JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency, Episode 9 Recap: “Von Stroheim’s Revenge”

A mecha-Nazi? What is this: Wolfenstein 3D?

von-stroheims-revenge-suzi-posessed-by-esidisiPicking up from last week, Lisa Lisa and Suzi Q are patiently waiting for Joseph and Ceasar to return from their trials. Lisa decides to take a bath while waiting, during which time Joseph shows up and is informed to wait (after a little bit of flirting with Suzi, of course). Joseph gets a little curious during the wait and decides to sneak a peek through the keyhole, finding himself please at the sight of a nude Lisa bathing. However, he is thrown off when he sees Suzi in there as well, with no clue of how she could have gotten in. Lisa is also thrown off by this encounter, and things get more unusual when Suzi’s body begins contorting itself in painful and odd ways while speaking with a distorted voice which confirms that Esidisi has taken control of her. She also reveals that she stole the Red Stone of Aja and put it on a postal ship headed far away from their location. When Joseph busts in to try and disarm the situation (alongside a timely appearance of Ceasar), Suzi suddenly reverts to normal in order to guilt Ceasar and throw him off. Eventually, Esidisi drops the act and tries to coax our heroes into killing him along with his host, and while it seems like he may have provoked Joseph into trying, he can’t bring himself to attack Suzi.

von-stroheims-revenge-mechanical-von-stroheimWhile trying to think of an alternate plan, Esidisi once again tries to force their hand, using his boiling blood technique on them and Suzi. Joseph, inspired by the trials at Hellclimb Pillar, teams up with Ceasar and uses some carefully-channeled Hamon energy to force Esidisi out of Suzi’s body without killing her. Esidisi’s brain is finally exposed, disintegrating into dust as the sun shines on everyone. After the battle, Lisa probes Suzi’s mind to find the location of the stone, which turns out to be headed towards the city of St. Moritz, Switzerland. With this knowledge, our three Hamon masters (joined by Messina) make their way to the snowy town. Meanwhile, Kars has already made his way to the town as well, curious as to why he has not heard from Esidisi yet regarding the stone. As our heroes find the train that may possess the stone, they’re suddenly approached by a car full of Nazis, including one who conspicuously recognizes Joseph. The Nazis inspect the stalled train and discover the packed with the stone, inviting our heroes to a lodge to discuss the stone as well as the Pillar Men. Nightfall comes as Kars ambushes the lodge, managing to take out nearly all of the soldiers inside except for one. Kars, caught off guard, attacks this last soldier as Joseph barges in and observes the situation. Kars’ attack reveals the mystery Nazi to have a mechanical arm, and the episode ends with the reveal that this Nazi is none other than a cybernetic Rudolph Von Stroheim.


The threat of the Pillar Men just ramps up further and further, as even when one is dead, they aren’t truly dead. The standoff with our heroes and the brain of Esidisi is incredibly tense, creating a stressful hostage situation that appears to have no easy way out. The sheer intensity of this battle is masterful, maintaining suspense with each second of bloody, tendril-fueled terror. The aftermath of the fight brings more twists into the journey, with our heroes once again brought into conflict with Kars, the strongest of all the Pillar Men, and the surprise return of old Stroheim. There’s always a surprise around every corner, and it’s exciting to see how these factor into the overall story, with only 6 days to get the other poison antidote. Not much more to say other than this episode was a blast as usual, and I give it 9 shower peeps/10.

What did you think of this episode? Let us know down in the comments below.


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency airs every Saturday night at 12:30 AM only on Toonami.


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