One Piece Ep. 380 Recap: “Bink’s Brew. The Song That Connects the Past With the Present”

Original Airdate: 12/7/2008

Toonami Airdate 2/18/2017

Are you ready to sing along to an awesome song? Are you ready to get sad? Are you ready to do both? Cause this episode did it all. Here’s the penutimate episode of the Thriller Bark arc.

As we meet up with Brook in the past, he is a skeleton now, and on the ghost ship. He sees a former mate who is nothing but bones now. He takes his skull and puts it in a coffin, along with his other crewmates. The scene flashes back to when the Rumbar Pirates were still on the Grand Line, facing all the dangers that occur. They hate it, but are still going on. Back to skeleton Brook, he explores the ship more, and runs into a mirror. He sees a skeleton in it, and it freaks him out. But he realizes it is himself, as he forgot he is this now. As Brook remembers more good stuff, we see Captain Yorkie disciplining the crew for fighting, Brook looking at the stars, thinking Laboon is seeing them (and having Yorkie make fun of him for it), fighting the marines and Yorkie having his bounty go up. They still had a ton of fun. As Brook hums Bink’s Booze, we then get to the bad stuff happening. One day, the others get informed that Captain Yorkie is very sick, as is a dozen others in the crew. The doctor says he has a virus with no cure, and can’t have it spread to the others who aren’t infected. They try to cheer him up, but Yorkie knows he isn’t gonna make it. He actually wants to take his ship to avoid getting the others sick. He tells them to give Laboon his regards as the crew cries for their captain.


As the others follow his orders and leave, Brook stays around. Yorkie knows Brook is there, and grabs his hand. Yorkie cries as he tells Brook to give the others hope. Brook promises to do so, and promises to meet Yorkie again, as they will all sing together. This make Yorkie happy. They say goodbye to their captain and the ship, as they play his favorite song, Bink’s Booze.

10 years pass from when Brook died, and he’s trying to have fun by himself. He does every thing to pass the time, even doing 45° angles. As he sleeps (and moves by sleep bubbles) he gets waken by the sound of his crew. They tell him to check out the cool island they found. Brook can’t believe they’re alive and all happy. As he thinks it was a bad dream, he is so happy as this moment. But he wakes up to reality, and finds it was a dream, showcasing his still lonely reality. The show then flashes back to Brook leading the rest of the Rumbar Pirates on a new ship in merriment, adventures, and even fights, where Brook gets a bounty of his own. They are still on their way to Laboon. Back to the present day, the others are still dancing till Brook stops playing the music. This allows him to open his skull up for an occasion.


Inside his skull is a Tone Dial that he purchased long ago. On it is the last song his former crew left that they would play for Laboon. He asks Luffy is he could play it, and Luffy allows it. Before that, we see that the crew got decimated by an enemy attack. Most of the crew are dead, including the doctor. The enemy used poised-tipped weapons on them. One the members states his regret for not being able to see Laboon again. Since Brook doesn’t know how his Devil Fruit works, he tells the crew they will do one last song. He gets the Tone Dial out to record. If the Revive-Revive Fruit works, he could give this to Laboon and tell him he won’t die without regrets. This is the last song of the Rumbar Pirates.


And so, Brook presses the Tone Dial, as the crew starts to sing the song.

As you can see, the crew all sing Bink’s Booze, with the present day crews also joining in singing and dancing. It’s all a joy. Until we start seeing the rest of the Rumbar Pirates drop one-by-one. It gets down to a quartet. Then a trio. Then a duet. Until only Brook remains. This leaves Brook crying as he’s now the only one left. But the memories of Yorkie and the crew and being with Laboon for their time leaves a big smile on his face. Eventually, the piano stops playing, and Brook drops to the ground, joining the others in death. He thanks Laboon for waiting for 50 years for him to return. He says to wait 1 or 2 more years, as he again promises to see his whale friend again.

This episode was a very powerful and emotional one. It shows how much the Rumbar Pirates cared for their captain, and how they loved having fun and joyful. All their deaths impacted Brook (and the audience as well) in a huge way, and him being the last one to die was truly tear-inducing. It was even worse knowing how he was the only soul left cause the Revive-Revive Fruit. All that loneliness for that many years took its effect on Brook. He was lonely, but still never gave up his promise. Now with a new group of friends, he can see him again in 1-2 years. Okay, maybe not 1-2 years, cause most of you already now what happens. But still, this was great to watch again dubbed. Especially the song. I didn’t think they could top the sub version. But holy shit, the Funi dub staff with their writers may have done it. The whole song was excellent in every way. They did the original version justice and then some. Funimation gets high props for doing this song right. I believe only the “elite dub haters” would hate this song. Then again, they hate all dubs, so fuck them. This was truly a great episode to watch yet again, as One Piece finally gets to the final episode of the Thriller Bark arc. Tune in and enjoy it. 5 Bink’s Boozes/5.


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami



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