JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency, Episode 6 + 7 Double Recap

Sorry for the late update. [as]’ website was giving me a bunch of weird issues trying to actually rewatch these things.

Episode 6

Picking up from last time, Ceasar immediately launches into attacking the Pillar Men, but they shrug the attack off with their own techniques/anti-Hamon accessories. Wamuu, however, finds himself intrigued with Ceasar’s potential and spares him, deciding that he wants a rematch when the cocky Hamon master has refined his skills more. As the three try to leave, Joseph decides to take a stab at fighting them, using a new technique revolving around clacker balls infused with Hamon. While his typical goofball antics fail to even graze Wamuu, he grants Joseph one minute of time to fight against him and prove his strength and ability. He manages to catch Wamuu off guard, managing to pull the clacker balls back into his position and inflicting a noticeable wound on Wamuu’s face. Joseph takes this opportunity to pummel his opponent, but soon backs off when he suspects a powerful retaliation is about to happen. Sure enough, Wamuu launches into his signature technique, the Darude Sandstorm!

Oh wait, hang on. (checks notes). Oh, right. The “Divine” Sandstorm, my mistake.

The move quickly and severely damages Joseph, who decides to drag his weakened body into a mine cart away from Ceasar and Speedwagon. Both them and Wamuu consider this a coward’s move, but naturally this plays into Joseph’s hands as he sends the cart off on its pathway. Unfortunately, during the ride, Wamuu manages to figure out both of Joseph’s tricks and undoes them both. As Wamuu is about to deal the finishing blow, Joseph taunts him by promising that one more month of Hamon training is all he needs to wipe him out completely. Feeling his sense of pride threatened, Wamuu takes Joseph up on his offer, placing a ring in his heart that will release a lethal poison if Joseph does not defeat Wamuu within 33 days. As an added measure, Esidisi places a different poison ring around Joseph’s throat, forcing him to battle both of them when the time comes. The episode ends with Joseph passing out as Ceasar grabs his unconscious body, having obtained a newfound respect for the man he previously thought very little of.

Episode 7

screenshot-245Ceasar brings Joseph to Venice to meet with his Hamon trainer, but the two are attacked by a mysterious ambusher near the ocean. The stranger then reveals themselves to be Lisa Lisa: the woman who trained Ceasar in the ways of Hamon. She immediately forces Joseph into her training regimen, outfitting him with a mask that will forcibly suffocate him if he can’t properly control his breathing. The three of them then venture to Lisa Lisa’s training grounds on Air Supply Island –er, I mean “Air Supplina Island”, with 30 days left to go until the poison rings kill Joseph. He and Ceasar are thrown into the Hell Climb Pillar: a 20-meter tall pillar covered with a constantly-flowing layer of oil. As the training begins, Ceasar finds himself struggling as he makes some slight progress during the climb, but Joseph immediately tries to cheat his way up. Unfortunately, Lisa Lisa sabotages his plan, reiterating that he must only use Hamon to scale the pillar. She leaves the two to continue their challenge… or possibly die trying.

screenshot-2442 days have passed, with Ceasar having made some substantial progress in climbing the pillar while Joseph is still stuck at the bottom. He finally clues in to how Ceasar has successfully made any progress, channeling Hamon through his fingers to help himself climb. Joseph manages to nail the trick down, and then he goes on his way up the pillar. One more day later, the two are close to the top, with Ceasar in particular only having 2 meters to go. Joseph notices a crack in the pillar where he thinks he can rest his hand in, but he ends up triggering a booby trap that creates a massive, pressurized sheet of oil and blocking their path. Ceasar manages to get past the oil sheet by using his hands to open a path while still sticking to the pillar with his feet, and he makes it to the top where Lisa Lisa awaits. Joseph, meanwhile, is struggling to think of a method as effective as Ceasar’s. He uses his Hamon abilities to slide across the oil slick and leap up over the less-pressurized outer rings, successfully getting past the obstacle. Nearly out of strength, Ceasar decides to show Joseph some mercy, grabbing him and pulling him up the remaining meter. Having successfully surmounted the challenge, the two of them are then introduced to two disciples of Lisa Lisa: Messina and Loggins. The two proceed to train our heroes more and more in the ways of Hamon, closing the episode with a training montage that brings us to 7 days before the inevitable showdown with the Pillar Men.

Things are quickly ramping up to the showdown, and these two episodes provide some great development for the relationship between Ceasar and Joseph. Ceasar, despite his initial annoyances with Joseph, manages to see what kind of clever battle strategies and wittiness can exist within Joseph’s strange mind and gains a newfound respect for him. Meanwhile, Joseph manages to get past his own issues with Ceasar’s personality and respects his disciplined approach to using Hamon. They’re quickly able to get past their macho bullshit and form an alliance under the tutelage of Lisa Lisa. The ending of the battle with Wamuu and the Hell Climb challenge force Joseph to gain some more nobility and face challenges he’s never been prepared for, and we’re already getting close to that encounter. Also notable, especially in episode 7, is the stylized scene transitions, offering the most vividly psychedelic shots of the arc to date. In particular, the ways Joseph visualizes Lisa Lisa in relation to her authority over him, and the cool screen tears when Joseph rips his shirt off and Ceasar clears the last hurdle of the pillar are really distinct. I give both of these episodes 10 Immortan Joe Masks/10.

What did you think of this episode? Let us know down in the comments below.


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency airs every Saturday night at 12:30 AM only on Toonami.


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