JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency, Episode 11 Recap: “Young Ceasar”

Original Airdate: February 22nd, 2013

Toonami Airdate: March 11th, 2017

“Young Ceasar” now on tour with Yung Lean and the Sadboys.

Opening on a series of flashbacks, we learn about Ceasar’s youth and depressing upbringing: his father Mario abandoned him and his siblings when they were children, which drove Ceasar to a life of violence and gang activity. One day when he was 16, he finally had encountered Mario again, heading towards a coliseum. Inside, Ceasar finds what looks to be the resting place of the Pillar Men alongside a pristine diamond. After touching it, Mario pushes him out of the way before getting sucked into the pillar. Apparently he had been studying the ways of Hamon in order to find a way to defeat the Pillar Men, having abandoned his own family to keep them out of harm’s way.

Back in the present day, Ceasar approaches the abandoned building and is unexpectedly greeted by the door flinging open and a mysterious entity that appears and vanishes in an instant. Messina approaches to investigate alongside him, but his arm is quickly severed and his body dragged into the mansion by the entity, quickly revealed to be none other than Wamuu cloaking his body via water vapor manipulation. The two engage in battle, with Ceasar demonstrating how much his Hamon technique has grown since their last encounter. He manages to get in some well-placed strikes against Wamuu, but Wamuu manages to kick Ceasar away from him as he dives back into the building. He quickly goes inside, discovering Messina lying on the bench near him as well as Wamuu on the floor above.

The battle continues inside as Ceasar unleashes a flurry of bubble cutters all around the abandoned hotel. Not only do they manage to leave several marks on Wamuu, but there’s enough of the bubble cutters flying around that Ceasar can use them to channel the light from outside, creating ultraviolet beams that pierce Wamuu all throughout his body. He uses this opportunity for a direct attack, but he inadvertently creates a blind spot that allows Wamuu to use his Divine Sandstorm against his opponent. This attracts the attention of Joseph and Lisa Lisa, who have only now reached the entrance of the hotel. The attack leaves Ceasar beaten down on the verge of death, but he gets back up and tries to muster any energy he can. Using what tiny bit of strength he has left, Ceasar takes the lip ring off of Wamuu’s face as he falls back down to the ground, channeling the Hamon to create a blood bubble to send the lip ring to Joseph… right before a giant stone cross falls and crushes him.

Joseph and Lisa Lisa finally enter the building, witnessing the massive amounts of damage from within. Joseph catches sight of the bubble with the lip ring/bandana, piecing together what must have happened inside. Despite this, he still desperately digs through the ruins in the vain hope of finding his old ally somewhere. However this proves futile once they find a pool of blood underneath the stone cross. Despite their efforts to hold back any response, both Joseph and Lisa Lisa break down in tears at the loss of their close ally.

Ceasar Zeppeli. He was not one to go down without a fight. All the fights up to now have been incredibly intense in their proceedings, but the fight here is easily the most emotionally intense we’ve gotten so far. Yet another Zeppelli falls, but his death is arguably much less ceremonious than his ancestor William. When he died in part 1, he got one of those dramatically convenient deaths where he was given a 2-minute opportunity to say some parting words to Jonathan before fully passing. Ceasar, however, was granted no such luck, essentially blinking out of existence without any witnesses outside of Wamuu. This is one of the big switch-ups between part 1 and the rest of the series: how Araki approached writing death. No longer are they dramatically convenient with a window for parting words. When you die, you can die as brutally and as quickly as he wishes. The final moments of the episode are legitimately heart-wrenching, as the dub performances really work in projecting the sorrow at the loss of their friend, and the dramatic opera piece that soundtracks this scene puts a lump in my throat every time I watch it. Now, we have Joseph and Lisa Lisa to take on Wamuu, but now it’s more personal than it’s ever been before. I give this episode 10 bandanas/10.


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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency airs every Saturday night at 12:30 AM only on Toonami.


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