami. That’s good, right? …. Yeah no, it isn’t, and that was a crappy joke. I’m sorry. I’m not sorry for not knowing the characters names on here, other than him. Man, this filler is gonna suck, yet again. At least the first episode got the highest grade I have given Shippuden on here.

Episode 143’s grade: 4/5

Episode 144’s grade: 1.5/5


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami



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