One Piece is Leaving Toonami

As announced on Friday’s new Toonami Pre-Flight episode, One Piece is leaving the block in two weeks. As such, it is getting replaced by another Funimation anime in Tokyo Ghoul. This means that there will be no more recaps of One Piece from me, as the Spa Island filler is gonna be the last episode of One Piece on Toonami. One Piece has been on the new Toonami since May 2013, starting at ep. 206 and showing 177 episodes as it will end at ep. 384.

Luffy sad

Are you sad that One Piece is ending? Are you happy that Tokyo Ghoul is replacing it? Leave a comment in the comment section if you want to.

*Update. I said One Piece was leaving this Saturday. However, we do got till next Saturday to see the last two episodes of One Piece on US broadcast TV.

I do apologize for this, as everything has been updated.

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