Naruto Shippuden Episode 144 Recap: “Successor of the Forbidden Jutsu”

Original Airdate: 1/28/2010

Toonami Airdate: 2/14/2017

The show is back to another round of filler hell. It’s only 8 episodes, so I can make it through this. I can do this. I just need to keep telling myself this. I can do this. I can DO THIS!!

…. Oh god, I’m already losing this battle.

We see the enemies, as there is a new guy with them, and he is their leader. They are still after the Forbidden Jutsu, even it the Leaf is protecting Hotaru, the big boobs girl. They know they are just keeping it safe, so the Leaf won’t use it. They can’t wait, since it will cost them money and they will have to fight as a team. Cause team unity and what not. At least they care for each other. In the forest, Big Boobs (Can I call her that? I really just don’t give a shit for filler characters) is being followed by Naruto, for that is what he’s suppose to do as her bodyguard. She hates it, and says she is fine by herself. Her being stubborn, Yamato forms a plan to have them stay around. A drawn leech lands on her, and she freaks the fuck out. Naruto gets it off her, tells her it’s a mountain leech, and she changes her damn mind quickly and begs Naruto to stay.

I’m sorry, I can’t fucking do this anymore. I just can’t. I know it’s short, but the last filler sucked the fucking life out of me. As this whole show does. I really don’t want to go on doing this stupid arc. You know what, fuck it. I’ll finish this damn filler recap first, then get on with what I got planned.

As Sai starts making more leeches and Naruto bats them away, Big Boobs talks of Utakata, her master. She says he’s a good master, and wants to be like him. Naruto thinks it’s stupid at first, as he thinks of Jiraiya, but changes his mind as he knows the good of him. Big Boobs just wants to master some jutsu before she can restore her clan, that’s all. Sai drops a ton more leeches on them. Naruto tells him to stop, which he thinks mean to drop a big ass leech on the two, which he does. Naruto complains, only for stupid ass Sai to drop a bunch more tiny leeches. Hahahahahaha!! This sucks.


As Utakata is being fearless and free now like the hoes in the DBZ Kai OP, he knows that Big Boobs is in good hands with Naruto, even if he sensed a familiar chakra coming from him. He falls asleep, as his dream flashes back to Big Boobs after he beat the enemy. He was injured, and they took him back. After he healed up, he was gonna leave, but Big Boobs wanted to be his student, with him as master. Which, again, he hates. After baiting him, Big Boobs tells him she can’t learn jutsu from the old man, cause he’s old. So Utakata gives in, but decides to test her, thinking she’ll fail and give up. Her first test is basic: Become Jesus. AKA, walk on water. Guess how that goes the first time around? She gets all soaked, so he thinks he’s got this. However, the next morning, even though she is still soaking wet, she is able to walk on water. So her next justu test is learning Water-Style: Raging Waves. if she can’t use it, she can’t be his student. She tries like Utakata did, but gets nothing. He failed to mention that only Water-Style users could use it, so he thinks he’s again in the clear. But the next day


It looks like she is gonna be his student. Utakata meets with the old man and ask why did he do this. It’s a favor, since she is a “child of destiny”, and again, for he’s too old to teach her. Utakata can’t do this with enemies always after him. Plus, he can’t do the “Master & Student” thing. Why is that? Well, let’s have a flashback within a damn flashback tell you so. Utakata in his past is with his master, but all chained up. A seal gets placed on him by his master, and …. his hands go inside him. Gross. He wakes up from this, and sees the enemies around. The enemy runs into him and his bubbles, and attack him, only to find out they’re bubble clones. Utakata knows they’re thieves after the forbidden jutsu since the group blurts it out, and seeing how they talk about it, Utakata might want it himself. They attack some more, but he dodges their attacks. Ben 10 attacks himself, but Utakata blinds the Omnitrix holder, and runs. The group follows, and using his bubbles, Utakata can sense he is in a barrier jutsu. They make the barrier around him, and explode the place inside it.


Big Boobs is still complaining on their way to the village, but they finally make it there. However, no one is outside, and creepily staring out their windows. Naruto tries to have the people come out, and gets a more “brilliant” idea by ringing the town bell saying there’s an emergency. The townsfolk come out, and they all whisper and look at Big Boobs menacingly. Her uncle arrives, and knows all of what has happened so far, and tells the Leaf they can go now. Naruto sees all the people looking at her. Even though Big Boobs wants them to stay, Naruto tells her she’ll be ok, and they leave. Of course, Naruto doesn’t think she is fine with all those hated looks, and decides to go back to the village himself.

So I’m at the end of this recap. And you know what, I still can’t do this. I’m sorry. I know that I was assigned this job, but this sucks. I can’t go through this again. I was dreading doing this. I tried to get the others on here to this short break. They were cowardly assholes, so they said no. I thought of doing something of maybe recruiting someone I know over Twitter to maybe do this. But I didn’t want to that to them. No one should suffer that fate. Plus, I know this is crappy filler, but to be honest, this isn’t worst of the Shippuden filler. That will be next one after the Pain arc, and the ones during the 4th Great Ninja War arc. AKA The “We are gonna be in cannon for 3-4 episodes, then go on a goddamn 30+ filler arc for awhile before we rinse, rather, repeat, even if the manga ended over 2 FUCKING YEARS AGO!!! cause hey, we at Pierrot must milk this dying cow for all it’s worth.” So instead of just leaving ya in the dark, I’m gonna just tell ya what happens after this. If you haven’t seen it, and are somehow interested in this filler crap, then don’t read what I’m about to show.

*SPOILERS for this filler arc. You been warned*

So basically, Naruto and co. fight the group. Some other people’s ANBU want Utakata, and another douche shows up for the jutsu, and other stuff happens. Also, the forbidden jutsu Ben 10 and the others are after? It’s in Hotaru’s back.

Image result for naruto shippuden hotaru

Fun place to put it, which of course doesn’t sit well with Naruto. It also makes for moments where Big Boobs’s big boobs basically want to escape.

Image result for naruto shippuden hotaru


Image result for naruto shippuden hotaru

This is probably the only good thing to come out of her. Other than her forbidden back jutsu. A bunch of shit is gonna happen to her, and Naruto and Utakata have to save the day. Hotaru and Utakata still argue and bicker over the whole “student and master” thing, but he finally warms up to her after all the stuff that happens to her later on. However, that thing I mention about Utakata in the last recap of why he should’ve been a canon character? Here’s the reason. Utakata killed his master as you saw all the stuff happening to him with it. However, his master was trying to help him. Why? Cause Utakata is a Jinchuuriki, like Naruto. He is the 6-Tails Jinchuuriki. That’s why I said he should have been a damn canon character. Anyway, he and Hotaru at the end decide to go train together. But before they could, Pain shows up to take his Tailed Beast. They fight, Pain wins, and Utakata dies. Yeah, that’s really what happens to him.

So there, I told ya mostly what I remembered from this arc. That’s all, because I’m not doing this filler shit anymore for this site. As much as some of you like me railing on this crap, I feel like it’s in my best interest to not do it. I have my own life. Shippuden filler bullshit isn’t part of it. Besides, it will help me open up to other stuff I want to do for this site. Don’t worry, I’m not done with Shippuden recaps just yet. Just done with this arc. I’ll be back in April when it comes back to canon and we get to one of its best arcs. See you then for the Pain arc. Until then, this episode itself gets 1.5 me giving no fucks/5.


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami



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