JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency, Episode 8 Recap: “The Deeper Plan”

Esidisi’s been… THUNDERSTRUCK!

the-deeper-plan-esidisis-severed-armThe episode opens with Lisa Lisa filling Joseph and Ceasar in on the Pillar Men’s goal (obtaining a perfect Red Stone of Aja to fuse with the stone mask and become the ultimate life forms) as she reveals the Super Aja stone is in her possession and gives them a final test. Ceasar is assigned to battle Messina while Joseph is given the same task but is sent to fight Loggs later that night. Once the time comes, Ceasar meets with Messina and begins the battle as expected, but when Joseph seeks out Loggs, he comes across a shocking scene: Esidisi has arrived, unexpectedly killing Loggs with ease. Joseph immediately prepares for the fight as the two get settled on a giant arena where the floor is mainly giant spikes. Joseph demonstrates the progress he’s made, piercing through Esidisi’s hand with just his finger and even managing to sever his arm with some well-placed wiring (and Hamon energy, of course). Joseph takes the time to gloat and quote The Art of War while Esidisi… starts bawling his eyes out in agony like this is an episode of One Piece. This throws Joseph off exactly as Esidisi wanted to, as he then gloats himself before replacing his severed arm with Loggs’ arm and showing off his own special technique: raising his blood’s temperature to lethal degrees and sending a flurry of tendrils to pierce Joseph.

the-deeper-plan-joseph-vs-esidisiMeanwhile, the fight between Ceasar and Messina goes as planned, with Messina conceding the victory and recognizing his trainee’s progress in the ways of Hamon. Ceasar grabs some binoculars to observe what’s going on with Joseph, finding himself shocked when he sees Esidisi attacking. As their battle continues, Joseph thinks he’s found a way to win by creating a net from his hat’s fibers to channel Hamon, but Esidisi quickly notices and undoes that plan, gloating once again that the battle is his. Joseph, however, is not intimidated, and as he goes on a tangent about his love of sleight-of-hand illusions, he reveals that the fibers are still intact, having strung them about in a way where they remain intact even when cut at certain points. Joseph channels an overwhelming amount of Hamon energy and manages to kill Esidisi, disintegrating his entire being and only leaving behind his clothing and the nose ring with the antidote. As Joseph leaves to meet back up with his allies, the episode ends on a cliffhanger reveal: ESIDISI IS STILL ALIVE! …Well, his brain is.


the-deeper-plan-esidisis-brainConfronting the Pillar Men arrived a lot faster than expected for Joseph, being forced to battle Esidisi 6 days ahead of the original plan. It comes as a shock considering that we were just introduced to Loggs last week, but it really works here for dramatic purposes since Joseph has the biggest beef to pick with the Pillar Men. After all, Esidisi was one of the two who forcibly poisoned our hero, so it makes sense to have him come in out of nowhere, making for a much better test of his progress than the originally intended battle with Loggs could have been. The back-and-forth in terms of action and banter is pretty intense, as Esidisi even tries to adopt some of the distracting goofball tendencies of Joseph with the crying and stealing of his speech predictions. The way that Joseph manages to take out Esidisi shows the amount of growth he’s made since he began his training while still feeling characteristically deceptive on his own end. With 6 days left, there’s two more Pillar Men left, but with Esidisi’s brain still alive, it seems like things could still go downhill. I give this episode 10 brains/10.

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency airs every Saturday night at 12:30 AM only on Toonami.


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